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Pantyhosejohn | 2019-06-15 | Comments (0)
Profile Image My first appreciation for pantyhose was when i saw the girls at school wearing pantyhose and skirts. i was amazed by the pantyhosed legs. Of course i was only 8 so i didn't knew what exactly is that making me excited. Since the as i was getting older i always attracted by girls in pantyhose. Thank God most beautiful girls at school are dressed with mini skirts and pantyhose.
The first time i tried them was at my 16 when my cousin (she was 14) gave me to try a pair of hers. We were very close and she knew my appreciation for the pantyhose. Also she always wore pantyhose. One night i had to escort her at a school dance. When i arrived at her home she was gorgeous at a black dress and a shinny white pantyhose. She asked me is it ok or should i wear a tan one? I said it's perfect. As we had some time we were at her room and talking about dressing etc. I asked her how is it the feeling. Are they comfortable or just you're using them to look the legs more pretty? She said they're so smooth. She asked me would you like to try them? Just for your curiosity. I was confused. She said please i would love to do this for me and tell me. I have a tan and a black pair for you. Choose one. I said ok choose one for me. She gave me the tan. I asked her. Now? Yes please. I said your mother is at the other room. She said. You will change here, she's coming here and i will lock the door. Don't worry i will turn my back i will not watching. I said ok. She said before you wear them take of your undies too. You must feel it all over. When i took off my clothes she started giving me instructions how to put it on. Finally when i finished the feeling of the silkness and the warmth is unbelievable. She asked me. Well how is it? I said wow it's really nice indeed. She said may i see? I said no i'm naked. She said come on Johnny it's me your sweet Irene we don't have secrets and you must feel comfortable with me. I said ok do it but don't laugh. I had turned my back. She turned around and said wow. You look perfect and spanked gently my butt. She said i always want to do this and she was blushed. Then she asked me to make a turn. I did it and she smiled. She told me. Thank you. May i hug you? I let her hug me and said you're the first naked man i ever see. Thank you. Then she asked me to escort her with the pantyhose on under my pants. I did it and when we returned at my home she asked me to see me again. I striped and she seated on me. Her dress was really high so i could see all her legs in the pantyhose and her white undies. I was getting hard as her pantyhosed legs rubbing on me. I said sorry i don't want it. i can't handle it. She said wow it's nice. I never been again naked with a girl also. She knew it. She said it's fine. I'm honoured if this is for me. I said yes you're a pretty girl dressed sexy. She said time to see my pantyhose. So she pulled down her dress. She was in a shinny seamless white pantyhose and a white thong white bra. I said oh my. You are a gorgeous girl. Thank you darling. She told me. Lets sleep today with our pantyhose on. But first there's an issue. I saw you at the dance you were watching the girl with the red skirt and the black pantyhose. I said yes indeed. She was very pretty. I was jealous John. You were with my. Maybe i am your cousin but you were my something like my date. I said you're right sorry. I have to punish you naughty. What does that mean i asked. Come here and bent on my legs she said. I did it and i knew she always staring at my butt. She said mmm naughty boy and started touching my but and slapping gently. She said you have so cute ass. And looks so nice in the pantyhose. I said thank you it's yours now. She said really? Can i use it as is wish. Yes Irene you can. So she was slapping it and occasionally she was fingering my butt. As she was doing this and my dick touched her pantyhose legs i was really hard. She knew it and she told me to turn around. Oh love you look perfect. I said you created this. She said lets explore it this together. I feel so nice and safe with you. So i let her kissing me and touching me as i grabbed her tight ass. She said let me feel more comfortable. Let me take off my bra and panties. I would love to see me naked. I said yes please. But first let me do this. She pulled down my hose to the knees and asked me to turn around. She took off her bra and undies behind my back and putted on again her pantyhose. She said now i'm ready. Pull on you hose and turn. She was perfect. Naked just in a shinny pantyhose. Small tits and a nice pussy. It was trimed.
So the night was very interesting but the story will go too far.
That night i have an orgasm in a pantyhose and so she. Incredible girl.

JHK457 | 2019-06-11 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I don't remember how I got into pantyhose but I do remember my first orgasm in pantyhose which was also my first time having an orgasm altogether. I had found a pair of suntan sheer pantyhose and put them on. The feel was amazing and I got a hard-on. I grazed over by accident and it sent me to the floor in bliss. I grazed over it some more and was a faucet of precum. I grabbed it and after about 3 strokes, I came and just laid there on the floor in bliss. That was when I was in 6th grade. I wore them to school a few times and never got caught. When I got to college I started wearing them a whole lot more.

BillB | 2019-06-03 | Comments (40)
Profile Image My obsession with pantyhose started when I was around five years old. I remember seeing a picture of a couple performing ballet. The male was wearing tights and I was intrigued. I thought that it would be fun to wear tights and if learning ballet was a way to wear them I would give it a try. I told my mom I was interested in taking ballet lessons and she gave a little laugh and explained that I was too young. This was probably a good decision because by the time I was a teen I was 6'-0" tall, not very coordinated and weighed about 180 lbs.

I wore pantyhose the first time when I was about thirteen years old. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing a pair of my mom's beige pantyhose hanging from the bath cutain rod. I just could not resist the temptation any longer! I locked the bathroom door, stripped down to nothing and slipped into the pantyhose. By the time I pulled them up to my waist I had a raging hard-on. I grabbed my mom's Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour magazines and masturbated while looking at Berkshire and Hanes pantyhose advertisements and myself in the mirror. Oh what a fantastic feeling! When I was done I carefully took the pantyhose off, made sure they had no tell-tail stains and hung them back on the rod. This was so exciting, but I also felt a little ashamed. Evidently not ashamed enough, because I continued to wear pantyhose any chance I got until I was about sixteen. To the best of my knowledge I never got caught by my mom or sisters wearing their pantyhose. I wonder what would have happened if my mom caught me wearing her pantyhose.

There was one time when I was fourteen that I was at a friends house playing with Matchbox cars. His parents were not home. The next thing I know he leads me into his parents bedroom, pulls out his mom's lingere drawer and empties the drawer of pantyhose, girdles and bras onto their bed. He then asked me if I would like to wear some of his moms lingere with him. Well I was quite excited about the thought of putting on her sheer beige pantyhose! I just could not do it! I believe I was afraid of dressing up and wearing lingere with this guy and what may have happened or just the possibility of getting caught by his mom in her pantyhose. My friend seemed pretty disappointed and I guess if I wasn't going to put on any lingere he wasn't going to either. He carefully put the pantyhose, girdles and bras back in the drawer and we ended up back in the den and started playing with the Matchbox cars again as if nothing had ever happened. I always wondered what would have happened if I had taken the chance and worn his mom's lingere!

I didn't wear pantyhose after age sixteen and up until I got married. I do have alot of great memories of girlfriends wearing pantyhose when we would go out on dates. I do believe that most of them had an inkling of my pantyhose fetish because I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes and hands off their nylon encased legs!

I have been happily married to my wonderful wife for thirty three years. Right after we got married I started wearing pantyhose again when I was home alone. My wife did not know about my pantyhose fetish, although I think she may have been suspicious when she would open her pantyhose drawer and find her favorite hose missing. About this time men's pantyhose became available on line, (Thanks to Steve and Constanse at COMFILON), and I was able to quit taking my wifes pantyhose which barely fit and buy my own. I would occasionally buy pantyhose at Victoria's Secret or Macy's and it was always a thrill to have the saleslady help me pick out some pairs that I am sure she knew were for me!

One night about one year into our marriage my wife and I were in bed. I was having a hard time trying to figure a way to let my wife know that I enjoyed not only her wearing pantyhose when we made love, but that I would like to wear pantyhose also. After what seemed an eternity I finally told her. Initially she was shocked, but I believe she was truly concerned that there was something seriously wrong, and after finding out that this was only a pantyhose fetish she was relieved. Next thing I know she goes to her lingere drawer and pulls out two pairs of pantyhose. She then tells me to put one pair on while she gets into the other pair of pantyhose. What happened next was one the most sexually exciting nights of my life!

I am very fortunate to have a great wife who lets me indulge and encourages me in my pantyhose fetish, although primarily for bedroom liasons. Just can't seem to get enough pantyhose sex! Thanks to Pantyhose Share Club for providing a great site that lets me enjoy my pantyhose fetish with others.

The longer I indulge in my pantyhose fetish I realize that I have missed out on sharing a pantyhose experience with another man. Because of this I am changing my sexual preference from strait to bisexual. It is fun to fantasize and communicate with other men and women on the PSC site about wearing, masturbating and having man on man sex! If only I had dressed up in pantyhose and lingere with my friend when I was fourteen, I do believe we would of had a fantastic time of fondeling, frotting, mutually masturbating and who knows what else in pantyhosed splendor!

ShinySTW | 2019-03-16 | Comments (4)
Profile Image My story starts as I was introduced to maybe something a young male wasn't supposed to be. I had a male family member who was a closet crossdresser. He decided to take advantage of a younger male that was close to him , which was me. He first started out touching me while we were in or out of range of anyone being around. He would have me be naked and feel up my little cock to get me hard. After I seemed to get comfortable with him jacking me off he would start giving me blow jobs. I had no prior experience with sex other than kissing a girl. After a few times of him feeling me up and sucking my cock he started dressing me in women's close. He had a lot of things that he had accumulated from his mom, sister and various other family members. I thought that this was all good and enjoyed being dressed in panties, slips, heels and of course pantyhose. Eventually I was introduced to more than having him pleasure me orally and licking my little butt. I started sucking his cock and fingering his ass as well. After a couple years of him treating me as his little play toy I decided that this was not right and told him so. It then stopped. I went on with life as nothing of the sort had ever occurred. This did not last very long as I longed for the feel of pantyhose on my legs , feet and cock. I started swiping pantyhose from my mom and sister. I would wear them every chance I could to jerk off in as I could not resist the feel of pantyhose. All throughout my years as a teen and into my adult years I have hidden my secret for the love of crossdressing until I recently came out to my wife who I have hidden this secret from for 17 years. If there is any interest to the rest of my pantyhose and high heel obsession stories please let me know if I should continue to share as there is much more... I will go ahead and continue. 3 weeks ago I dressed in pantyhose,heels and a dress to wife's satisfaction and we went out for a drive. This was an absolutely exhilarating experience. We stopped on a back road and I got out in the road with headlights on me whilst she took photos. So exciting...I just went back to looking at some of the pics of this last outing and had to put on the same outfit. Well I got all worked up and started thinking about days gone by an low and behold, shot a nice creamy load in my hose. Now I'm gonna have to clean it up, yummy ...

Charlie2000 | 2018-12-02 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I remember my obsession with pantyhose started when I was 10, I liked to look girls who had pantyhose on, but I didnt feel the necesity of trying them on. When I was 12, I entered to middle school, and I had to wear blue socks, but there were only for adults, so most of them were knee high, and I really liked to wear them. During that time I had some girlfriends, and some of them wore tights instead the knee high socks they had to wear, even there was one who wore black and nude pantyhose with the knee socks, and I really loved that from her.

After a while, my I began to want something higher than knee high socks, then I got into a football team, and I had to wear over the knee high, and I loved to have them on, but after another while I wished something higher. I was 16 when I bought my first pair of pantyhose, they were black ones, and tried them on when I arrived home, and loved the sensation and how my legs looked, that made me buy more tights pantyhose. Also, I had some girlfriends who wore pantyhose, and I really loved when they wore with shorts or mini skirt.

Actually, I still wear pantyhose under my pants, because Im too shy to show my pantyhosed legs, only in Halloween I them, but when Im home alone, I wear them with just a shirt.

After a Halloween party this year, I dressed up as Superman, because I was a little tired of wearing as a girl; and for that I had to buy red mini shorts, and I used them with blue tights, knee rain boots (that because I didn´t find another kind of red long boots for me). My girlfriend dressed up as a cat, with a mini skirt, long gloves, black pantyhose and over the knee boots.

After the party we went to her house, where we made a few things, and we went to her room to Kiss. She began to caress my legs, and told me that she liked my legs in tights, and that they looked sexy. We played with our legs, and we had sex. That was the best sex I´ve ever had.

Now I want to have sex like that again, but she doesn´t know that I wear tights and pantyhose more thant she thinks.

PHAB22 | 2018-11-22
Profile Image My pantyhose wearing lifestyle began when I was
13.I had a few memorable
experiences with the 17 year
old sister of my best friend. She overheard me
talking about her pantyhosed
legs that I drooled over
every time I saw her in her
school uniform.One day she
came home and I was crushed,
Pam had removed the worn blue opaque pantyhose and was barelegged!I knew Pam was
aware of my disappointment.
She called me to her room
and gave me the surprise of
my life.She was waiting for
me wearing a fresh pair of
sheer suntan pantyhose that
exposed her silky blonde bush,my first! I never had a
blow job before and when I
almost lost my mind I came in her mouth over and over again until my cum spilled
all over her body.The cum she couldn't swallow drooled
down soaking her brand new pantyhose.After going to the
bathroom to clean up,Pam led
me to her bedroom door so I
could sneak out.
Before I left she handed me
a brown paper lunch sack that contained her blue uniform tights and the cum soaked pantyhose from our
first encounter!
I can still remember the scent of her sweaty pussy
mixed with the aroma of
my sticky jizz even though it was many,many
years ago.
That day started my vast
collection of tights and

Denier29 | 2018-11-06
Profile Image This is the first time I have written about my pantyhose fetish and It all started at a very young age. I had no idea it was a fetish until I was doing research in criminal justice and the study of Paraphilias. It was a relief to find out what it was and attach a name to it as I could now explain and understand the obsession far better and explain it to others if I ever needed to. My journey with pantyhose is quite amazing now that I look back on it and I am now in midlife , coming out to share that story with others who have the same obsession. So put on your favorite pair of pantyhose, grab a coffee, and settle in as this is a long one. I blame this whole pantyhose fetish on my dear mother.

My very first interest in pantyhose was marked at a very young age of maybe three or four years old, as I know I was not in kindergarten yet and my family lived in a small apartment in town before my father built our house. It was a small event but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was playing on the floor with toys and my mother stepped over me and I noticed she had no panties on under her pantyhose. My family were evangelicals that had strict rules to be part of the church. Women were not allowed to wear pants but only dresses. They also were not allowed to have bare legs so all of them would wear pantyhose, as tights were not yet popular. They also were not allowed to bring attention to themselves, so nude cotton or nylon pantyhose were worn by most. But seeing my mother this way left a mark on my small mind. Also my grandmother was of the same belief system and so I had a long time exposure to hose but never tried any on or felt them. My mother was very rule breaking when she could be and would do small things to make waves in both dress and looks, pushing the envelope concerning Church dress code. She had a large collection of outfits she would wear and dress up for my dad when they would go out to eat or attend functions not associated with the church. She did all of this within the boundaries, but would raise eyebrows. My mother was a very prod person and once had her own money, job, and car but gave it all up to be a stay at home mother when she married my father.

When I was eight I got my own room. I was super proud and so were my parents when they presented it to me. They worked hard to fix it up for me and for the first time I had privacy. They bought be a Science book collection and it was in the reproductive section in the R book that I seen my first vagina. We moved to the farm to help my uncle. My father worked hard in a foundry but it closed down and he needed work. My uncle needed help milking cows. So we rented out our house and moved to the farm. We lived with my Aunt and Uncle and had a great time on the farm. My uncle was a porn collector and had a stack of Playboys right by the toilet. I wondered what what might be in those magazines and took a look. I was amazed at how beautiful the women were and their bodies made me have my first erections. It was mostly out of curiosity as I was not masturbating yet. My mother suspected what I was doing as I would lock my self in the bathroom all to often. She told me not to look at them but did not have them removed as that is where my uncle liked to keep them. My aunt, maybe in retaliation, had a large stack of Play Girl magazine on the other side. Out of curiosity I did leaf though those also, but it was the women in stockings or nude that caused my sexual arousal.

After a few years my uncle shut down the farm and we moved back to our home. I got my room back and I was now ten and was hooked on women. Being in an evangelical home I had no stacks of magazines to leaf though, so I was stuck with the Sears catalog lingerie section, my Science encyclopedia "R" book and the gorgeous women in my mind from my Uncle's magazine pile. I discovered I was good at drawing and so I started to draw nudes by tracing the drawing from the science book and combining them with tracings from the catalog. I would hide all of these drawings in my little desk under other papers to keep them from my parents. One night after a day of drawing and thinking about all those sexy women I was feeling my erection and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm. It felt super good and made a mess. I cleaned up my sheets and practiced more the next day. As weeks passed I was spending a lot of time in my room drawing. My parents did suspect something I think but respected my privacy and allowed me to have a hook lock on my door and would knock. But I am sure there was a few times I would find the drawings missing as mom possibly tossed them because I might have left them laying out. She never brought it up. So I would draw more. Then one day I got the mail.

When I got the mail I realized that in the stack of bills and papers was a Fredric's of Hollywood magazine. Gorgeous girls were on the front, and I was surprised. I leafed though it and found the lingerie section. There I see beautiful women in pantyhose and stockings and even a body-stocking with it advertised and convenient crotch. I closed up the magazine and put it in the stack for mom and dad and never seen it again, but I wondered where it went. So when my parents were not home one day I went searching. I found more them I bargained for and it made me some what puzzled but happy at the same time. I checked their shelving looking where they might have hid the Frederick's of Hollywood Magazine, and under a stack of other clothing magazines I found a large stack of Frederick's going back for some years. I leafed though the pile and tried to keep everything in order so they would not suspect I was snooping. I would take the magazines and lay them out and have a fun time masturbating to the gorgeous women in pantyhose, body-stockings, and lingerie. I would carefully put them all back where I found them and was super happy to get the mail after school each day to check for the monthly Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. I then later though I could sneak a few pages of the older issues of the Frederick's of Hollywood s magazine and they would never know. I would cut out the pages and then the models then put them in a folder they I kept hidden. I had a fairly large collect of pantyhose images all to myself now and loved it as long as I kept everything on the down low. Until mom found my folder and knew I was collecting. I got a talking to about snooping but nothing major. The stack of goodies was moved and I had nothing but a memory and some real badly draw images. Then I found out what I realize now, that dad had a pantyhose fetish.

I went to find the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs, they had to be some place. I looked everywhere and found my mothers lingerie, three drawers full of sexy pantyhose, body stockings, convenient crotch body stockings, and bras. I got weak in the knees. I also found pantyhose with the crotch cut out by scissors along with lube and condoms. It appeared that mom and dad were having a great time. But the find was awesome but a bit disturbing to me as a kid on what my parents were up to but I now realize my dad is one luck guy. I now realize why mom, on days dad had off from work, would be dressed mornings in leotard exercise outfit. Mom did not exercise with videos as the church did not allow television in homes of members. Mom would just seem to wear these tight spandex and leotard outfits for dad. One time at Christmas I thought it strange that mom wore this outfit while decorating the tree. Very it was very sweet of mom now that I look back on it. Also when going out to eat I would notice mom wearing colored pantyhose and tights to match her outfits and shoes. At an early age I could see my mother loved being classy and fashionable. She had a large collection of heels, purses, and other clothing that would push the envelope a bit with the church but not go completely overboard. I believe that would buy her the sexy outfits and my mom would get to pick the classy and mix them together to be a bit proud and show off a bit for my dad and to make other women jealous of what she could get away with. It was then that I found the best stash of all.

My younger sister needed a larger bedroom so my parents decided that they should redo a room in the top floor in the attic to expand my sister's room. Dad worked super hard and made it quite nice. Great even more privacy! They let me draw on the walls as by now I was taking art classes and it was fun designing my own room. I now had a full blown pantyhose image fetish and had a folder full of cutouts from many types of magazines and basically any images of nice pantyhose legs I could find. I would spread them out and masturbate to them almost everyday. The attic outside my room was also used for storage. Mom saved everything. She loved to sew and thought she would save her old pantyhose to stuff pillows with. My grandmother worked in a lingerie factory sewing nightgowns and would give my mother boxes of material to be used in projects. There was no better find as finding large boxes of these materials while helping organize and everything was simply right outside my bedroom door. My fetish completely blew up. This was the first time I actually seen many different types of pantyhose and wondered what they would feel like if I tried them on. By now I was about fourteen with raging hormones. I noticed with my hand that some felt softer them others depending on the materials. I swiped a soft pair and put my hand inside the leg and spread out my hand, the soft sheer was amazing. I got an erection and became weak in the knees immediately. I needed to try them on. I took them out of the box and went to my bedroom and slipped them on. They felt so soft and the feeling was amazing. I felt my legs as the soft sheer material engulfed and hugged me. My erection pushed up against the soft material and the feeling was amazing. I slipped them off and masturbated with the soft sheer pantyhose and had one of the most powerful orgasm ever. I was hooked. That box was huge and there was no telling just how many pairs or what types where in there. I would have to go though it. My knees shook just thinking about it. I rolled up the pantyhose and hid them in my drawer with my pantyhose image folder under some papers. I needed a day with lots of time.

Sunday afternoon was made by the Lord for napping, and as evangelicals we had to be quiet and respect the Lord's day. When we were young we were not allowed to play with our toys or ride bikes, but that all changed as we got older and mom and dad lightened up on the rules. Once the house was quite one Sunday not to long after my big find, I quietly took the big box of pantyhose into my room, and not making to much noise, went though all the pairs that were in this box of heaven. I found tried on many pairs and fond the ones I liked and others I did not, which colors I enjoyed more, which style I liked. It seemed where was all kinds of pantyhose that were collect over the years maybe not only from Mom but other also who wanted to donate to my mother's crafting project. I then tried on different pairs testing which ones felt better on my legs and erection and which ones were scratchy. I layered some, and others I stretched out. I encased myself in the goodness. I made piles of ones I would keep and ones I would not. What I put back was far less then it had been and would be noticed and how would I hide the large keep pile I had. I found a duffel bag I was not using and stuffed the pantyhose in and every night before been had a great time with my images and pantyhose masturbating. I next had to go though the soft silky lingerie scrap box . From what I could feel it also made be weak in the knees and in my horny teen mind the two would feel great together.

So one Sunday afternoon I quietly snuck in the large lingerie box to go through it. It was amazing. Large sections of soft silk material, sections of laced material made from spandex and nylon, and other amazing materials. I pull out everything and felt it with my hands and rubbed and stretchered the materiel over my raging erection to find out what I liked best and like the pantyhose I made two piles and placed them all in my fetish bag under my bed. Later that night I had the best masturbation session I ever had. I put on the best feeling pantyhose and loosely over top a large silky piece of fabric. I gently rubbed my hard erection with the silk while having the clipped images of pantyhose legs and women all laid out. The feeling of the silk against the pantyhose was so amazing and created one of the best sensations I have ever felt. The slick softness of the silk material over the sheer pantyhose on my penis and testicles were like heaven as I slowly rubbed up and down, sitting with my legs open on the floor, imagining my erection thrusting into the women in the image on the floor, with the open crotch body-stocking, with her nylon clad legs wrapped tightly around me. I almost blacked out as seamen pulsated from my penis and into the soft material. I sat still for about five minutes in the afterglow. Then I stared to feel a bit guilty. This was a problem I would work though many times until I understood my paraphilia some years later and simply accepted it. In this guilt I would take the fetish collections to the burn pile and destroy it all. But then go back, as their was no stopping , nor forgetting the sexual gratification pantyhose caused. In high school I was in sports that allowed me to wear tights with my uniform to keep warm while running in cold weather. I enjoyed wearing them as I could secretly enjoy my fetish without raising suspicion. This collection and purge sadly happened a few times and looking back I lost a lot of great fetish items. The guilt may have come from my evangelical up bringing but I was over it for the most part by time I went to collage.

I do hope you enjoyed this introduction. I plan to write more about my collage years with my pantyhose fetish and also of my marriage up to the current day. If you enjoyed this please let me know. It was great meeting you all and I do hope we can interact in some way.

Edit: Spelling/Grammar

BertFogal | 2018-10-19
Profile Image This is the story of my frequent nights away, more than a hundred each year for almost twenty years, from my wonderful wife Alicia and home and of a way to stay away from any “opportunities” to be unfaithful out there – in short enjoy good sex with yourself. Become an expert, make it so good that the women you might find attractive don’t look that attractive anymore. Get so experienced with creating your sexual pleasures and with inventing variations of them that only your wife will know more about you and only she will be able to add something that you can’t create without her. This has worked for me and I promise, it is making for countless hours of pleasure and total absence of boredom even in the lonely otherwise unattractive environment of hotel rooms that all look alike in not the best way. It is a mental battery charger for your job out there too. And each time you come home you will enjoy being back and falling in love with your wife all over again, far beyond the plain “hi darling I am back, how have you been”. Your mind will be sparkling from your play…

There may be different ways, but I found that the play needs to include something feminine. I am as straight a guy as they get, so I prefer that my mind can easily fade away to an imagination of Alicia and I doing together, and she doing with me what I am right now doing alone. I am also a guy with a sensitive skin and a love for sensing skin, admittedly my play may well have advanced this feature in me. No damage done…on the contrary. My choice of play tool is pantyhose, the sheerest and most luxurious kind. It is feminine no question and it gives a feeling to the skin as no other material I am aware of, apart of course from Alicia’s skin. It allows for variety too, as I will come to explain. Not the least, it is available almost everywhere or can be carried in the smallest luggage.

Over time, I have found that there are two outstanding brands of pantyhose that offer the best sheer luxury hosiery: Fogal from Switzerland and Wolford from Austria. Fogal used to have the best of all, ever: label Granada, a most elegant sheer to waste 11-denier piece of art in pantyhose, but they decided to discontinue them some years ago. They discontinued even their next best called Madison. Now, the best hosiery I know is Naked 8 from Wolford, an 8-denier sheer from toe-to-waste, which is elastic with my fast growing excitement and robust for the variations of play I usually have in mind. It does not reach the level of elegancy in its fabric on the legs and finish on the waistband, but the material is actually better than the Granada for my very special purpose. So, they may be forgiven. If price matters, the Naked 8 is best value.

When I get to the hotel, I will settle into the room, unpack my stuff and then take a shower to wash off the travel or the meetings from earlier in the day. Sometimes, the hosiery will have been in intense use during earlier evenings on the same trip and may need washing. Since it takes a whole night for them to dry properly, the shower at the start is a good opportunity to get that done in time.

And washing hosiery can get very exciting indeed: I would use some water and moisturizing cream on my member before to bring it to proper attention and completely clean off the day-smell. Then I would carefully put on the pantyhose, pull them up my legs and over my very hard cock, slowly to enjoy the sensation a first time and for a while, admire the look in the mirror, rub my hands all over to adjust the sheer hose and to build even more sensation. The feel and view of pantyhose is probably known to most of you who read this, and it is incredibly erotic, but now I step into the shower and things get wet. Everything gets a whole lot more elastic at once. Its time to slowly pull down the foreskin to expose the wonderful purple head and to get in touch with the wet nylon with your most sensitive parts! It is unbelievably arousing to move my very happy best friend around inside the hose, down the left leg, let it come up again by itself (which means very slowly), then over to the other side, down the right leg, and slowly back to repeat this wonderful circle any number of times. Wet pantyhose gets somewhat sticky and if dry pantyhose already sits tight and smooth on your skin, try the wet way!

You may be guessing right: this is the time to pull the hose off or better, if you have a second pair, make that wet as well and give your cock one of the most special treats I can imagine among all I have tried over the years: pull one of the legs of the pantyhose over your hard friend so that it is just covered in its full length. The nylon sits tight and sheer as a true second skin clinging to his head all around. Now begin pulling the hose down in small movements from the shaft, don’t touch the head. You have at least 50 small pulls before the head reaches the toe of the pantyhose leg, 50 times the most incredible arousal. The movement of the hose with its leg hanging wet more than 3-4 feet down from the head of your friend and clinging tightly around it, will each time touch the whole surface from head to shaft. There will be some resistance from the tight fit but also the weight of the wet hosiery which you can reduce by moving your fingers up a bit and pull ever so gently on both sides of the head. You may think its time to come right there…but patience is a good rule in this play. When you have managed to get to the end of this first round, prepare for the second by very slowly pulling the nylon leg all the way off again. I always prefer to pull up and also to the sides to make this last and to reach everywhere with the sensations. By now my friend is so hard and excited that my pulling will be met with his attempt to keep the hosiery on, which only intensifies his experience. I am sure he has his own mind…

The second round can be done with the other leg, just in case it would feel even better. Which it does. It does feel better with every round! You may want to add one of my favorite play variations: When half way into the nylon leg, hold on to the hose at the shaft and maybe one foot above the head and pull the resulting nylon tube up and down over the head. Pull in all directions to give intense sensations to your friend, pull slow and fast, up and down, left and right. Fold part of the leg around your cock head or shaft to provide a double layer, then pull this away to the side and continue with your own imagination. By now, things have gotten so intense that your instincts will begin to take over. You will know what to do for even more pleasure inside your nylon skin.

Round three and four, or as high a number you like will be the washing round. With your member as a long and rigid rack you put shampoo or shower gel on and rub it into the nylon inch by inch, again all the way in and out for your friend, then the next leg and of course the sheer panty part with the waistband. And here comes the second pair that you are still wearing: if you feel you won’t last much longer, this one can be washed right on your body rather than on your best friend. By the way, I forgot to mention: keep the shower on while you play to feel comfortable with warm water caressing your body.

I often give myself the relief after this, and with a few wonderful strokes I get to the point of spraying the shower all over with my own juices. Only Alicia can do such wonders and build such orgasm for me. Think about this as a half hour experience, likely the most exciting laundry you have ever done and will ever do. But the fun and sensation is not over…

Get dry, give your body a treat with some oil or cream, don’t forget your best friend in this, and move to bed. Hopefully you have one or two more of the pantyhose with you that are still dry as you are now going to need those for more pleasure and sensations in nylon. Putting on a pair of pantyhose can be a very erotic view when Alicia does it and knows that I am watching and enjoying. Her legs are gorgeous anyway and the nylon is like the icing on a very delicious cake. So when I put on a pair, memory fades away to that view and some of the sex we have had with nylon involved. Which puts my member straight back to full attention. Beginning by letting down the soft hosiery over him and covering his body just leasurely causes me to shiver in expectation. Alicia sometimes begins the night with a very sheer stocking that she playfully puts over him and ever so slowly brings down on him all the way in full view for me to see him shine through the fabric. She blows little kisses on his head and squeezes the nylon covered shaft gently in anticipation of the pleasure he is going to give her and get from her much later.

My sparkling imagination and memory of Alicia putting the transparent hose over her toes, adjusting the seam of the non-reinforced stocking along the tip of her beautiful red-nailed toes and wiggle them into position, then pulling the nylon up over her delicate foot, then doing the same with the other leg focuses me entirely on the feeling of the fabric when my feet and legs get nylon clad this evening. It's the feeling not my looks, obviously the latter can't compete with the view in my mind right now. She continues with carefully pulling up both nylon legs on her slim but muscular calves, then, with her long leg stretched up and out, she pulls the hose all the way to the thigh, in small circular movements. Its one of those views from heaven. Male heaven maybe, but then she clearly enjoys herself and seems to be in control of the place. I have learned to do it all as my seducing wife does, she has even done it on me, and the dreamy memory paired with the actual feeling works well, promise. The last bit is the part where my cock and his expecting head is entering the hose again, which is where it is important to have the right brand and size of the hosiery, with some consideration for the male anatomy. I am pulling the pantyhose up over him, adjust it to my waist and stroke and squeeze him a bit, then go over my legs to charge up with the special nylon electricity that the Naked 8 provides like few if any other pantyhose.

When Alicia and I first played, one of the things to find out was that the hose is a trap of sorts, wonderfully soft and erotic with every aspect of the arousal exposed and accessible to the partner, but still a trap. One can tease and play, but I can't get out and she can't let me in (and I can't give her the full attention she deserves in various other ways either). Most pantyhose have a crotch usually of cotton that shall make wearing more comfortable, but that is placed with the female anatomy in mind. When we cut it out and Alicia guided my friend to freedom, I quickly realised that something was different: there he was standing up well and very excited and Alicia liked the excitement. However, later on I realised that the upper edge of the seam around the open crotch had pressed hard on his root and made him seemingly stand harder and swell more. Not perfect, but perfect in a different way. This gave me a lame but still working reason to go back to the experiment and have more sex in pantyhose. Alicia and I confirmed together that indeed pushing into the upper edge of my friend's root made him look larger and more attentive. She did the measurement by taking my friend's smiling head between her lips sensing the difference before and after letting it out through the hole where the crotch was. She also got a feeling for how hard it was to bend him towards her and indeed we concluded that my perception had most likely been accurate. The experiment ended right there, but not the fun of that evening, and the open entries in the hose gave us lots of inspiration in our foreplay: one of the more memorable was Alicia's idea to rub our friend's head and shaft in a perfumed oil and then have me slide through the crotch and between her buttocks underneath the hose. This became my first sensual nylon "torture" rubbing him there between her soft skin and the nylon fabric for a long time and having Alicia's hand squeeze and caress him as well. She even added more oil to the excitement in order for me to last longer in this treatment. If you want to try the special crotch effect use a razor blade to work on the crotch. However, there is another way, which keeps your travel hosiery intact and still gives you similar pleasure. I will come back to that. If you want to try oil or cream inside the nylon skin, you will love that too. Inevitably, that leads to the next round of washing though!

Here I am on the bed with lights dimmed and my head full of these memories. I let my creamy friend move down inside the legs of my exquisit hosiery I am wearing and explore the skin-nylon experience. When he is down there as far as it goes, I rub the other nylon covered leg over him which resembles my rubbing Alicia's nylon buttocks when we are both wearing. The cream or oil turns this all into very arousing soft teasing and keeps him fit for hours without irritating the skin of his fine head from all too much excitement.

After some time, I often add more nylon into the play. Another pair of hose is good to have for a similar treat as the one in the shower, but now in dry mode. I cover my member and my balls completely inside the long leg of the pantyhose, but not before having pleased him with many on and off rounds and rubbing his head intensely in the "tube" you already know about. Finally, I use the other leg to pull a tight lock around the base of his shaft and my scrotum. This gives a similar effect as the open crotch on his stiffness. Unfortunately, there is little to replace Alicia...but with the shaft and head completely and tightly covered in the sensationally thin and transparent nylon I push him back into the leg of the hose I still wear and rub him in nylon on nylon, squeeze him harder, stroke him along the shaft until I feel the juices build and then let go for a while. The next round will bring me closer, and then closer. When I can't hold anymore, I sometimes just let out into the hosiery or I manage to free him before a few strokes will make me spray the bed covers. This is the wonderful end of a long nylon evening full with memories and thoughts of my wonderful sexy wife and the difference she could make here. In this case second best is not bad at all though and the night that comes will give me the best sleep, either in the hosiery or not if it got too juicy. Waking up early from a bit of jet lag may give another, more sleepy round and the next day will be good!

I hope you like this story, which is as real as they get and I wish you nylon fun whenever you can get to it.

Metadox | 2018-10-14
Profile Image I have been drawn to pantyhose for as long as I can remember. When I was young (4-5) and saw the first Superman movie, I was a little obsessed with Miss Tess Macher. She was always dressed elegantly including pantyhose. The scene where she waded into a swimming pool fully dressed to rescue Superman made me curious about what it would feel like to do that in soft, flowy clothes like she had on.

A couple of years later we were at my friend's house and playing hide and seek. When I was looking for him I found him in his closet pulling on a pair of his mother's pantyhose that he had found in the garbage. I was about to ask him if I could try them on when his mother came in and mildly scolded him for taking them.

There were also many times when I was young that I would deliberately play on the floor near my mother or cousins when they were wearing pantyhose and would "accidentally" brush against them.

My first time wearing happened a couple of weeks after I noticed my sister wearing a cute outfit with a blue blouse, black leather skirt, and black pantyhose at church. I tried not too look, but I couldn't stop myself from looking over at her.

My friends were having a sleepover in my basement and things drifted over towards a game of truth or dare. I basically dared myself to go into my sleeping sister's room upstairs and grab a pair of underwear from her drawer to bring back down. My friends all thought that she was hot so they seemed okay with that. I sneaked upstairs past my parent's bedroom and up to her doorway. I slowly opened the door and was sure that the creaking of the door hinges would have waken everyone up. My heart pounding, I crawled across the floor to her dresser and reached up for the top drawer. I pulled it open and rummaged through it by feel. I felt around until I felt a soft bundle that I hoped were her black pantyhose from a few weeks back. I quietly closed the drawer and went back downstairs. Sure enough, I had grabbed the black pantyhose.

I showed them to my friends and things quieted down and everyone else went to sleep. I had stashed the pantyhose in my pillow and had trouble getting to sleep. My friends were sleeping on the hide-a-bed next to me and I deeply wanted to take my clothes off and put the pantyhose on. I even wondered what it would feel like to rub my pantyhose-covered legs on one of my friends. Eventually, however, I went to sleep.

The next morning after my friends had all left, I pulled the covers over me and took the pantyhose out of the pillow case. I took my underwear off under the covers and slowly pulled the pantyhose up on my legs. Once I had them on I felt very exposed because I was in a fully open room with no door. However, this only made me feel more excited. I rolled onto my belly and started rubbing against the bed thinking about how my sister's legs looked and how my legs must look. I didn't dare look at them. Soon, I felt a rush like I had never felt before and before I knew it I had my first orgasm. Once the bliss subsided I felt dirty and low for what I had done and took the pantyhose off. I washed them in the sink and eventually returned them to my sister's drawer.

This was only the first of many instances throughout my adolescence where I had sexual experiences involving the wearing of pantyhose. They have been a focal point of my erotic experiences (and feelings of guilt) since then. I also enjoy wearing skirts, dresses, blouses, sexy shoes, etc. Boy's clothes are so boring. I love the vulnerability I feel when I dress up like a girl.

Long since I have been married for a little shy of twenty years but have been separated for the past three years. More and more I find myself craving being able to share my passion for pantyhose with someone else. I would love to have a girlfriend that at least enjoys the attention I give her when she dresses up for me and would be into me also being dressed. Lately I also feel like I could be with another crossdresser that has a full appreciation of the feminine form. However, I would not want the interaction to be purely physical. I need an emotional attachment to someone for the physical intimacy to be at its best.

Dottiespantyhose | 2018-10-04 | Comments (7)
Profile Image I first started with mom's pantyhose from the little plastic egg when I was 10 years old. Nothing exciting...suntan, all wrinkled from being stored in its shell. I would sneak a pair every now and then to put on. I knew it was wrong and the guilt I felt kept me from truly enjoying them like I wanted to. It wasn't until i was 15 that I finally masturbated in a pair of pantyhose...they were No Nonsense Sheer to Waist black...they were my grandmothers. I was so nervouse sneaking into her bedroom, searching her dresser. I knew what I wanted and I found them, stuffed them in my pants and made my way to the bathroom.

I locked the door, undressed and carefully slid them up my legs...pointing my toe, stretching them over my calf, up my thigh. The panty of her pantyhose was finally in place over my erection. I didn't last long. It felt wonderful to finally experience what I had imagined for years.

Fortunately there were no signs of what I had done and I silenty returned them to her dresser. Again, the guilt was intense. I fought the urge over and over but eventually went back and kept those for myself and used them often until they were tattered and torn.

MaureenPhose | 2018-09-05 | Comments (6)
Profile Image I've been obsessed with pantyhose for as long as I can remember. I think it all started with me tickling my godmothers soft pantyhose covered feet when I was little. Hearing her giggle as I tickled her feet got me hooked. I couldn't stop staring at her red toenails through the pantyhose.
I first wore nylon around age 11. My neighbor Janet would pay me to check in on her cat while she was away. Sometimes it would be for a week. I was so curious that the first day I was snooping through her clothes drawers. I was so nervous but excited. First I found the drawer with her bras. She had a sheer one that I eventually wore many times. Then I hit the jackpot! The top right drawer was the big pantyhose collection. And I mean big. She had every color,type,texture, you name it. I was instantaneously aroused but nervous as shit. I got the courage to get partially undressed and slid on a pair of sheer tan knee highs. From the moment my toes went into the soft silky knee highs I could feel myself beginning to get hard. I was instantly obsessed and highly aroused but didn't know what to do other than to stare at my pretty pantyhose covered feet and legs while rubbing my hands all over them. I did that for about a half hour but was so nervous I put everything back and returned to my apartment. However, within a few days I was wearing pantyhose, thigh highs, her heels fit and the sheer bra. I tried almost every pair she had within a week. My parents thought I was entertaining the cat who I locked in another room while I played dress up. So I was good for a few hours at a time. I became instantly addicted to the feeling of pantyhose on my body. From my soft pantyhose covered feet to my hose covered shaft I was in pantyhose paradise. I would lay there and fantasize about all the girls and women I liked and pretended that I was feeling them up. That morphed into pretending I was the girl being felt up by guys or other girls. I soon figured out how to climax which was messy and required me to nervously figure out how to clean up the mess on her clothes. Janet went away every few months sometimes more often. In between her trips I would get withdrawal but once she was gone it was euphoria! This went on for several years as I journeyed through puberty. Sadly her shoes didn't fit after a while, but her pantyhose always did. I was crushed when she moved away. But I was grateful for being able to find myself and get lost for hours on end in the company of her pantyhose. Not long after she moved I started to buy my own hose. Another nerve wracking experience with a massive dose of euphoria attached. I got a girlfriend so I was getting real female pantyhose covered feet to enjoy, but I realized that I was also a selectively bisexual nympho. I began wearing pantyhose under my jeans and going to the gloryholes in NYC to have guys play with my feet amd legs in pantyhose. I was amazed at just how many guys wanted so see a smooth fit eighteen year old in pantyhose. I was able to provide something that their wives didn't give at home. I give an awesome footjob and enjoy other safe and fun activities. From there I have met countless pantyhose friends, full crossdressers, transsexuals, other pantyhose wearers and admirers so I could be either the Dom or the sub during pantyhose play. I especially enjoy corrupting smooth fem chubs in their 20's by introducing them to pantyhose play when I want to Dom a guy. I still love making daddies worship my pantyhose covered feet. The feeling of having my pantyhose covered feet blasted with hot wet sticky cum as my nylon covered cock simultaneously explodes in someone's hot mouth is absolutely incredible. I still have a hot hetero sex life where my lady indulges my nylon fetish with her beautiful tits, feet, legs and toes. I have so much experience in this its hard for me to put it all in one story. I'll have to break it down into individual experiences over time.

Legshine | 2018-08-14 | Comments (3)
Profile Image I was skipping school one day when I was around 12 years old. I saw a lady hanging out fresh laundry on her clothes line to dry.Amoung the things she hung out was a pair of stockings.When she went in the house, I could not resist grabbing them off the line after contemplating for awhile what they must feel like on my legs.I snuck into the woods to put them on and I couldn't stop masterbaiting!I came 9 times in about an hour and a half. I think that day I did two things, I started my fetish, and, became a man! I've had my fetish with pantyhose ever since.

KimCummings | 2018-08-03
Profile Image As a young man in the 1950's and 60's almost all professional women were required to wear a dress and stockings. (Later of course pantyhose.) The mini skirts of the late 60's and "free love" engendered a opening of free expression and obvious liberal dressing and many of the TV commercials were " No Nonsense pantyhose or Legg's Sheer Energy or Hane"s Sheer Elegance pantyhose. The women were all in short dresses wearing stockings or later on sheer to the waist pantyhose. In those short skirts it was difficult to hide what was underneath. It was a wonderful time to be young with all things so very leggy!Obviously,growing up with 3 sister's they left their nylons everywhere....to my delight. They frequently pranced around the house in their panties bras and slips and high heels and pantyhose thinking nothing of it. At some point my hormones raging, I just got increadably curious about all things silky and made of sheer nylon. Thinking I would have a little fun I grabbed a couple of pairs of pantyhose and some satin panties and retreated to the privacy of my room. The support pantyhose,(I think they were Sheer Energy), were shiny and so sleek and smooth. I Slowly slipped the coffee colored sheer to the waist pantyhose on my legs...My penis immediately got erect and I nearly ejaculated on the pantyhose. I slowed down, (I was extremely excited) and eventually smoothed them all the way up both legs. My penis was hard under the pantyhose and I KNEW I had discovered something I wasn't soon going to give up.

Jamie1958 | 2018-06-03 | Comments (8)
Profile Image My earliest encounter with wearing pantyhose occurred when I was about 12. My parents were gone for a dinner and I had the house to myself. I was always fascinated with pantyhose, my sister always wore them, and my mom would too. I ventured into my parents room right to my moms dresser. I opened every drawer until I found her lingerie drawer. Looked through her panties, bras and girdles until I found 2 pairs of reinforced suntan pantyhose. The excitement grew when I held them in my hand, I knew I had time to try them on, so I quickly took of my pants and underwear, sat on the edge of the bed, and rolled one leg down to the toes. I slowly and carefully put my foot in, pulling them up my leg. The sensation was electrical. I did the same with the other leg, stood up, then pulled them all the way up. My 12 year old dick was very hard. I looked at myself in the mirror and lived what I saw. I rubbed myself until I knew I should stop, didn't want to mess them up. I tried them on every chance I could get. This went on through high school. One of my classmates, who also experimented, told me he was going to wear pantyhose to school the next day. So I refused to also. The next day in study hall, we sat next to each other, he crossed his leg, pulled down his sock and showed me he was wearing. I did the same. I told him I would meet him outside at lunch, there was a wooded area behind the high school where students would skip classes. Lunchtime came, I was waiting for my friend, he eventually showed up. I asked him to pull down his pants and I would do the same. We did, our ducks were hard, straining against the nylon. I grabbed him and pulled him close to me, grinding my dick against his. We eventually both exploded, we cleaned each other up and returned to school. This was just the start of my pantyhose adventures. More to come.
But wait, there's more. In 6th grade, my dad had two jobs, the second one-way as a janitor at the school I attended. My brother and I would help him. On a Saturday, I was emptying wastebaskets in the classrooms. My 6th grade teacher, a young woman, would always wear pantyhose in class. Needless to say, my eyes could not bevremoved from her nylon clad legs. Well on that day, while emptying the trashcan by her desk, I noticed a tote bag by her chair, and sitting on top of other things, was a pair of L'eggs pantyhose, which came in an egg shaped container. I had to look inside. There was a pair of nude suntan pantyhose inside. I couldn't wait to get home and try them on. Finally I was alone in the bathroom, at home by myself. The excitement made me hard, once I got them on, I went in the bathtub, filled it up, and started humping the smooth bottom surface. Wow, what a feeling.

Phlovermat | 2018-06-01 | Comments (3)
Profile Image also had a huge struggle after I kept drawn towards pantyhose.....feeling guilty after I could no longer ignore I actually had this strong fascination since ever i was a boy, perhaps 5 or 6 which got mesmerized by the sight of the girl next door as she proudly came to show her red pantyhose to me.....

This was the beginning of it all........

I cannot remember how this went on, but one thing I never forget......

As my parents had a weekly night out, my cousin came to "baby sit"
nothing special really.....until I accidently found out she wore pantyhose, as I noticed them as her clothes were over the kitchen chair reveiling this magical sheer fabric that secretly I put on being way to large of course, but I could not resist......

Years later it became even easier since My mom was busy running my parents shop not having spare time to get last-minute shopping done, so I frequently had to go to the store to buy hose for her.....
this was when I first bought my own: since we were the same height, I thought I would have about the same size.......guess what: I did......

so I started to explore the wonderful world of pantyhose in my teenage-years buying all sorts, colours.....

until one day they found my secret "box" filled with my collection......
You cannot imagine how embarassed I felt...... but they did not say a thing....

Years later, I had a girlfriend who was as ph-crazy as I (which she did not know yet) and she finally got me into wearing them.......
the first time she challenged me joking around asking me to try hers on just for fun......of course I protested but deep in side I did not know how quickly I could get them on LOL......
we laughed a lot of course as she teased me telling that I could borrow them again If I would like, but I was too shy to admit I loved it......
but I did not expect the next thing that happened shortly after this moment of fun......

As we went shopping for e new outfit, she suddenly showed me some imitation-leather pants telling me they would look very cool on me.....
which it actually did...so I bought it of course, not knowing what it would be like to actually wear it all night long.....in a steaming disco........

I cannot tell you how terrible it really was!
sticking on me all over making me sweat like a pig LOL.....counting down the minutes to get out of it and having a shower........

If she asked me what my problem was, I told her that it was sticking against my legs most of the evening so I barely couldn't move and I hated it.......

then she sat next to me and tried to comfort me which she did because of the magic words:" you know what you must do the next time?"
of course I was confused until she whispered softly in my ear:
"next time wear pantyhose under it and it will be over"
for a moment I could not believe what she said so I asked HER if it really would help (while in my mind I jumped for joy) which she immediatly told me to do as SHE put them on me as I made a second attempt to try my pants on......at the end of the day she asked me if it was as horrible as the first time but I was totally suprised it actually worked........
I do not have to tel you that I wore it very often having found an exuse for my fascination which after a few months I gently brought up by telling her that I actually feel kinda uncomfortable wearing pantyhose (NOT!) but that on the other side they are actually useful and pleasant round my skin...

She smiled and was glad I took her advice and she told me she was proud of me to follow it knowing the idea was indeed kinda strange since I was a guy wearing pantyhose, something totally not acceptable by society since it was an only WOMEN area......

Since then it made me think about it in a deeper way.......
since I discovered myself that although pantyhose in the first place invented for Women and women only, I can speak for myself that I totally agree on that because they are an absolute undenyable addition to them feeling women.....because, let's face it: nothing is more attrective, sexy and sensual than a woman wearing pantyhose, at least that's how I see it!
Their slim legs just look fabulous with thin layer of nylon around them......

And we should respect that....I do.

BUT.......although initially they invented PH to keep womens legs warm when weather demands it, we can also agree that this concept evolved and extended beyond it first purpose........
Ok, there are uncountable prints and patterns available and let us not forget that it has a wide range when it comes to the choice how many DENIER it offers......
resulting in a product that serves almost any purpose: from just serving as protect when cold to having to be sofisticated and elegant.

this made made me question the Women-exclusive thing that is out of fashion .....
Men also have legs.......why shouldn't there be a suitable sollution be between ALLL those different kinds most women are even not aware of?

A lot of women even HATE wearing pantyhose so why shouldn't "we" be able to benifit from its range of applications?
I actually found out myself that it actually works......
During my work I stand most of the day only moving around just a bit......
experiencing tired feelings all the way down my legs as I get home......

Women have this problem perfectly covered since they can wear comfortable support pantyhose not having any problems as they come home.......
Isn't it selfish to think that in this case it still is a womens-exlusive thing?

In a world of women thankfully being equal to men, isn't it time to reconsider this subject too?

Ok, I don't see the point of us men wearing them in public because this still not correct, since not everybody shares our points of view in this matter,
but besides that single "forbidden area" i don't see the problem of creating a perfect world in which both men and women can enjoy the great pleasure
without the judgement of society even knowing men wear them as often as women for a long time.....

ElsaSatin | 2018-04-18 | Comments (7)
Profile Image I was a typical tights convert at a tender age of 5 or younger. I have vivid memories of admiring my mums legs in tan tights sitting there talking whilst I was on the carpet looking.

When I was at junior school I was transfixed by my school friends (girls), wearing cotton nylon leotards. I immediately wanted to be a girl and join them. I also delighted further more by teachers in their skirts and dresses making life nice but frustrating. I was sexual self aware then.

I recall loving all sorts of tight clothing and TV reflected this with Woman Woman, Daisy Duke and numerous pantyhose or tight clothing in the end of the Disco era!

So I survived until 13 craving my first experience. I started taking my mother's tights finding my sister's more varied and interesting. I tried a few clothes but I was a growing young thing and found clothes too tight in the wrong way. I very much loved my weekly fix of wearing hose whenever the parents went out.

College provided a lady lady who had tights that I borrowed and better still a charity box of other peoples clothes for car boots. I found quite a few opportunities to dress up more at college. I got into prolonged borrowing of tights and clothes fighting guilt of being found out!

At 25 I had a great opportunity to dress up in a made-up female outfit and absolutely loved going out in public as a frightening over the top but drag pleasing lady in to the city centre. Every student was doing it so what a thrill.

After this I started taking the occasional thrill of buying in department stores for hose. The internet is now where I have acquired my outfits. I enjoy sexy leotards, dresses and skirts. I love talking at length about the erotic of tight clothes and spend hours strolling around the house in nylon and lycra. I like to wear long leather boots with my outfit and I love the heroic super look and the shape of my thighs and my ass this way.

Please chat about your loves, I am on here to be Elsa and my boy name is second for me. I feel a greater love of being a gurl and enjoying erotic chat about wearing sexy outfits. I love the idea my sex is a bit blurred and I'm in the middle somewhere. I'm not a quick chat I hope and love to open up to ideas.

Love, E. Satin

PHWeak1 | 2018-03-21
Profile Image These "Share" stories seem to have a lot more to do with crossdressing than mine, so I hope I'm not out of bounds.
My obsessions with pantyhose go back to when I was a kid and every girl wore mini skirts, heels and pantyhose. Anytime I see a woman's legs in suntan or black pantyhose I get weak in the knees. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few women who have been willing to explore my fetishes and submissiveness. I think it has brought out the femdom in them from time to time. There is nothing more erotic to me than being under the gorgeous bottom of a woman in pantyhose/panties during a facesitting session. Nylon foot worship, footjobs, humping tightly-squeezed pantyhose calves and thighs, being made to wear pantyhose for her amusement...the list goes on. Here's hoping I never lose that passion. :-) Sadly in the rural western U.S. there just aren't many women available who are into such indulgences. But I keep on the lookout. Keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks.

PantyhosedE | 2018-03-17 | Comments (1)
Profile Image Pantyhose has been part of my life for a long time. I am early 50 now and it started when I was about 10 or 12. At that time women wore pantyhose a lot, especially in Europe. I go fascinated and wanted to try a pair of my mom. She caught me that very first time, not a good start. That did not stop me from wearing, and I was not caught again. Met my first girl friend, married her, never dared to tell here about my love for wearing PH. Although she had figured out that I loved it as well to see her wearing them. One night I got in bed wearing a pair, but she found that perverse, a 1 time experience. Divorced (not because of that) and re-married and this time I was more open on my PH addiction, as it had now become. She found it in the begining a bit strange that I like to wear PH, but she agreed. Just walking in a PH and a T-shirt through the house felt somehow a bit naked to me, so I tried a skirt of hers. That felt so good and I decided to tell her about that. Long story short, from skirts came heels and now I wear skirt, 3" heels and PH every day after work. She is very used to it and now even tells me to go change! I wear usually sheer (20 den) in various colors. When I put on my clothes fo the day, I already think of the combination I will wear when I get back home. I have no underwear when wearing PH and keep them on in bed. It has become our ritual that she rubs my pantyhosed legs (and my male parts!) and I rub and scratch her back when she lies with her head on my stomach. We both love that feeling. Wearing in public is still one step too far for me. When we go hiking, I wear nude, or tan PH under my hiking shorts and my wife is okay with that. When alone, I have been wearing PH under a hiking skirt, other hikers reacted actually very normal and I had several chats while being at look-out points. It remains a taboo though to go out with darker PH, let alone with skirt and heels. I did that for a while in the evening, was quite a rush. I may do it again some day. Keep you posted.

Harvey2good | 2018-01-03 | Comments (13)
Profile Image It started really with my mother's friend, who would come to visit during the day. She wore a dress or skirt and always with nylon. I was of an age. I was obsessed by her legs, and would need to run upstairs to relieve myself. I loved doing it, knowing she was in the house. I was so quick, I had to adapt my fantasy. I imagined letting go all over her hose, then she would ask me to remove them for her. It is still my favourite fantasy. I was desperate to babysit for her, so I could look in her laundry.I then read in a magazine about using the nylon to stroke. This didn't help. Since then, it is always the legs that do it for me. A girl who used to get the bus home from school with us, then a trainee teacher, then a co-worker. Loved it, still do.

Mantyhose | 2017-11-05 | Comments (2)
Profile Image My obsession with pantyhose started at the age of 12. One day I was in my parents bedroom and I saw a pair of pantyhose laying around and I decided to touch him and remember that it was sheer it was. I had to try them on. So one day after school I race home and went into the bedroom and found a pair of pantyhose and I took off my clothes but left my stocks and underwear on just in case someone would home early. I slowly put on the pantyhose and when I got all the way up and remember the feeling on my legs and then I look in the mirror and see how sexy it look. After a few days I put on a pair of pantyhose on with no stocks and underwear and that when I remember when the pantyhose touch my cock and I have a hard-on for the first time and shorty after that when I cum for the first time. From that day I hook on wearing pantyhose. Part two is the first time I bought a pair of pantyhose at a store. I went the store to buy a pair of boots I needed to buy for winter and I was walking in the store looking for some boots I see a display of underalls pantyhose and remember seeing on tv. At that time I wanted to bought a pair. So I went over there to check it out and that I would buy a pair and so I waited so that no one around and I pick a pair in my size and went to the counter when on one was in front me and put the boots and pantyhose on the counter and the clerk said nothing and put it the bag and I paid for it. Then I get to my car and open package and feel the pantyhose and can't wait to get home and try them on. I remember how nice and how tight the pantyhose fit on me and I would have a raging hard-on and I would cum after that. To this I would wear everyday 24/7 and even sleeping with them on. I love trying new pair pantyhose just to see how they and look. The excitement never faded. Love looking at beautiful women wearing pantyhose.

Freaky | 2017-10-02
Profile Image Stocking fetish started when I was very young I saw my mother wearing them with nothing else and she didn’t know I saw her and ever since them when I was alone I would put them on and jerk off through out the years I made my wife put them on when we would have a night alone and after a while I put them on with her and have had amazing nylon sex we divorced and was very lucky to meet another women that was into the same thing . I don’t know what it is but when I wear them I feel so sexual and sexy I also enjoy sticking dildos in my ass and jerking off while wearing them

I love knowing other men have the same fetish

NajlonkaSI | 2017-08-29 | Comments (6)
Profile Image After years of experiencing no-hand orgasm with anal plugs and pantyhose and tight shapewear that I began to wear at puberty, I've reached a higher level of autostimulation to reach the orgasm,
which is not the contraction of penis and scrotum any more, but the contraction of muscles of the entire abdominal cavity. The source of stimulation is rubbing and gently pressing the area of my belly
that lies 2 to 3 inches below my belly button. Since then my orgasms don't need to include ejaculation. In the recent time I started to practice the same stimulation even without the use of hands.
I only contract abdominal muscels alternately (in short, but right intervals) to achieve intense orgasms. The last month I achieved the state of beeing able to get to the climax even only by stimulating my senses with thinking.
Just like Chi explains it is possible.
But let me repeat: It took me 25 years to reach this level.

Let me write down some more details about me. I wore my first pantyhose before I turned 7. I put on my first body shaper at 10. I am fascinated by the look of a woman's body and fabrics that surround it ever since.
I started with a complete body depilation at the age of 25, and I always use nail polish ever since. Typically, I am without pantyhose only during the hottest days of the year, but I wear them to sleep every night.
I tipically wear the minimum of three pairs of pantyhose, 2 bras and two compression body shapers (I do not need them anymore by the reason of my sexual satisfaction).
I have my own set of over 40 compression body shapers, 15 brass, 50 pairs of pantyhose that I use everyday and about 80 pairs of new, packaged items.
I have at least one dildo (10 cm x 6 cm in diameter) in my ass all the time, and I insert two of them for intensive longlasting orgasms (the first 21cm x 6 diameters) and the second previously described.
I really want to begin a HRT and make a SRS, since I am very gentle, submisive soul, I carelessly adore the woman's gentleness and smoothness of skin, the hypnotic line of the female body, and envy women the possibility of experiencing the feeling of thrust of a man's dick in two holes ...
Because I know how divine seems to be thrusted into one (because of dildos), I can imagine how it is to be filled in two ... I sing the Ode to Joy to the woman's body and woman's soul. .. to the soul, to whom the submissive role suits so much,
to the soul that can lead a man to orgasm in such a sophisticated way and seduces him and pampers him, that he forgets everything else. The complete subordination of a man can only be the domain of a sensual and passionate woman's soul, which I like to get close physically and mentally.
I do not know if the labeling of my soul as a "fetishist transvestite of a quasi-female look" means anything ... There are so many shades of the sexes/genders in the world as there are souls. Sex organs and/or our bodies is such a limiting armor for our thoughts and actions that we perform
in our lives, so that I can imagine how beautiful the world would look if all of us would accept each other such as we are and without the stereotypical labels we all learn early in our childhood ....
In this way, the sex/gender would be really unimportant, everyone would feel, dress and communicate a lot more sensibly ... The world would be worth the human civilization.

Unfortunately,because of school curricuums and generally established stereotypes in our western society, we are still light years away from the country where we would feel completely at home and desirable.
It's hard to describe my situation to conservative parents and trust them and people in the near area without beeing hit back like a boomerang ... potentially horrible feelings ...
I am lucky that I haven't yet come up with awkward situations, because I do not hide my transparent pantyhose, smooth and nourished skin and a slight make-up, and nourished eyebrows.

Furthermore, I can say how delicate my current situation is, when the need for transition exponentially increases during the time when we conceive children with our beloved women.
In puberty we were able to suppress our desires for transition, because we were still dealing with ourselves and looking for the right (sexual) identity.
Enough to relate emotionally to a person of the opposite (biological) sex.
ERROR: I do not want to say that it is a mistake that we have conceived children too. Without them, I can no longer imagine my life.
The problem is a dilemma in which we can find ourselves like myself, an entity who wants to experience her femininity, but I am afraid of the laughter of my children in the school (not the only fear).
Most parents would tell their child (my son's classmate) that I'm a regular gay, even though I have never been in bed with a man, and maybe I do not even want to (because I feel to be a lesbian transsexual).

In short, what a messed Entity I am...
I am waiting for your comments.
PS: I think many of us will see their true image/situation in this few words...

Hoseblk | 2017-08-01
Profile Image Im a man who loves to wear silkyshiny blk pantyhise and thong body my girlfriend taught me how they feel

Wolfordhose | 2017-07-28 | Comments (48)
Profile Image Let me start out by saying I love pantyhose and all things girly! Ever since the age of 5 I always had to feel them against my skin. At age 9 I dressed as a girl for Halloween (Loved it!). I guess I regularly started wearing by age 11, I would slip into my mother's knee highs whenever I found them in the bathroom drying on the radiator. The times she did wear pantyhose and take them off to throw them in the dirty clothes hamper I would sneak them out to wear! When I was about 15, my older sister moved out of the house, and left behind a treasure in our attic! Left behind were not only pantyhose, but full and half slips, heels, bras, blouses and skirts! I loved dressing up when no one was home! I credit my sister for teaching me about the size difference between girls and guys shoe sizes. I can't remember what brought it up at the time, but she taught me that if a girl wears one size the guy would wear about 2 sizes smaller in men's. At the time she wore a size 8 in women's and I wore a size 6 in men's she had a pair of Converse I could wear. When I was 19 my sister was married and had her first child. She would ask me to babysit for her some times when she worked nights, my answer was always YES can! When my niece was sleeping it was pantyhose play time for me! Looking back now my sister probably knew I a crossdresser. She was the one who turned my on to Leggs Sheer Elegance. I remember one night I went to babysit and my sister's friend was over the house, they were going out to the local disco that night. My sister was wearing a pretty black dress with black pantyhose and heels. She told her friend the her pantyhose were Leggs Sheer Elegance (They had just come out) and she remarked how silky they were and how wonderful they felt on her legs! Now I thinking she probably said that knowing how turned on I would get! So of course I had to try them, she was so right! Now I'm so into Wolford I found a Wolford store in PA not far from where I live and I am one of their regular customers! The sales ladies in there have no problem with helping me pick out just the right pair of hosiery that will look good on me!

Dragon62 | 2017-07-13 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I started to notice women wearing pantyhose at an early age. I guess growing up in the sixties had its advantages. Short skirts pantyhose and lots of beautiful legs and feet in nylons. Thank god I grew up in the south.
When I was around 5 or 6 my parents both worked and I spent my afternoons with a babysitter who had the cutest little body on earth. 5 foot maybe,
100 lbs and beautiful cowgirl legs. Not too skinny, not too fat. Just right. Molly (not real name) was a high school student and would wear pantyhose everyday when she babysat me. Even under her jeans, she always wore hose.
It was late fall one day when I got home from school. I was in he 6th grade and had been masturbating while thinking of Molly every night since 3rd grade. I was watching TV and Molly showed up to watch me until mom and dad got home. Around 6 or 7.
She sat on the couch and finished her homework while I laid on the floor watching TV. I somehow made my way in front of where she was sitting pretending to watch TV, but really trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt.
She was wearing a denim skirt and tan sheer pantyhose and I could almost see between her legs when she caught me.
What the Hell are you doing you little perv? My heart jumped and so did I as I backtracked trying to explain myself.
I was just. And she smiled and said "No problem, you've been sneaking peeks since the first day I started. And that's ok. It will be our little secret."
From that time on my afternoons were filled with me playing with her feet and legs covered in pantyhose as much as I wanted.
Thank you Molly for letting me explore my new found love with you.

Vivian | 2017-07-08
Profile Image The first experience i had with pantyhose was seeing my grandma put hers on without panties. I was hooked on the sight of her pussy through her pantyhose. I use to wear hers and hump the bed until i would cum in them.i always liked the way the line feels between my pussy

Phosedan69 | 2017-07-02 | Comments (30)
Profile Image My love of pantyhose happened around 8 or 9 yrs of age.I was playing in my room,dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.I found one of my mothers knee-highs behind mt door.I looked at it and felt it,It felt really smooth and silky!!.
I decided to try it on,so I took off my socks and slipped it on,as I was pulling it on,Chills ran up and down my whole body.I'm thinking this is wrong,But it felt so good.I pulled it up my leg the whole way,It came up to my thigh,remember I was a small kid of 8 or 9. So I ran to my moms room and found another one and pulled it on,they felt so good on my I pranced around for awhile and my little cock got really hard,but I was to young to cum.So I kept them and played with them when ever I got the chance.
Now I'm about 12 and since then I discovered pantyhose!!I loved the way they felt on my legs and my cock,I would cum in them when ever I got the chance,and I'd always lick the cum off of my fingers.I couldn't keep taking my moms pantyhose,because she would start missing them.Around that time I started cutting grass to earn money,and what did I do with that money? I'd go to the local Lawson's store and look at the pantyhose rack full of all kinds on pantyhose,I stood there with a raging hard on, And decided on the no-nonsense suntan pantyhose,sheer to wait of course.
I went up to pay for them and the lady looked at me funny and smiled,but didn't ask any questions.I stuck them in my pants and rode my bike home hard cock and all.When I got home I told my mom I was going to take a bath.I went upstairs stripped of my shirt and pants as fast as I could,slid them up my legs and loved how they felt on me I got really hard and started rubbing my cock while the pantyhose was still over my cock,I cummed about a minute,and I licked the cum off of my fingers,I was in heaven.Then I decided to wear them in the bath tub,My god they felt so clingy,slippery and silky smooth and they really clung to my cock.And I rubbed my cock some more and came again,and eat it!! From that day on I have loved pantyhose and wet pantyhose.I still where them in the shower and pool to this day.
About a year later some new people moved in down the street,they had a son who was about my age and he was kind of a girly boy,and I was getting interested in sex,we became friends and hung out a lot.One day he was coming over to play so I put my pantyhose on under my jeans and stuck another pair of pantyhose in my pantyhose.we were going to the fort we had in the woods,when we got there I told him I wanted to show him something.So I pulled down my pants and I was standing in front of him in my pantyhose.He looked at my funny.And asked me why i was wearing them,I told him they really felt good,I told him to feel them and he did,He liked the way they felt.I told him that I had a pair for him,and did he want to try them on,And he did!! I helped him into them feeling his nylon covered hairless legs,and his legs felt amazing.I asked him if i could suck his cock in pantyhose and he said yes!! I got down on my knees and kissed and licked his cock through the pantyhose,he was getting so hard,then I pulled them down,just enough to let out his cock,and I started sucking his cock and rubbing his legs and ass it felt so good.I couldn't wait for my first load of cum,and I got it,It felt wonderful squirting into my mouth,with his cum in my mouth I asked him if I could kiss him and he said yes!! I kissed him and we swapped his cum back and forth in out mouths,and then we both swallowed.I love it and he did you,then it was his turn,as he sucked my cock I felt my pantyhose covered legs with my hands.then I came in his mouth and he kissed me,We had pantyhose sex for about four years,only blow jobs and cum kissing.Then he moved away.I was heart broken that Dean had moved away.
I wore pantyhose for years and started buying panties and heels,I was still cutting grass for the money and had to hide them really well so nobody would find my sexy stash.Now I'm a full blown cross dresser and I love it!! not very many woman were into my fetish,some I joined a couple CD sites and try and meet with other cross dressers for pantyhose sex. I dress fully now when i meet a gurl wig,make up,panties,dress,heels lip stick,make up and always sheer to waist pantyhose!!

And I'm Still Going Strong
I'll never give up my pantyhose!!!

Barry | 2017-06-07
Profile Image My love for nylon began like most young boys growing up in the 70s. It all started one Hallowe'en night when I went trick or treating dressed as my favorite comic book hero "Robin Hood". It was my mother's suggestion that I wear my older stepsister's green leotards(she didn't call them tights) which I at first, was reluctant to do. When she finally convinced me to try them on I was somewhat intrigued by the feel of the nylon fabric encasing my lower body as I walked from door to door that evening. A few days later I was surprised to find my mother had placed the costume in my closet along with the leotards which I assumed my stepsister Lena didn't want anymore. As time passed I began to secretly wear them whenever I was alone at home, spending hours in my room enjoying the sensation of the stretchy material more and more each day. Eventually, I discovered an even greater stimulation when I started wearing the leotards without any underwear enticing me to get erections. This somehow compelled me to sneak into Lena's room where I would rummage through the clothes hamper finding her worn hosiery. I would then them bring back to my room noticing an unusual aroma emanating from the nylon garments especially from the oval shaped crotch panels of the leotards. I'll never forget how aroused I became one day when I suddenly felt my body quiver as I was rubbing my hard cock through the leotards feeling this thick creamy fluid pulsating out from the head of my cock. I was shocked for several moments as it seeped down the nylon fabric realizing I had made myself ejaculate for the first time. From that day on I was obsessed to the point where I found the courage to wear the leotards under my clothes while Lena and my mother were at home. It was during this time I had forgotten to lock my bedroom door when I heard Lena knock as I was removing my pants. I spun around as she opened the door where I stood dumfounded wearing only my t-shirt and the leotards. She then smirked as I tried to cover myself with the bedsheet and she stepped closer asking me what I was doing. I felt speechless for several seconds when she grinned asking if I was wearing her leotards and I shook my head telling her to get out. She then pulled the sheet away, hearing her gasp out loud, realizing I wasn't wearing any underwear and I felt my face burning with humilation as I placed my hands in front of my manhood. To my surprise she told me I could keep them if I wanted, warning me to stay out of her room and she left without saying another word about this. During the next few months Lena would secretly leave her old leotards and pantyhose in my dresser drawer allowing me to use them without telling our mother or anyone else. To this day I'm very grateful she was so understanding.

Nagumo633 | 2017-05-08
Profile Image I think I was about seven or eight years old when my elementary school teacher decided to do a play with the whole class participating in it. I was selected as one of three forest elves that rally everyone to save their habitat. Well, it was my luck that I was to be the Green Elf, others being the Red and Blue. And of course, part of the costume was to wear tights of that color.
I remember putting the green tights and then covering them with a pair of jeans, since we had to walk to school and it would have been embarrassing to do it in full costume. Since it was early still to leave, I climbed a ladder to go to the roof, the feeling of the tights under the jeans was something strange and at the same time very addicting to me. What can I say? I was hooked on that feeling and wanted more. But unfortunately, my mom got rid of the green tights as soon as the play was over. I asked her about them and she simply waved me off. I felt cheated out of something that gave me happiness, but although not forgotten, it remained buried inside me.
I'm from another country, and during my childhood and teenage years, hosiery was more a luxury than an accessory there. I do remember seen fishnets on another teacher a couple of years after the play. I was NOT impressed, but also I did not like them at all.
Then, one day, looking at some old American Magazines, I happened to see an add that had a leg clad in hosiery, from the knee down (in the case of the add the leg was going straight up and I couldn't tell if it was pantyhose or stockings). I felt a tingling in my crotch and I believe that for the first time in my life I had a bulging erection by just looking at that leg. Suffice to say it awoke in me what I thought it was long gone but not forgotten. From then on, it was just a matter of time before I discovered my Mom and Grandmother pantyhose and stocking drawers. By then I was about twelve. I knew I had to keep everything in secret, so without them knowing I raided their drawers whenever I was alone in the house.
To put pantyhose was something like a dream come true to me. I love the feeling of them against my skin and the look of it around my legs and feet. And of course, I was always wearing them without underwear. I even layered them (six being my limit, not because I could not take more but because I ran out of them). Masturbation came later, and always wearing pantyhose, imagining myself as a captured superheroine or a catburglar (yes, female.)
I got discovered twice, the first time by my mother, who called me later to talk to her and she wanted to know what I was doing wearing pantyhose. I knew she would not understand, so I just told her that I put them on to remember when I did the school play (I doubt that she believed me, but then again, she never addressed the issue again, but told me not to do it, since it was not normal). The second time by a grand uncle, who happened to rip open the locked bathroom door, unaware that it was locked and caught me dressed in pantyhose and a pair of high heels from my mother. He barely took a glimpse of me and just said sorry. But until today I do not know if he truly saw me.
Even though I stole one pair of stockings one time, I was never able to get my own hosiery, and from the time that I was fourteen until I came to America in 1998, I was unable to put pantyhose on.
I married in 1998 to the most wonderful and supportive woman (that allows me to wear tights if nobody else notice them). We started dating because she wore pantyhose to college almost every day. It was just a matter of time before I confessed to her my fetish and soon enough she allowed me to buy for her some hosiery that from time to time would wear exclusively for me.
Once in America, I began to take pictures of her in pantyhose (even until today she would not allow me to take nudes of her in pantyhose -or nudes at all-) and a couple of times I will dress her up as a green elf. Even though she knows about my fetish and supports, indulges and tries to understand me as much as she can, she does not know that it is more than that, it is a full-blown obsession that had gotten me fired of a good job about three years ago.
The only problem that I have is that all my acquaintances and friends are very conservative and even the most liberal ones do not understand my fascination with hosiery. Pretty much I have this fetish of mine that my wife and I keep hidden from everyone else.
By the way, English is not my first language, so you will have to forgive my grammar, I'm still trying to learn how to conjugate and make sentences understandable.

Kristy27fem | 2017-05-07
Profile Image For all of my teenage years, my mom worked in an office, and always wore heels, skirts or dresses, and always pantyhose. She was on her late thirties when I was 18. She had a sexy figure, She asked me if I would please get her purse which was in her bedroom. Once in her bedroom, I noticed a pair of pantyhose on her bed. The temptation was too great, I picked up those pantyhose and held the crotch area against my nose. The aroma was intoxicating, I knew I could never get intimate with my mom, but burying her pantyhose in my face is the next best thing .

BradandMonica | 2017-04-20 | Comments (13)
Profile Image Prior to my senior year in high school; I never gave stockings; hose or any nylons a second thought. Then, one rainy day in southern Mississippi; my girlfriend and two friends (bf/gf) decided to skip school and head back to my best bud Clint's house for the day. Since it was raining and forecast to rain all day; both football, soccer and cheerleading practice would be cancelled. So Clint and I and Heather (his g/f) and Shay (my gf) didn't have to worry about missing any practice (if it matters; I was a running back and he was a wide receiver and Heather was a cheerleader and Shay was on the soccer team and part of the winter color guard).

So we ditched classes, grabbed some stuff to munch on throughout the day and went back to his Clint's house. Shay and I were of course, sitting together in the back seat. We had all been friends long enough where we didn't need to have dudes up front and chics in the back or anything. I would guess that this was the first time I had ever noticed pantyhose in a sexual way. Shay was wearing this light blue denim skirt. It was actually one of those one piece things with snap buttons from top to bottom. Under that, she had some tan Leggs pantyhose. They were not seamless and had a cotton gusset. Shay was always able to tan but we were getting towards the fall so I guess she still wanted to look a little darker. At any rate, we started to make out in the back seat and I started to caress her legs. I was immediately entranced by the way the felt. They were so smooth and even with the car running I could hear the rustle of the nylons as she moved her legs; crossing and uncrossing. It was a pretty huge turn on. Shay also figured this out as she felt my crotch. She felt my cock swelling and whispered this sort of "oh my; what's gotten in to you€ sort of thing." I don't know if it was just the pantyhose or if it was her scent, which in the late 80s would of course be Obsession, but I couldn't wait to get to the house. There also might have been a bit of edgy uncertainty because this was shaping up to be my first time. Not just my first time with Shay; but my first time. Ever. I guess I got too busy with football and other stuff and waited until my Senior year.
So I did whisper back to her "so does it look like this is going to happen?"€ I had never been more excited in my life. I mean here; sitting next to me; was a beautifully curvaceous blonde who was gently rubbing my cock. She leaned in, lifter her leg and put it on top of my leg; and said "if you want this; it certainly is going to happen. I've got something to show you when we get to the house." I was just crazy with anticipation because I had no idea what she possibly could have been hiding since we had been with each other all morning.
We finally get to the Clint's house. After we went inside, I was wondering if we'd have to do any small talk to make it not look awkward that we really wanted to find the nearest room; rip off each other's clothes and ravage each other's bodies. As luck would have it; Clint basically got us through the door and said; "Pierce, you and Shay can take the guest room and don't worry buddy, the sheets are clean. Heather and I will be in my room and, well, we'll see ya when we see ya"
I'm sure that there was no way to hide the expression of sheer joy on my face. Luckily, I looked at Shay and she was equally happy to go right to the room. So then, the terror sort of set in because now, I was thinking "holy shit; this is going to happen. Right here; right now."
So I take off my jacket and take Shay's off and lay them on the chair next to the bed. She immediately sits down on the corner of the bed nearest me. I'm still standing and I just give her this look. She realizes my intentions. She sort of scooches back a little bit while she crosses her legs. She uncrosses and re-crosses them a couple of time just so I can hear her legs. She had already taken off her shoes and her feet were pointed out and she was rubbing the arch of her foot up her leg. At first, she did it only halfway up her shin and calf. So I couldn't see up her skirt at all.
Then she asks me, "so I take it you like my pantyhose?"

I replied, "yes, they are very sexy. I really had no idea that they would turn me on as much as they do. But they do, in a big way."
"I noticed that in the car, hun."
"Well, it is hard to hide it when I'm looking at something so damn sexy. What am I supposed to do?"
She replied, "well, you could know that I'm pretty turned on myself. Remember that I told you I had a surprise."
"Yes, and I've really been wondering just what in the hell you've been hiding."€
"Well, this is what I've been hiding."€ She then lifts her skirt. She inches it up very slowly. As it crosses her thighs, I begin to see what she was hiding. She finally gets her skirt over her thighs and I see that the entire gusset is soaked and darkened with her pussy juice. It is so moist that several inches beyond her gusset is darker than the rest of her crotch.
I had to ask "were you fingering yourself when I wasn't looking or are you just that horny?"€
"I haven't touched myself. Yet. At all. I was hoping you could do that for me. After feeling your dick in the car, this obviously starting getting me horny too."
"Ohhhh wow. And what do you mean by yet though?€
"I mean this." Shay then reaches at the top of her denim dress. She lays back and rips it open with all buttons unsnapping in one dramatic turn.

There she is. Lying on the bed with one open piece of denim on the bed and Shay on top in nothing but pantyhose. At first, her legs are straight and together, but then, with the "fuck me" look in her eyes, she spreads her feet and opens her knees. She raises her tight ass of the bed and slides up her skirt. She does it very slowly so I can get a good shot of that extremely soaked crotch. Then, she lowers her ass back onto the bed and raises her feet up off the corner of the bed. She puts her left foot at the bottom of the crotch of my jeans and proceeds to place her right hand inside her pantyhose. She inserts a couple of her fingers and you can hear the wetness as she moves them inside. She takes them out and motions for me to step over. As I get to her; she motions the "come here"€ with the two fingers that were just in her pussy. She puts them in my mouth and OH GOD did they taste good. Luckily, we had made the time throughout our courtship to pleasure each other orally. I knew that I had to get my face down to her crotch as soon as possible.
So I asked her, "ok, I need to lick you but you have your pantyhose on?"
"No problem, hun, here you go.€ She doesn't take them off, but just takes them down enough for me to fit my face between the crotch of her pantyhose behind my head and her glistening pussy in front of my face. Not being able to stand it, I had to lunge my tongue into her just to get a taste. I curled my tongue inside her and lapped out a nice mouthful of her sweet nectar. She has never tasted so good. I can feel her hands on the back of my head pressing me into her. I can also feel that she is pressing her wet pantyhose crotch against my head as well. I don't know if she wanted to mark her territory or not but I certainly didn't mind that her scent was on the back of my head.
My cock was raging and I had precum dripping off the tip for quite some time. Shay then screamed out, "come put your dick in my mouth. I'd like you to shoot your first load in my mouth so I can taste it."€ I happily obliged. Hell, I knew I wouldn't get but a couple of strokes in her anyway as I felt I was already about to burst. So I unravel myself from her pussy/pantyhose cage and hop up at attention. With all of me at attention. The precum was about to drip off when Shay leaned down to lap it up and then grab the shaft of my dick. She looked up at me with such a saucy look in her eyes as she inserted my head in her mouth. With the tip of my dick in her mouth she mumbles "how many licks do you think it will take?:
"Not many, I'm sure."€
"I hope not. Because I really want you to fuck me. And fuck me soon."€
She wraps her lips around the rest of my cock and in a matter of what seemed like seconds; I am about to shoot my load. She strokes my shaft while sucking on my head. I didn't have to tell her I was going to cum because she knew. So I spew my hot jizz in her mouth and she grips my shaft to expel every last bit into her mouth.
"So that should do it for round 1, right?" she said.
I agreed and sat down next to her. I told her that I'd like to hit the bathroom but I couldn't get over the fact that her soaked pussy was sitting right there in desperate need of attention. By now, her pantyhose were back on correctly but that wouldn't stop me. I lean down to sniff her crotch and caress her thighs. I rubbed her pussy through the gusset just to make sure she was still going to be ready for round 2.
She was just as wet as before she started sucking my cock. I excused myself for just a minute. Upon my return, Shay was lying on the bed under the covers. I looked down and asked you're not tired are you?"
"Oh, of course not. We'd only be in 3rd period by now. I'm just getting started."
So I didn't get in bed with her; I crawled up the covers from the foot of the bed only stopping when I got to her wet box. I reach up the back of her ass to pull her hose over to gain access to my wet treasure. At this point, be a little inexperienced on how to properly access hose clad bodies, I just took them off. I was hard again and she was still as juicy as ever. So I didn't just cast them aside; I laid her hose next to us and slide inside her and start to pump away. It was such a good feeling; unlike anything I had ever imagined. As we started off a little slow, it wasn't long until I had her legs over my shoulder for maximum penetration. My thigh loudly slap against her backside. Shea's holding on to her gorgeous tits but they still bounce with each thrust. She stretches her tongue and licks her nipples while I pound away at that tight pussy. Several hard pumps later, I slam myself into her as I spurt off another load. She held her legs open by the backs of her knees while I remained as deep inside her for as long as I could. My cock and I retreated and I fall beside her. Our sweat mixes. "Will there be a round 3?" she asks.
As we were leaving, I never knew as we were leaving what happened to her pantyhose though. As a matter of fact, I was worried she left them in the room. What I didn't know until later that night was that she put them in my jacket pocket. As I got home, I hung up my jacket in my closet and notice the pocket was zipped close; which I rarely do. I open up the pocket and much to my joy; was that pair of Tan Leggs with the distinct hint of Shay and Obsession. I'll never forget it.

Bramelia359 | 2017-04-17
Profile Image hello my name is gin
i love pantyhose(including stocking) and zentai since i was on high school, i really like to collect the picture from the internet.
when i go to college my fetish for pantyhose has grow a new level, i started buy them for my self..my first pair of pantyhose is sheer pantyhose..i love to wear them everyday(under the jean of course).
as for zentai i also ordered from my Facebook friend..
now on..im married with my lovely wife, i started tell the truth about pantyhose to my wife and confess it i have fetish for it, first she say, well its girl stuff,its weird if you wear it, well i kinda very 2 disappointed with my wife reaction, i thought she will support me. since then i just wear them occasionally when im alone or when i go to work(i didn't tell my wife if i wear it).
then suddenly i got conversation like this
my wife: did u still wear pantyhose
me: huh?..yes but not when in front of you
mw: why?
m: you dont like it right?
mw: well its not like i dont like it,but..you can wear it freely if you want
m:(my mind still confused)...owh thx you
mw: also if you have courage, why dont u wear it in public?
m:(now i got headache)..ummm..
mw: why?ashamed?
m: well yes im ashamed, but if you also wear it with me, i will wear it in public, will you?
mw: okay, but im the one whose choose the pantyhose for both of us
m: sure
mw: how about sunday,go to other town and wear pantyhose with me
m:(darnn it..its dream come true??)..sure...

well and sunday morning she already prepare the stocking,for my suprise she choose very shinny one(i bought 4 pair),and she say "lets wear it,and dont remove it until we get back home" well im already get boner when she say it...
that day is my prefect day in my life,me and my wife wear pantyhose together and suprisingly she also choose the short pant for me(short one above the knee) and she say "so we are same,i wear hot pant and you wear short pant..
for the first im little ashamed,im not to exhibitionist, i enjoy it wear pantyhose for my own pleasure but she force me to wear in public with her, but after 3 month i wear it with her(go eat,go to grocery,go to friend house..etc),now im confident to wear it in public, and she always chose the pantyhose for me to wear and she say "we are pantyhose couple now"

thx you for reading
sorry very2 sorry for my grammar

Midwestcd | 2017-02-05
Profile Image I was young around 10 or so as I not only found my self looking at pretty girls but became more fascinated when I seen them wearing pantyhose.I soon tried on a pair of my sister's silver workout tights as they were closest thing to pantyhose That I found...I tried them on and I was hooked. I kept them and wire them a lot until they wore out . I finally bought a 2 pack pair of "leggs" pantyhose in a off black silky sheer to waist.I loved how they fit and looked on my legs. I had gotten older and my addiction to hosiery led to me weAring skirts/dresses with them,then nail polish etc.I became a closet crossdresser which all started by my obsession with pantyhose. Today I have close to 60 plus pairs of pantyhose and the same in tights.

Denmo77 | 2017-01-09 | Comments (16)
Profile Image My pantyhose fetish started in my very early tens. Age 13. My Dad worked in the defense industry and traveled a lot My Mom took a job bartending and cooking at a local tavern to just cure her boredom. A friend of there's who was a traveling nurse came to stay with us from Michigan. Her name was Pat and a slightly large but not over weight woman in her early 30's. She had taken a job at the air base close to us. My mom's shift was 6pm. till 2am. when the bars close. We lived in a 4 bedroom 3 bath home with the back 2 bedrooms sharing a "jack and jill bathroom" Pat was not bashful we shared the back bathroom Nurses back the wore uniforms and every morning when I came out to eat breakfast and get ready for school She would be ironing her uniform in her bra and either pantyhose or panties garter and stockings. She would slip on her uniform and have me zip her up. We both loved baseball in the evenings it was just us she would bribe me with baseball tickets to give her a foot massage. I came to love that She just kicked off her shoes and let me rub her nylon covered feet. It was heaven for me I was so enjoying it. In the bathroom she had set up a rack to dry her hose. There was nylon everywhere. I was getting regular hard-on's and was jacking off now on a regular basis. I started getting her pantyhose out of the clothes hamper and sniffing them while jerking off. I was in jack off heaven! I started wearing her hose and jacking off in them. Pat went a step further and not only have me zip up but have me un zip her when she got home. She would then throw on a wrap still in hose and have me massage her feet. I was going nuts I started sneaking out more of her hose. Wearing them every time I could. One day I got home from school my mom was gone I was home alone. I wet to the bathroom Pulled a pair of her worn pantyhose from the hamper with a stocking. I put the hose on and the stocking on my cock. I started stroking thinking about what it would be like to fuck Pat. I had my eyes closed when I heard a voice go So that's where my nylons are disappearing!Pat had come home from work early and there I was. Instead of giving me shit or shaming me she turned around and had me unzip her. She dropped her uniform kicked off her shoes and sat on the bed next to me. She put her arms around me and said everything is ok we'll just keep this our secret. She took my hand and put it to her pussy. She pulled the stocking off my cock and for my first time she told me to follow her lead. She fucked my brains out. After that we kept our secret for over 6 years and she supported my pantyhose fetish. I'm 60 now and I lost Nurse Pat many years ago but I'll always remember that time she was so supportive

Fiorefan | 2016-12-12 | Comments (2)
Profile Image
Hi! My name is Timo and as many others here my interest in tights begun in my childhood. Some day i find that i was excited of my nannys legs covered in sheer pantyhose and knee high stockings. At first i started to look pictures of womans legs in tights from magazines and television.
Later i stole some pairs of my mom and i can not tell how wonderful they felt when i touhed the sexy and feminine fabric. As a teen i started to buy my own and wear them. Ever since i have been hooked.
I keep on wearing tights and female dresses and high heels. I must say that i feel free and comfortably only when i wear tights.

Chazzmo | 2016-12-02
Profile Image I'm writing because I have a pantyhose fetish/fantasy & I'm interested in hearing some feedback/response from you ladies out there who love to wear pantyhose!!!! OK ladies, my biggest turn on is getting a hj from a lady while she is wearing beige, nude, or light tan, silky sheer pantyhose!!!! My question ladies is, have any of you ever given a guy a hj while you wear pantyhose??? Is this a turn on for you and/or your guy??? Just curious ladies. Hope I get at least a few replies back!!!!! Thanks

Michelle55eaa | 2016-10-28 | Comments (2)
Profile Image Since the 3rd grade I would try on tights and pantyhose and loved the feeling whenever I was home alone I would dress-up in tights pantyhose leotards and go to my friends house and eventually showed him and I would undress for him and would touch him and gave him a blow-job and really enjoyed it and it has never stopped and would dress-up and drive to NYC to tranny areas and hookers and let them see me and touch me all over and pick-up and get a hotel room for the night and give them a blow-job and swallow big loads of cum

Littlemike | 2016-10-08 | Comments (7)
Profile Image I'm not sure this is what you want reading your instruction,but I am going to tell my story anyway.My Mom is also on this site.Her screename here is soccermom and she is very much into pantyhose and has a lot of damsel-in-distress situations in pantyhose.One of my favorites,also one of the most recent happened where she works.Mom is a court stenographer and was working Night Court to earn extra money for our upcoming ski trip to Utah next month.She took me with her because she don't like to be downtown alone at night and I'm glad she did.The case that night involved a defense that anyone could be hypnotized into doing anything,including committing a crime.The Judge wanted proof,so he asked Mom to take testimony off the record and volunteer for the experiment.The court appointed hypnotist put Mom in a hypnotic trance and had her sleepwalking around the courtroom in front of everyone.At first that was alright,but the Judge wanted more proof.The hypnotist told Mom to take off her blouse and place it on the jury box railing.Mom was still sleepwalking wearing only her lacy white bra with everyone looking at her,not believing she had a son with a tight stomach like that.Then the hypnotist told Mom to unzip her skirt and let it hit the floor.Mom obeyed and now she was sleepwalking around with her panties and pantyhose on.No one could tell whether or not she was"trimmed"or whatever under her white lace panties and coffee pantyhose.The Judge was still not convinced.He told the hypnotist to have Mom take her bra off."Ms.Burke,would you remove your brassiere please."Mom said something like yes master,unhooked her bra and took it off and placed it on the jury box railing next to her blouse.She started sleepwalking around the courtroom again with her 36D's bouncing around wearing only her panties,pantyhose,and heels.The judge wanted to see more,so the hypnotist had Mom start dancing around to the song Sexual Healing.The Judge came off the bench and came up behind Mom and was feeling up on her boobs to make sure she was really hypnotized.Then he asked if anyone in the jury wanted to feel Mom up.A couple of them did want to feel those firm boobs.While Mom was still in the trance,the Judge stuck his hand down Mom's panties and pantyhose.Now Mom was starting to react,moaning and groaning,and she passed out to the courtroom floor.The Judge,the hypnotist,and 2 bailiffs were standing over her while she was laying there unconscious.She looked so hott and sexy like that,I wanted to jump over the railing and go after her myself.That is when I discovered that my Mom had a hott body for pantyhose and how much I really enjoyed seeing her in them.The 2 bailiffs picked up Mom and took her to chambers while she was still passed out.The Judge grabbed her bra,blouse,and skirt and followed them.He was convinced that anyone could be hypnotized to committing a crime and the case was dismissed.Mom came out of chambers about 15 minutes later,fully clothed and not remembering a thing.Ever since then,I've been sneaking peeks at her as she got dressed.

Sissylee | 2016-09-07 | Comments (3)
Profile Image hello im lee im fron england and i was about 10 or 11 when i had a fascination of mums tights or pantyhose loved all colours think black was my fav then tan and white, used to wear them all the time when mum was downstairs id used to sneak into the bathroom and try them on loved the way it felt against my skin used to be very aroused and one day i must of had a mental block and came straight out of the bathroom and straight into mum standing at top of the stairs with hands on hips my heart pounded as she said what the hell do u think your doing u little pervert i couldnt answer with that i was taken into her bedroom and put over her knee still aroused and soundly spanked while she scolded me and i was then made to stay in her pantyhose for rest of the day which was awful as mum invited her friends over and some of mine my sister loved it. this carried for much of my teen years, im 47 now in those days u could get away with that sort of punishment but still to this day hasnt put me off dressing especailly pantyhose i still wear them and adore them

Cockslut | 2016-08-01 | Comments (3)
Profile Image I was 6 yrs old, it was Christmas and being the youngest of three children there were lots of gifts under the tree but the one present I truly wanted was the one my sister got. A pair of black patterned nylons, and to this day I don't know what it was but when I saw them something just clicked and I had to try them on. It was 1966, and all I had ever seen women wear were beige, taupe or suntan nylons. These patterned black hose were such a magical thing to me. Two days after Christmas I had them on my hairless legs and got the first erection I recall. Also the first time caught by my mother, she laughed it off but after about three times she wasn't so tolerant. She threatened to make me wear them to school if I didn't stop and I think that was my defining moment. I so wanted to feel them and see them on my legs but knew it was not acceptable which just made it that much more desirable. Anyway, long story short, been into exploring my fem side all my life, the one thing I have never grown tired of doing. I wear pantyhose pretty much 24/7 and wouldn't have it any other way. I dress fully, everyday after work and weekends but pantyhose always. Nothing in this life makes me feel so calm and sexual.

JanetMills | 2016-06-21 | Comments (3)
Profile Image After reading so many stories about how others got hooked on pantyhose, I thought I would share mine. I can remember two instances in my early childhood that set things in motion. The first was when I was turning six and my parents had a party. My mom invited her friend's daughter who I had never met before. Other than my mom, I do not remember having much exposure to girls because all the kids I grew up around at that time were boys. Anyway, she showed up wearing a skirt and a pair of red tights. I think at that moment I made the distinction between boys and girls based on this: girls wore tights and boys didn't. I was fascinated!

The second event cemented things for me. For whatever reason, my dad needed to speak to my mom while she was getting dressed in the bathroom. She came out wearing a white bra, white nylon briefs, and suntan pantyhose. The image burnt itself into my young brain. I don't think I had any sexual feelings for her, but what it do was create an image of femininity. She was standing in profile and I saw how smooth and flat she was below the waist. I loved the way they clung to her lower body and made it a different color.

My obsession quickly accelerated because my mom wore pantyhose everyday. I overheard her and a friend talking about how much they liked them (this was the 70's.) I constantly saw her reinforced toes and longed to see the darker panty section. They hung daily over the shower curtain rod to dry. I regularly looked at the pantyhose section of the Sears catalogue and stared at the mannequins wearing hose at department stores. Female classmates began to wear pantyhose for special occasions and tights at other times. And, they were standard attire for my teachers.

I finally reached my breaking point after seeing the L'eggs commercial featuring the Rockettes ("We get a kick out of L'eggs.") I had to know what is was like to wear them! I found some old pairs my mom kept downstairs to use as a laundry machine lint filter. By this time, I must have seen/figured out the proper way to put them on. I pulled the nylon up my legs and the feeling was indescribable. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Over time, this led to raiding the laundry hamper, taking pantyhose out of her drawer, and eventually buying my own.

That day opened "Pandora's Box" for me. Any piece of woman's clothing I ever desired to wear was fair game. Nylon panties, leotards, nylon sleepwear, and high heels are a staple. I do fully dress as a woman, but not that often. It's more of a social thing. I like to meet other crossdressers and go out for the night.

Decades later, my level of excitement for pantyhose has not faded as I wear them almost 24/7. I've had pantyhose sex a couple of wonderful times. I'm obsessed with searching for pantyhose pics on the internet. My heart flutters when I find one with a woman wearing a white bra, white nylon briefs, and suntan pantyhose. Nothing is sexier than a well formed butt covered in nylon.

In this day and age, pantyhose sighting are uncommon. I miss days past when women were expected to wear them. Bare legs, pants, and flip-flops do nothing for me. I long to see short skirts, pantyhose, and heels make a return. Until then, I will just have to settle for the joy I get wearing them myself. Thank you for reading.

Nylonlover1970 | 2016-06-17 | Comments (9)
Profile Image When I was 18 a young couple moved into the house next door. Their names were Dave and Kerry. From time to time they would ask me to watch their house while they went away for the weekend. Kerry was a teacher and always dressed very classy. She usually wore some kind of dress or skirt to work and always wore pantyhose and heels. I always thought I would love to go through her dresser and find her pantyhose stash. One day Kerry called and asked me if I could house sit for a couple of weeks while they went on vacation. She came over the next day and gave me the keys to their house. They would be leaving in the morning. I was so excited. Now is my chance. The next evening I went over and unlocked the door to what would be a life long fetish. I was walking down the hall past the laundry room and saw heaven. A whole drying rack of pantyhose and stockings. All different colors and styles. Most of them were nude or tan but all were sheer to waist. I sniffed every pair. I grabbed a few pairs and went up stairs to her room. I took off my clothes and tried them on. This was the first time I ever put on pantyhose. So exciting. I used to masturbate with my cousin's cheerleading pantyhose but never tried them on. They fit me so well. I posed in front of the mirror and laid on the bed. I dressed up in a skirt and heels. I felt so sexy. Then I found here pantyhose drawer. There were dozens of new and worn pantyhose. I spent the next week trying on different nylons and having incredibly masturbation fantasies of having sex with Kerry with here skirt pulled up and the crotch ripped out of her pantyhose. That was 25 years ago and I still have fantasies about her. I wonder if she ever noticed all the snail tracks in her pantyhose?

PantyhoseBoy18 | 2016-06-08
Profile Image High everyone! I'm new to pantyhose share club and I'm going to share my story. I'm 15 years old and my love of pantyhose started when I was very young. I was about 5 and I would sneak into my moms hosiery drawer and steal her pantyhose cause I always loved the feel of nylon against my thighs and privates. Of course my mom would catch me and tell me to take them off but she never really thought much about it cause I was very young and I didn't know better. I would consistently take and wear pantyhose until about 8 when I stopped until was 13. I hit puberty and started to gain stronger sexual feelings which drew me to pantyhose in particular. I had two sisters who were on the dance team at high school and all the foxy women wearing pantyhose around me when I was dragged on their trips tantalized me. Once my sisters moved out they left a lot of their old clothes here at home just lying around. One day under a stack of clothes some white sheet pantyhose was just visible through some clothes I tried to walk away but I quickly snatched them ran into my room, locked the door and tried them on. OH MY GOD they felt sooo good in my legs and i was hooked from that moment. I have been consistently stealing different pantyhose from around the house and wearing them and I have yet to be caught. I love all pantyhose and want to try more types but I'm afraid if I ask my mother to buy me some she might have a bad opinion of me. I have been wanting to share for a long time and I'm anxious to get some feedback from people that equally share my love of pantyhose. Thanks!

Sundogg52 | 2016-04-07
Profile Image While out running one afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Maria. I would sometimes see her on her bicycle around the same times I would get my run in. We said hello and gradually over the weeks started conversing more and more. I noticed, much to my surprise and pleasure that she wore pantyhose under her shorts when she was riding. This was an immediate turn on for having always been enchanted by hose wearing women. Eventually the conversations got longer and we would often stop and chat at a nearby convenience store having something cold to drink. She asked where I lived and I pointed out the apartment building and indicated that I lived on the ground floor facing the street and would often see her on her bike. She said I should say hello when I see her and I agreed. Sure enough I saw her a couple of days later as she rode up the street. I went to the window and shouted out to her. She looked around and then realized it was me, she parked her bike and walked toward the window. This was going to be awkward since I am a home nudist, but I figured, this is as good a time as any to get that out. I said as she approached that I was nude and if that was a problem she should wait a second while I got a robe. She said no problem. She walked right up to the window. I must confess I was very turned on by her openness, she made no secret of staring at my growing dick and asked if I was always naked at home. I said yes (which was not true, I sometimes wore pantyhose around the apartment but I didn't think she was ready for that, and I wasn't ready to share that for fear of scaring her off). Anyway, I decided to ask her if she'd like something to drink. She said she would but was expecting her husband home from work soon and only had a few minutes. I asked her to come around to the door and again asked if she would prefer I throw something on. "No" she was OK with my being naked. A few minutes later I heard a knock and opened the door. My heart was pounding in my chest so loud I thought maybe she would hear it. We talked for a short while until she said she had to go. My dick was so hard that it throbbed with each beat of my heart, I can't recall having been so turned on. Maria was tall, nearly six feet, rail thin with legs that went on forever and in those pantyhose (nude) she was a vision of my fantasies come true.
We continued having these talks and eventually the conversation lead to her pantyhose. I told her they were a turn on for me and that I sometimes even liked to try them on. She found this both amusing and intriguing and wanted to see me in hose and heels. I told her I would wear them next time but didn't have any heels. She said we can fix that, she had a regular shoe store where she shopped, she had a high heel fetish and would love to take me there so we could both try on some heels, but that I would have to wear pantyhose under my pants. I agreed to meet her there the following Wednesday and would take her to lunch as well. I didn't think Wednesday would ever come.
She pulled up outside the store and we went in, she said hello to the store owner and she indicated that we would both be looking for something "special". The owner, Ms. Cipriano nodded and smiled and off we went. Maria had on a short skirt, off black stockings and high heel mules for easy on and off. She immediately went for the strappy sandals and then to the boots. I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to be doing so I just watched her slide her sexy nyloned feet in and out of the shoes she selected. I was getting excited when she came over and said "Here, try these on" it was a pair of red pumps, four inch heels. My hands were trembling as I took them from her and sat on the cushioned bench. They were a size 11 and slid on perfectly. I was hooked, the combination of the silky stockings, the cool leathery inside of the high heels and Maria standing there in her hose and heels and sexy boots was all I could stand. I told her I was going to have to rush home and masturbate. She smiled and offered to go with me. She bought the knee high boots, a pair of mules (extreme heels) and bought the red pumps for me. We went straight to my apartment where she sat with her legs crossed, shoe dangling while I masturbated to her encouragement. We never had sex although she would on occasion rub my dick through my pantyhose with her stocking-ed feet. I offered many times to service her orally but she always politely declined. Several months later her husband was transferred to Colorado and so one of the most exciting stocking and heel periods in my life ended. Maria, if you're out there, I would love to hear from you.

Mariasue10 | 2016-04-05 | Comments (0)
Profile Image As one day at the age 15 yr old boy I started to wear my moms silk pantys an then her silksatin blk pantyhose as her stuff fit me at my age. As It continued I started painting my toes an nails as mm was out for the week visiting my aunie on a Friday for the weekend. As I got home from school it was 2:00 in the afternoon as I got home as I wanted to get comfortable before i started my house chores as i was walking pass mom bedroom to get to my roomas I walk pass mom's bedroom open door. I saw her silk blk panty an bra an blk pantyhose on her bed as I was very curious to try them on an to see how they felt on me as. I walked in to mom's bedroom an strip nake. I slip on mom's silk blk pantys on an bra an breast insert to make my breast a little bigger. As I was done with that. I grab a bottle of cotton candy hot pink nail polish an applied it to my toes an nails as they were drying as I was looking for a outfit to wear because it was still early in the afternoon. I found a pr of her new blk yoga pants an fusahia/lavender bellarina leotard an I set them on the bed as. I checked if ny toes were dried as they were. I grab one of mom's stay-up silk stockings an rolled it up as I slipull it over my toes to my ankles an up my leg to my thigh an strengthen them as I rolled the other stocking an slip on my other toes to my ankles an up my leg to my thigh an strengthen it an slip on mom's bellarina pink/lavender leotard as. I snap the snaps between my legs an slip on th blk bellarina yoga exercise pants on as. I pull them up to my waisted as I walked to mom's vanity table an style my hair an brush it as mom does hers an. I put it in a ponytail with a hair tie an slip a lavender an pink flower hair clip to my rightside of my ear as. I was done I decided to apply some make-up on. I started with silksatin foundation,silksatin lavender/
fusahia eyeshadow,blk eyeliner, Mascara,silksatin lavender an fusahia lip
Stick,lip sealer,silksatin fushia/lavender blush.as I was done. Appling the make-up on as I grab moms new pr of blk bellarina slippers as I slip one on my foot then the other one. As I got up an started walking out of mom's bedroom l. I walk in to the kitchen clean it up as. I clean the entire clean dress n my mom's clothing as I stay like them the rested of the day as i felt comfortable an good in them as.I start to watch mom's exercise dvd as. I started doing them for a hour an sat an relaxing on the sofa watching t.v as my tv dinner was cooking in the oven as. I finished dinner I clean up the miss an got ready for bed as. I change out of the mom's clothing an slip on moms silksatin blk long nightie an matching robe an silksatin blk slippers with the peep opened toe as I watch a little more tv an went to bed in my mom's blk silksatin nightie an robe tell morning came. It was a new day to dress in mom's clothing.

Amyhose | 2016-03-12
Profile Image for me my life time of absolute obsession of wearing pantyhose started at the age of 10, i wore my mums pantyhose that i found in the hallway cupboard, i stripped nude in the hallway when everybody was still in bed put on the pantyhose got instantly aroused and dry came...it was so perverse, tho i couldn't stop doing over an over any chance i got, i was obsessed!!!!!!!
by the time i was 13 i would try on dresses and later lingerie , high heels any thing that was feminine. i would go out in public wearing only pantyhose always wanting to get caught, i did on several occasions, it was a thrill a dare....i wanted to be embarrassed, the fact i would shave my legs paint nails and wear women's nude pantyhose with my cock so hard , i wanted to be spanked!
i have tried everything with pantyhose and crossdressing, i have posed for my people both male and female, i love to show of, i personally think there is nothing better than wearing sheer to waist nude pantyhose every where i go, i also do love stay up stockings, i have started collecting hot high heels and have a huge collection of nylons, lingerie and dresses.
i love being a cross dresser , my girlfriend also loves it, and enjoys seeing me as her girlfriend !
i have done lots of pantyhose videos and sold them, some solo and some with my girlfriend, i believe if something feels good then it shouldn't hold u back, just go for it!!
I really enjoy this site and knowing there is so much interest in pantyhose around the world...
thank you electric girl, you are simply brilliant kiss kiss

Susanheels | 2016-02-28 | Comments (373)
Profile Image How I started wearing pantyhose and why I love wearing.
I first started to wear pantyhose when I was 15. My mom would take my sisters and I to church every Sunday and we had to dress up in skirt or dresses with dress shoes. Our first time really dressing up in all our finest was for Easter. I can remember the boys and some of the men checking out my sisters and me as we walked into church.
I was a bit of a tom-boy at that time and I really didnt pay much attention to my skirts and how they looked and I at first I found the pantyhose a bit confining and warm and I would rub my thighs and lift my skirt a bit to get some air in there to cool me off. Mom used to nudge me and say stop that, ladies dont do that. Now I know why.

I went to a catholic elementary and high school. We all had to wear a uniform, which was a pleated plaid skirt with a white button up blouse with a navy blue blazer. Through elementary school and my freshman year at high school, I would wear knee socks. My sophomore year I started to wear pantyhose and tights. At first I would wear navy colored tights and pantyhose but when I noticed how some of the girls, who wore natural colored pantyhose got a lot of attention from the boys I started to wear nude, beige and taupe colored hose. I received a great deal more attention from the boys after that.
In my junior year of high school a bit of a competition started with a number of us girls with our hem lines.
The school dress code mandated that we keep the hem of our skirts at or just above the knee. This was no fun. Slowly with no coordinated efforts many of us started to roll under the waist band of our skirts once or twice and when we could get away with it we would fold up the bottom of our skirts to show off more thigh.
Some of the girls were very talented with stitch work, I was not. I was a bit of an amateur.
We would get scolded all the time by the nuns but none of the women lay teachers. Lol
I always had long legs. One of my girlfriends used to tease me and tell that I was ¾ legs and the rest of me was boobs and head. She would often tell me how envious she was of my legs. I never forgot that.
When I found out what an effect my legs could have on both men and boys I started to use it to my advantage. My senior year I sat in the front row in every class when I had a male teacher. I made a point of always keeping my legs slightly open and I would count how many times they would look up my skirt. I loved this game.
It was also in my senior year that I had my first sort of quasi bi sexual experience with one of the female lay teachers. My English teacher was a very attractive woman in her mid-30(?) and not married.
She always wore dresses or skirts. She always wore hosiery and high heels.
She asked me to come to her office one day during study period because she was concerned about my grades. I was wearing heels that day with nude colored pantyhose with panties.
When I came into her office she told me to sit down in the chair by her desk and as I went sit down I miss-judged where the chair was and both sat and slipped off the chair as it slide back causing me to fall ass first to the floor. My books were in my arms so I could not reach out to catch myself. I landed on my bum with my legs up in the air my skirt at my waist and exposing me from my crotch to my shoes and I was dazed and confused.
She heard me gasp and saw me hit the floor and she got a great view of my legs, thighs and tushy.
She was immediately down on the floor to help me and make sure I was ok. She was kneeling aside of me and as she leaned down to check my head she lost her balance and reached out with her right hand to recover and she placed her hand between my thighs on the floor and her hand brushed over my pubic area. I reacted by clamping my thighs shut with her hand pressed tightly between my thighs and tight up against my pussy. When she tried to take her hand out I squeezed even tighter with my tights and I heard myself moan out load because it felt so good. As I was gaining my awareness I reached out with my left hand and accidentally touched her right breast and I heard her moan. As I opened my eyes I saw her cleavage and I said you™re beautiful. She moaned again. She then told me that I need to release her hand from between my thighs. I asked her what she said and she told me that I was squeezing her hand between my thighs and I needed to relax and release her hand. I immediately opened my thighs and she took her hand out and pulled down my skirt so that I was no longer exposed. She helped me to my feet and she straightened me out. As I was standing in front of her, she got to one knee and adjusted my skirt to make sure it was all straight and orderly. I fondly remember her running her hands up my calves and thighs before adjusting my blouse so that I didnt look like a mess. She didn™t notice that she was a bit disheveled until she noticed that I kept staring at her cleavage. My breasts were not as big and as beautiful as hers and I so wanted mine to look like hers.
She told me it was time for me to leave and go to my next class and that we would discuss my grades another day when we could both concentrate on that matter and not each other.
We became very close friends after I graduated.
We ended up meeting again 2 years later when I was in college.
I was walking across campus one day between classes and I heard someone say "Sue". I looked up and there she was walking toward me and I stopped. Sort of gasped..."Miss Walker" (not her real name but close lol) and she said yes. Then she said jokingly, you look completely different with jeans and a sweater on and no pleated skirt with blouse. I laughed and told her that I could wait to get rid of them when I graduated high school. She laughed..and said I dont blame you.
I then asked her why she was here on campus and she said that she was considering taking a graduate class and came here to investigate what she needed to do to get into that class.
I asked her when she will be finished as I would like to have her over to my dorm room for tea and to chat. I told her I had 3 other roomies in the quad style room we had on campus and that they were all very cool.
She told me in about 2 hours she should be free and I gave her my number.
I should tell you that she looked beautiful, wearing a mid thigh black skirt with a black sweater, and a jacket. She was also wearing taupe colored hose and black 3 in heels.
She called me later and I told her were to meet me near my dorm.
While I was waiting for her, I showered, shaved, and dressed to make an impression. I put on my tightest shortest skirt, nude pantyhose, no panties, a V top thin sweater with no bra. I wanted to both impress her and to tease her. I wanted her.
When we found each other, she said wow....why the change...you looked cool dressed in the jeans and sweatshirt.I told her that I wanted to look nice for her and that the last time we spent any time together it was while I was on my back with her hand between my thighs....and I laughed. She laughed also and I think I caught her staring at my sweater as my nipples were very hard and protruding out from under the material.
We walked to my dorm room and I had her sit down and I made tea and we talked about what we did the last couple of years.

I cant find a way to add this new story so I will add this recent play day to my previous story... Note this is new..and recent..

Hi all.
I wanted to share another experience that my boyfriend and I had the other day.
As you all are aware, I have no inhibitions and I have many male friends that are both bi and gay.
My bf has been with me now for a couple of years and we met when I noticed that he was wearing pantyhose.
He has always enjoyed wearing pantyhose but he never took it to the next step of becoming fem and going outside.
Yesterday we took it the next step and went out after I dolled him up.
Friday after work we got together and he came over my place.
I shaved him with an electric razor and then he took a nice long bubble bath and got all of the hair on his body nice and soft and then with a Schick Hydro 5 razor blades and hair conditioner I shaved his entire body from his nose to his toes. I then applied moisturizing cream to his body.
The next day I dressed and made him up.
I had already purchased for him a “pageboy” brown wig with bangs that matched his eyebrows which I contoured and I applied foundation and eyeliner and eyeshadow to heighten the effect.
He wore a sheer white bra that showed off his nipples (I put elastic nipples rings around his nipples to make them stand up and be more erect) with matching white Sheer Energy pantyhose. Under his pantyhose he was wearing a black opaque thong with a cock ring around his testicles to enhance his bulge. (I loved that look under his skirt).
Black pleated skirt that was mid-thigh in length with a while blouse and black 2 inch heels.
I would have loved to have him wear higher heels but when he was walking around my house before we went out, he was falling over like a drunken sailor.
When I was satisfied with my job, we headed out to go shopping.
If any of you know New Hampshire at all you know we have a number of “Outlet Malls” in this state.
For his first time out fem, I wanted him to feel comfortable and at ease so we went quite away from where we live. So we went up to the Tilton outlets.
There are two stores that still there that I frequent often. The Hane’s and Jockey Store’s for hosiery, bras and panties.
We shopped in a few of the stores to get him comfortable and then I made his day.
I told him that he had to go into both the Hanes store and the Jockey store and ask one of the women to fit him for a bra. Despite how good he looked he did not have a feminine voice to match his outward appearance.
He nearly panicked and started to hyperventilate…he asked what he should do if she confronts him.
I told him not to panic and that I would be in there with him and I would assist him if he got into trouble.
He then asked me what he should say if she asked him what style of bra he wanted and what about his voice.
I told him to sort of whisper and to tell her that he wanted a sheer bra like the one he was wearing and that his girlfriend wanted him to purchase something sexy for her to see and to wear with him. I told him he was beautiful and to go into the Jockey store and go for it. He went in and I followed him.
There were not many women in the store when we first went in. There were only 2 or 3 customers and two women employees. The manager who I believe was in her late 40’s to early 50’s and very stunning and a younger women in her late 20’s to early 30’s and attractive but not as hot as the older women.
After a few minutes the older women approached him/her and asked her what she wanted (I don’t think she noticed is Adam’s apple at first) and she didn’t notice the bulge in his skirt.
He whispered that he was looking to be fitted for a sheer bra.
When she asked why she was whispering she said because I have to….I have laryngitis (lol).
When she asked him again what type of bra he wanted he told her, sheer...very sheer, sheer enough to see my nipples. The manager blushed.
She asked him/her what size she needed and he said 36B or C it depends and you might need to measure me.
She walked around the store with him/her and looked at a number of brands and sizes but not one of them was sheer at all. He then asked for a bra that if not sheer was very thin in material and not padded so that the profile of his nipples would be visible. She blushed again but this time her nipples became hard and visible under her top. That really excited me.
She picked out two styles in two colors and led him over to the changing booths.
(more to follow soon)…lol

Hotpants | 2016-02-10
Profile Image Iguess my start of wearing panty hose is much like every one elses story, with just one slight differance.Back when I was in Junior high school my older brothers ex-wife took me to a Halloween party,she got every thing all together for my costume, well after seeing what she had laid out on the bed it did not take a whole lot of brain power to figure out what I was to look like:first she started with makeup liquid foundation, plucking off the eyebrows, eyeshadow/the smokey eye, next powder, blush, fire engine red lipstick and then size 38DD breast forms and bra than a corset/girdle with garter hooks than came the panty hose" at last the one thing that I loved the most was about to become avery real part of me, the were of my favorite color suntan, yes there are other shades to choose from, but to me there is no other color that even comes close to being as sexy as suntan than after I got the hose on she handed me a black pantiend pair of classic Mary Janes 3inch pumps with the tradtional across the foot strap, so from starting at the top of my head and working her way down to the ends of my toes she said finished and steped back like a stone carver would admire the finshed work of art: thtas when I look in the mirror and saw for my self what looked like I think the look on my face was like the face of the proverble "deer caught in head lighs", so with this very lengthly discription you should not have any trouble guessing what she dressed me up as, if you said :a lady of the evening, give your self a cuppie doll.

Joyce | 2016-01-11
Profile Image First let me say I was always a girl inside. I never really wore pantyhose until I was 19. I used to wait for my sister to go to school and raid her bedroom of panties and pantyhose. I was a little bigger than her and I always tore them.They were not as well made in the 60's but they felt wonderful and I would sometimes keep them and wear them under my clothes. It felt wonderful and I would walk and walk to feel them on my legs.I also wore her girdles because they didn't have control tops then and the girdles would hold them up. I was drunk once and I told her. To this day I wish I wouldn't have said anything because I am still embarassed whenever see her. I know she told the rest of the family and I am always wondering what they hink. Anyway that is part of the excitement.I still wear them and also dress up from head to toe. It's still fun!!!!

Panthosedman | 2015-12-19 | Comments (11)
Profile Image i was probly 8yrs. old when i frist put a pair of my mamas on. she would let me wear them around the house. my sister (older than me) always wanted a sister so at times she would dress me up and we play. i would wear my pantyhose everywhere under my blue jeans. we had a neighbor in his 60's i vist him everyday. one day i told him i had something to show him. he ask what? i stood up and took off my pants and showed him mypantyhoses.he said i looked so fine in them. he started rubbing me down and i enjoyed it. then on i was his pantyhose sissy. after 3 weeks i asked him could i suck him he said yes this went on for 2yrs. all the while my sister make me dress at home when parents where out. well the old man moved.by this time i was 13 sister was 18 she would tell me to dress and go with her or she would tell our parents about my sissy habits she would carry me to her friends and tell them i was her cousin and we hang out and sometimes she would hook me up with another boy to double date.they never knew i was a boy we would kiss and i give them a blow job before things got out of hand. well i am 45 now married and an't sucked another man off since i was 18 and an't had no eruge to i love my wife and faithful to her.but still wear pantyhoses and panties and my wife loves the way i look in them hope onday soon she let me wear in public with shorts.

Rachel40 | 2015-12-12 | Comments (11)
Profile Image My name is Rachel and I am 40 year old a teacher from the UK. I get the tube to work and on Friday I was sitting opposite this man who was wearing jeans and I noticed him looking at my legs. I was reading a newspaper but felt his stare, my legs were uncrossed, knees together. At first I felt uncomfortable but after a while I let my knees part a little knowing he was watching. I never wear panties under my tights as I love the feel of the tights, wolfords, (very expensive) but worth it. The tights were nude, seamless and I had on grey court heels with a strap around the ankle, I love wearing heels and tights or stockings and feeling like I made an effort.
I moved my feet apart about 2 feet but kept my knees together and I could see him get aroused through his jeans. This was amazing!!
He put his hands over his lap but I could still see he was aroused and I moved my knees from side to side as he looked.
After a while I crossed my legs and my skirt rode up as I crossed my legs and rested about half way up my thigh. He could see up my skirt and I was very turned on, my nipples were hard and clearly visible through my blouse.
Well that was it, I wanted to share what happened! x

PantyhoseAlice | 2015-11-10 | Comments (21)
Profile Image I've had enough people inquire about how I fell in love with pantyhose and became an obsessive nylon wearer that I thought I'd share it with the community.

Unlike a lot of other pantyhose women I've met in my life, I didn't grow up through the gamut of nylon experiences. I wasn't in dance, I wasn't a cheerleader and my mom didn't dress me in skirts and tights in elementary school. I came from simple beginnings in a simple life and about the only hosiery I ever saw were cotton socks or cotton/woolen tights.

When I was around 13, mom took me to the store and bought me two pairs of tan pantyhose (Legg's) as the running style in the 1980's was an over abundance of pantyhose wearing women on TV and around town (Wonderwoman, Three's Company and Grease to name a few). While she wanted me to be "in" fashion and was appreciating that I was blossoming into a young woman, what she wasn't aware of was the instant allure I'd have to those simple sheer garments.

I should divulge that at 13 I had started experiencing sexual sensations around my pussy and began exploring myself more in the shower. When I put on pantyhose for the first time it was without panties (I later learned to have some on) and it was sensual heaven.

My legs had never felt anything like nylons before, nor had they ever looked better. I'd been a bit tom-boyish playing sports with my brothers so my legs weren't too bad (if I do say so). The silk hugging my crotch, and entire lower body became something I wanted to feel every day. Even more so is the quiet breach into masturbating I found while wearing pantyhose. I'd go to bed on time when told to, get out of my pajama bottoms and slide into my nylons to then gyrate and glide up and down my bed sheets till my clit was hot and throbbing after cumming several times. On a few occasions I'd fall asleep in them and have to delay getting up with my mom around so she wouldn't see I had on pantyhose in bed.

In middle school I was hooked and it only escalated through high school and throughout my college days. I wore them almost every day, and was able to explain how fashionable they were to mom who'd continue to buy me more even after my masturbating and torrid self pleasures had ruined a few pairs. I got more than a few looks at me legs at school, and was very self conscious about people looking at my legs or wanting to stare up my skirt. I'll admit that for a few boys, I did give them the occasional flash :P

I had sex for the first time when I was 17 after a school dance when wearing pantyhose, and though they ended up discarded, rolled down on the back floor of his truck, I knew that sex would be second to none when wearing them. Going forward I found many opportunities to have sex and pleasure myself with men, women and lots of toys in pantyhose and I don't think I'll ever stop.

I'll save my exploits into bi-sexual pantyhose pleasures for another time, but thought you'd all like to know how I got to where I am today.

Nylon hugs

JilaynaJ | 2015-11-08 | Comments (25)
Profile Image I was kind of a Tom boy until the age of 8 when I went to a school dance.
Before that I had never worn Pantyhose at all, I'd occasionally worn opaque tights, always black and they were itchy, restricting and forever saggy, especially at the knee and ankles.

For the school dance my mother convinced me to let her buy me an outfit as, apart from my school uniform, I had only two dresses. She took me shopping and chose me this cute pink dress with lace frills at the hem and shoulders. She also bought me a pair of white satin ballet style shoes and a pair of tan pantyhose.

My mother pretty much always wore pantyhose when she works skirts or dresses, and she told me how to put them on without ripping them.
The night off the dance I found I was kind of excited about getting dressed up and my mother did my hair and make up, then I began to dress.

I put the pantyhose on first, they were like nothing I'd ever felt, soft, delicatee and smooth against my legs.
Once I had the dress and shoes on I remember looking in the mirror and realising I was a much prettier than I'd thought and I felt so lady like and grown up in the pantyhose and dress.

After that I began to ask my mother for more skirts and dresses and of course pantyhose.

When I went to intermediate school at age 11 I again had to wear a uniform and the code called for bare legs or opaque tights in winter. I so hated the feel of opaque so that I began to wear nude pantyhose instead, trying to pass my legs off as being bare, but I got busted for it.

My mother wrote a letter to the school about how ridiculous it was to not allow the girls to wear pantyhose as opposed to tights. She won and for a little while I was the only girl running around in nude pantyhose.

By the third year of intermediate my friends and I had reduced our hemlines beyond the prescribed level of modesty and I began to wear suntan pantyhose with my uniform. It even started a trend for a while and some of my friends began to wear hose too.

Boys definitely seemed to take notice of my legs in the soft nylon and as I became more aware of my physical self I had discovered I would often become wet when wearing hose.
When I discovered masturbation I used to do it through my underwear at first, but as I got older, I experimented with doing it in just my pantyhose.

These days, unless I'm having my period, I wear pantyhose only with no panties, I wear mostly 15 denier, nude or tan, but in summer, I will wear 8 or 10 denier under sundresses or with shorts.

I'm not a fan of pumps, I prefer strapped heels and I love painting my nails in different patterns to show off under my nylons. I wax and moisturise which, over time, has prevented irritation and thrush. I prefer sheer to waist pantyhose, not a fan of super shiny styles, and I prefer sheer crotch, but they seem to be hard to find these days.

1Phguy | 2015-10-30 | Comments (4)
Profile Image Ho I am 56 years old and have been enjoying pantyhose since I was 10 or 12 years old. It started with my mother's pantyhose from the hamper and has evolved from there. I am married and love my wife very much but she doesn't get my fetish so I keep it to myself and play when she isn't around. I love to paint my toe nails red and slip on my favorite pantyhose and heels. I sometimes dress fully but mainly pantyhose and heels. I have gone out in public with pantyhose heels and a dress before when I was out of town I got some looks for sure but nobody said anything to me. I love the shop for heels wearing pantyhose under my jeans and painted toe nails. I shop at Payless shoes and try to go in when it is not very crowded. I find heels in my size and they have to be open toed and I try them on and walk around. Many times the gal working will ask if she can help me and they are very CE about it. What really turns me on is wearing my wife's dirty pantyhose I love the smell of them makes me very hard and lately seeing other men in pantyhose turns me on like I never expected. I think sometime in the future I would like to play around with another CD. One more fantasy of mine is ti have another CD and my wife for a threesome I would love to see her get banged and then I jump in and clean up the mess while wearing pantyhose and heels.

Alicard | 2015-10-05
Profile Image As I recall, my mother introduced me to sheer nylons when I was a young boy. It started with her teasing me with her nylon clad feet, by pushing them in my face and asking me how they smell.They were usually smelly and sweaty, as she had just slipped them out of the well worn high heels that she'd worn all day. I became fascinated not only with the smell of her smelly nylon clad feet, but also with the smooth feel of the sheer nylon on my hands. Thus; I began to wonder what it felt like wearing the nylons on my legs. In little time I began to secretly sneak into my mom's bedroom and slip her sheer nylons on my legs, feeling sexually aroused. It wasn't long before I progressed to slipping my nylon clad feet into a pair of her sexy high heels, of witch she had many pairs in various styles and colors. In course these dress up sessions led to an intense masturbation session. I often wondered if my mother ever suspected, or what would she have done if she had ever actually caught me in the act. I guess that was pretty much my introduction to crossdressing which I enjoy to this day.

Hosebeater | 2015-09-15 | Comments (8)
Profile Image I was young teen living in no where ville 3 girls my age on my street n no guys but me I licked my first pussy was a cute girl leigh who lived on my road she was a hot 18 yr old kind of punk rock chick always wearing pretty tights to school so we hooked up after school in the woods near our house we had a old building there kids hung out in to party ,leigh was wearing her sexy red tights n black skirt I was playing with her leg then she took her shoes off n rubbed her silky red toes on my hand so I played with her silky toes getting a pounding erection in my shorts she noticed when her foot landed on it ..wow that's a big one she replied asking to see it I pulled my penis out was red n oozing she rubbed it slow with her nylon foot making it twitch it was so hard it ended up into a silky red tight foot job was her first time jurking a cock my hot load blasted hard across the room she was happy with her self I could tell, still dazed the next weekend was better I was at her house n her mom was gone so we were in her room .typical girl her clothes laying around .I picked up a pair of her pink tights that was in a chair ,those are for you she said put them on she asked . i was nervous to .so I stripped down and sat on her bed and she helped me put her tights on they feel good I said as we pulled them up over my balls to my waist she just rubbed my cock through the silky pink hose making me so hard n dripping, through her tights she was so horny she cut the crotch from my tights n starts to suck my cock on her knees in the floor in front of me with my pink pantyhose legs spread wide ,she was doing her first bj and she was doing so good I was ready to cumm in just a few min im cumming i told her she sucked it harder then I blew my hot load so hard down her throat she was gasping while still sucking ..after wards she told me how that was her fantasy sucking a cock off in pantyhose wasn't long after I got to fuck her tight virgin pussy whole with her black hose on ,,been hooked ever sence that's when I got my first hosed hand job to ,with her silk reflection pantyhose she got from her step mom n jurked me off all over them to bad I had to move away

SilkStockings | 2015-09-13 | Comments (8)
Profile Image It all started when I was 4 years old wearing pantyhose for a kindergarten concert where I developed the love for pantyhose. After that I would randomly wear a pair of pantyhose enjoying the feeling and energy it gave me till one day I was around 8 yrs old when I was home alone and going through the spare room cupboard when I came across a pair and could resit putting them on , however being more aware of my emotions I noticed I got butterfly's and this massive surge of energy when I was faced with the opportunity to wear pantyhose and after putting them on I developed an erection when I always thought it was only in the morning that I got erections when needing to go to the bathroom. But little did I know trying to subside it by rubbing I was creating the most amazing feeling I every felt which ended in a squirt of white liquid, at that point I thought I was in heaven, but after doing some research I learnt about sexuality. After being awakened to my fascination and fetish towards pantyhose I felt a little bit like Alice in wonderland after that......

The next big time was when I was about 12 when I was visiting my best friend for the holidays I noticed his mom and her amazing legs in nude sheer pantyhose with pumps that got my heart pumping so much I couldn't even swallow properly and that night when she changed and put her pantyhose in the washing basket I couldn't but resit and wear them just enjoying the smell of her perfume on your pantyhose and the feeling of the silky smooth pantyhose on my legs. My heart started to pump faster my cock grew harder and then after masturbating I nicely put them back as I found them. However every opportunity I had where I was alone and there was pantyhose around I would wear them. I managed to wear my Mums, friends Mums and even teachers pantyhose in my younger years making the best of every opportunity to wear them. I was caught in possession of pantyhose by my mum and questioned but always came up with a story why I had pantyhose.

Pennyjayn | 2015-09-03 | Comments (43)
Profile Image I started like most by trying on a pair of my sisters and mums tights. the feeling was facinating to a 10 year old. I use to sneek into th bathroom to look in the wash basket and find the tights. Because they were worn they always smelt musky, not smelly and that aroused me more. As I got older I started to put arm holes in the waist band so I could wear them as much all over my body as I could. I would love to feel the tightness across my body and penis and rub my cock through the tight nylon covering my by now quivering pumping cock.

Puberty was a revelation I discovered the joy of wanking off in tights and wearing them over my body. By this time I had perfected the ability to get the tights to fit like a body stocking. So my grand plan of running around just wearing the make shift body stocking came in to being.

Where I lived our garden was behind a wheat field. I slipped into my super suit three pairs of black homemade body tights (tights I had stolen out of my sisters drawers over many weeks)I had waited for nightfall and that quiet period after dinner.

I had to be sneaky and climb out my bedroom window(Bungalow)while my parents were in the front room next door. I crossed the garden past the kitchen windows of both niegbours which overlooked our garden, by this time I had a raging hard on from the thought of being caught and the feel of the cool fresh air on my near naked body. I had reached the fence and climbed over.

I could now run across the freshly harvested field in my tight nylon bodysuit feeling the excitment rush through me. It wasn't long before I had to stop and rub my cock through my tights and the first touch of my hand on my cock made it pulse with anticipation.

I couldn't hold it back any longer as I looked back towards the lights of the houses where I lived and saw people through the windows I felt the spunk jerk out of my cock and warm my groin with wetness. I almost cried out loud with the orgasm. I felt so excited at being in the open but hidden by the night I knew I would have to do that again and did many times over the following years never getting caught.

I still love the multi layer feeling of tights on my body, but now I love the getting dressed in all the female paraphenalia of wig, make up and clothing too, the tighter the better. I am now very lucky to be married to a women who does not stop me wearing and displying my hard excited cock while dressed in the tightess lycra I can find. but those stories can wait.....

Secrethosewearer | 2015-08-25 | Comments (13)
Profile Image I think I have to write this to get it off my chest.......

There are maybe a number of factors that has led me to have my obsession with nylon. I remember discovering masturbation in my mid-teens and often the visual stimulus would be a collection of photography magazines my father had collected. Many of his favourite articles seemed to have been glamour photography and there were hundreds of pictures of women in stockings which always gave me a huge hard-on.

One day when everyone was out of the house, I do remember sneaking into my parents room and seeing a pair of my Mums tights and trying them on. I wanted to know what they felt like and the feeling, coupled with the "feeling of wrongness" I had, got me so hard I wanted to explode! I didn't cum there and then but I do remember thinking I had to try them again when I had the chance, at some point later in life.......

This experiment never led to anything - I went through college / university and never thought of wearing nylons again. I had a string of girlfriends who wore tights or stockings but I was never tempted to wear them myself.

It was only after I married that I got the feeling back for trying on tights. My wife, when we first met, wore tights for work and I used to love her in them. She hardly ever wore them for sex (never now, ever!) but if she did, I wouldn't last long, put it that way! And after our first child, the sex dwindled away and with the advent of the internet and all the readily available porn, I started masturbating fairly regularly.

Finding more and more time alone, I bought cheap tights to wear while I wank but found myself being appalled that I had this "problem". I would throw them away and not buy any for 6 months or so but then "fall off the wagon" and buy some more. But having found PSC, I have accepted my fetish and have stopped the negative thoughts in the last year or so.

I have tried telling my wife but she finds most things other than standard sex either "weird", "pervy" or "just plain wrong"!

So now I keep it a secret, hiding my tights and only wearing them when I go away on business trips. I will usually wear them whenever I can when I am away - on a recent trip I had the pleasure of a day off, wearing a pair of Wolford Fatal 15's under my jeans and it was one of the best days I have had in years!!

As I have got older I have found my appetite or sex as increased to such a degree that I am constantly thinking about it - it is like I should have been when I was in my teens and 20's! Every chance I have, I will wear nylon, go on webcams and visit PSC.

My dream would be to persuade my wife that I am normal but I just think that will never happen. Of course it bothers me that I have this secret life away from her but when I am in my secret world, all is great! I do feel that I want to experience so much more sexually and am dying to try out so many things, all before I get too old.......

So if you see me on a webcam, visit my xhamster page (message me if you want to find it) or just chat to me on here, please understand my current state and wish me luck in any way you see fit!

Thanks for listening

Femalehoselover6 | 2015-08-21 | Comments (32)
Profile Image So my boyfriend( MC) and I (PC) have only been dating for a few months. He talked to me a few weeks ago about his fetish with pantyhose. MC insisted on buying me pantyhose, and I ordered a few pairs online. I wore those and enjoyed them immensely.. I travel a lot for work, so we end up texting and sending pictures. He dared me to do something different, put on two pair of hose to see how they feel, and of course take pictures of the entire thing. Later, I undressed and slipped on the first pair of hose. These felt wonderful against my bare legs and ass, and i took pictures to send to MC of me putting them on and wearing them. Next, I put the second pair on, stopping to take pictures of me putting them on. The feeling was even better than I thought possible, i was so horny, I had to masturbate before sending him the pictures. I wore both pair under my jeans for a few hours before I went to bed in them.we texted the entire time i was trying it out in anticipation of doing it again for the next time MC would be able to see me and rub his hands all over my pantyhose covered legs. PC then sent him the pictures so he was able to join in on the fun. I discovered my own pantyhose fetish after this dare.

Pantyhosedub | 2015-08-21 | Comments (2)
Profile Image My earliest recollection of my fascination with pantyhose was when I was 4-5. I don't actually remember wearing at that age but I've a clear memory of hiding my mother's pantyhose behind the chest of drawers in my bedroom in the first house we lived in. I've always loved how they look and feel and that has changed in the intervening forty years. This was probably not helped by the fact I had my first orgasm wearing pantyhose. I'm not sure what age I was but it was pre-teen. I wore pantyhose whenever I could, and surprise surprise started to really enjoy rubbing my nylon covered crotch against the deep pile carpet or the side of the sofa. It felt so good. Then one day I obviously overdid it because this feeling of euphoria gripped me and suddenly this white liquid started pumping out of my penis. I was thrilled and shocked in equal measure - and hiding those sodden pantyhose was no easy task. I continued to wear pantyhose and then started secretly cross dressing as well through my teens and early twenties. I loved it.

I guess I'm bi-curious. I'm married with two kids and have always loved women and specifically women in pantyhose. But the more I cross dressed I also started to fantasize about guys. I never followed through on it though and when marraige, kids, middle aged spread etc arrived, I stopped cross dressing and instead focus on just the pantyhose.

I still love wearing them.

I've tried to connect with guys a few times but as a nervous, married guy I've never met anyone suitable. I think at this point I never will. But you never know.

I've thought many times about why I started wearing pantyhose and I simply don't know. What I do know is that I love wearing them.

Prettydub | 2015-07-13 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I started at age 10 when I was cast as a lady in the school play by my teacher. On the first day of dress rehearsals she dressed me in her dress, tan pantyhose and a pair of heels which she brought in for the occasion.
Ever since then I became addicted to nylon and have been wearing pantyhose ever since......

Bighose99 | 2015-05-25 | Comments (9)
Profile Image My story like others started when i was about far back as 5. I also was the youngest of 5, came from a strong German catholic family. There was a good age difference from the next of kin so i was the last one to be "picked up" and held. I was always on the floor and doing my own thing. Spent a lot of my childhood time with my grandmother who i loved dearly. She was a proper dressing woman, never left the house without her pearls and makeup. Most of the time at her house, she would be playing cards with my aunt and her friends or just some of my grandmothers friends would come over. These women were about 60 my aunt and her friends about 40. This was the early 80 so women wore a lot of skirts and pantyhose, even pantyhose under their pants or jeans. As they played cards i played with my matchboxes under the table. At the ages of 5-6-7 i always felt under the table doing my thing or at my grandmothers feet while she watched tv.

I can so remember under the table during a card game and my grandmother wore a lot of knee highs. I can still see her removing her shoes and flexing her toes in her nylons. I would run my matchbox car over her nylon toes and really not think twice about it. If My aunt was these, I would do the same and probably to the other ladies as well. Then i would stop and feel my grandmothers knee highs out of curiosity, "what is this, what are these". I can still hear my grandmother saying to my aunt once "maybe he likes the silk, ya know?". Because at that point my aunt legs were crossed, off black pantyhose in a skirt, her heel was off her foot. I can see it still to this day. I remember running my matchboxes and hand over her foot, using her heel that was on the floor, as a garage for my car. Looking back i was surrounded by pantyhose feet once a week, mainly sunday afternoons.

With all this play going on, i was so curious about these knee highs she wore. I would sleep over and while she was in the shower, i would sneak into her room and try the knee highs on. Walk around a bit and then put them back. This would go on for years, even when she stayed at our house, i would go through her suitcase to find them. Now ive found the color black!!! Wow what are these. Did the same thing, put them on and walk around, probably feeling myself too.
Again this was a lifestyle of mine for about 2-3 years. Age 7 came along and i was at a communion party. Even to this day when i think about this, i get that butterfly feeling, like i was there again. Now remember, i just know what knee highs are not really pantyhose or anything. I walked into the kitchen of my neighbors house, where the communion party was, and in this kitchen full of mid 30's or older women. This lady, Barb her name was, was talking to my mom and the others. I was grabbing a chip or something, and when i looked over, Barb hiked her black dress up to show all the ladies in the room her black stockings connected to this garterbelt. The old fashion looking one with the metal buckle. It was like "SQUIRREL!!!!!" Kind of feeling.... "What was this?????" I wanted to know..... I wanted to touch.....probably wanted to put them on like the knee highs... All those women were probably talking about fashion and hose.... Imagine what i know now.... What i could have been hearing. Lol..

I just remember following Barb around all day trying to get a glimpse of what those were, and get close to her shiney black stockings. Sorry to say it didnt happen, but pushed me to find out what those were.....

..... Thanks for reading and thank you all who i have been in contact these past couple months... This 33 year "disease" and frustration has been very difficult, internal conflict and sad emotions....Almost wanted to end it somedays! But since i got on PSC, huge stress has been lifted to be myself.... Just for a little while at least....

I can write part two if anyone is interested...

Countryman31 | 2015-05-17
Profile Image When I was in third grade, my mother made a space monster costume for me for Halloween. She bought green tights for the legs. I had never worn tights before or even thought about it. When I put those tights on I was hooked. After Halloween I saved the tights and wore them to bed every night until they were in tatters.
After that I would sneak stockings or pantyhose occasionally until I was in college. I had a girlfriend who liked to wear tights and that satisfied my craving.
After college I started buying my own tights and unitards and had a very nice collection until I got married. I did not tell my wife about my love of tights until after we were married, I was embarrassed to tell her before. She didn't react very well. She was king of okay with it at first, but later told me she hated me wearing tights. Her dislike was so bad she stopped wearing tights and pantyhose herself.
We are on the verge of separating now, after 30 years of marriage. I still wear tights, but not around her, and if we don't stay married, one of the most important things I am going to look for in a new woman is a love of, or at least a tolerance for men wearing tights.

Harpo | 2015-05-16
Profile Image It all started when I was in middle school, my brother ex wife took me to a Halloween party and dolled me up from head to toe and I loved every minute of it.she got me a wig, dress sexy undies, yes panty hose and 3 inch heels and male up I could not believe it was me when she got done I won 1st place.lifewent on for me afterthe party and I knew from loverpf panty hose, after I graduatatrd from hlgh school I went into the Navy and that was before the dpnt ask dont tell and I was on my ownfrom here pn out. that moment on I was a life long lover of panty hose now I'm 63 years old and still have a strong love of panty hose.

Pantyhosefootman | 2015-04-08
Profile Image when I was 3 I started love n pantyhose feet I look at them all the time older I got more I got into them I was about 7 I got to kiss a girl hose feet my parents found out a wanted to send me away said I was sick boys don't do that they hated me so I hid it from them so I wouldn't get sent away I loved pantyhose and feet they found out about it know cause my wife told them its apart of me she loves it I hid it for 22 years. I was hooked on hosiery and feet every relationship I told my gf about it they run I got married to 1 girl how like it a great relationship to she started sharing it with men than she cheated on me with a 57 year married man for cash she was 18 teen it got bad but with the women she shared it with was a dream come true loved it she let me play with her feet and the other girls feet with hosiery that's all I wanted was hose n feet we spit up 4 years ago im glad we did cause the girl im with now understands me she wears them 24/7 for me no lie about that I got her over 500 pair all kinds of hose she likes it when I wear them we wear them all the time im 29 she 36 hosiery is one of are life styles I sleep with her feet sometimes we use r feet for sex play we kiss lick tickle each others feet I love it to find someone how will share ur obsession with hose n feet first time she kissed mine I lost my mind one night she kiss my feet 4 30mins strait black hose she went wild wow ill never forget that hell I kiss her feet all the time and I smell her shoes she wears a lot she got me over $300 in stickers hoody shirts and stuff to wear I don't hide my obsession 4 feet hosiery no more we r big foot lovers it only stays between us don't go no farther than that its something we share together and its very spicel between us I found that 1 I was looking for to share my obsession with.
your friend lespantyhoseman

Tights661 | 2015-04-07
Profile Image I have always loved women or girls wearing pantyhose and tights ever since i was 7 when my sister took dance i always looked at the girls who wore pantyhose to dance with there leotards and when my mom wore them i started to wear pantyhose at 10 yo i really liked the feel on my body and the way my cock felt rubbing on them i have more if anyone would like to hear where ive worn them u can text me at 8018847854 and we can chat

Nylo101 | 2015-03-23
Profile Image It all started as a young boy.I was a very late(oops)child my youngest sibling to me was 12 yrs. old.I was fascinated by nylon stockings and mom knew it caught me many times wearing hers never said much I was 3-4 I think but it never stopped .Moving along when I was around 14 I was in are pool one day after working on the neighbors farm when mom showed up. This was strange because she owned a store in town and should have been working but it was cool. She got her suit on and jumped in.My mom was in her mid 40's and looked good for her age. So we started playing in the pool and as a teen boy the infamous hard on come along. Teasing ma noticed and grabbed it asking whats this. I wanted to die. But to my surprise she pulled me towards her by my tool. My expression must have scared her because she let go and jumped out and went to the house.After a bit I went in to change I heard mom calling from her room. When I walked in she was on her bed with a robe on she asked me to drop my trunks I did .She reached for the floor and un-hooked one of her stockings from her girdle and gathered it up.She motioned for me to get on the bed between her legs she slid the stocking over my now raging hard on and wanted me to lay on her . She wrapped her hand around my tool and pulled me to the entrance to her vagina. I started to thrust it felt awesome and mom started to respond with me bumping her opening with every thrust I soon came in buckets and she enjoyed it also never penetrating her deep.She wiped me off and away I went no words spoken by either of us . This continued for several years when we were alone. Dad worked night shift and drank a lot also. So I believe She had needs that weren't being filled. Two days after my 17th birthday she new I had a steady girlfriend and she called me to the bedroom same situation only she put the stocking on my cock and allowed me to penetrate for the first time AND ONLY TIME .After that day when we finished she said there will be no more of this you are grown up now and must move on. I loved every minute of what happened never ever felt abused and was very close to my mom her whole life. She passed several years ago and I am now 56 and have a very nice productive life with my wife of 25 yrs and 4 children. People will call this what they want but it never effected me I went right on through life very nicely. Thanks for listening and keep in mind I am no writer as you can see .This is all very true and was enjoyed.It was always are secret. Just want to add I have been a life long pantyhose wearer and wife joins me we truly love the feel and excitement they bring any type of hose she loves stockings and I love them on her.

WolfordsNeon40 | 2015-03-21

Satnlacy | 2015-02-08 | Comments (19)
Profile Image My first real experience was with my sisters tights. My sister was a majorette and also took dance / ballet lessons. I would see her in her leotard and tights and get excited for some reason.

When I saw her majorette uniform, I was hard instantly. My sister got to keep her majorette uniform after the year was done. She kept it in her closet at the far end with the other skirts and dresses she rarely wore.

I had been wearing my sisters leotards and tights that were in the wash for a while. When I would think of the majorette uniform hanging in her closet I wouldn't be able to focus on anything until something else took it off my mind. I finally got my chance to try the majorette uniform on.

It was a summer day and my mom was working and my sis had went to her friends place to do what ever they did together. I was so excited, I ran to my sisters room and flung open her closet and searched frantically for the object of my desire. I found the majorette uniform on the far side of her closet, took it down and laid it on her bed. I went to my sisters sock drawer to find the tights that went with it.

I screeched in delight as I took off all my clothes right there in my sisters room and sat on her bed to pull the shiny black tights up my legs. When I got the panty portion of the tights to my waist, I tucked my tiny dick between my little balls and my legs and pulled the tights up firmly to give myself a cameltoe before my tiny dick could get hard and ruin the look of the tights.

The majorette uniform consisted of a gray on top and white on the bottom 1/4 sleeve leotard with an attached ruffle skirt. I opened the small zipper in the back of the uniform so I could step into the majorette uniform. I pulled the crotch of the leotard up tight to keep my little dick from showing. It was a little tricky getting the zipper back up, but I manged to do it. I padded to my sisters closet and found the black ballet slippers that went with the majorette uniform and put them on.

I ran into my moms room to look at myself in her full length mirror and was excited to see a cute little 9 year old girl looking back from my reflection. I rubbed my hand on my crotch and it felt so good rubbing the leotard material and the tights against my little dick and balls. Luckily I was so constricted, I couldnt get hard and ruin the reflection. It was a little painful, but the leotard and tights kept the crotch smooth with a nice cameltoe showing.

I changed the ballet slippers for a pair of black 2 inch fuck me pumps and started strutting around the upstairs of my house. It took a bit of practie to get used to wearing heels, but I got the hang of it. I then became bolder and went down stairs and walked around prancing like a girl. I went to the living room and watched tv for a few hours enjoying the feeling of the tights on my legs and the tightness of the leotard on my body.

At lunch, I made myself a sandwich and got some chips and ate while watching a tv. When I heard the clock in the living room chime it was 3:00 pm, I went back upstairs to my sisters room and removed the majorette uniform. Before I took off the tights and heels, I ran into my moms room and looked at my reflection again. I released my dick from being tucked away and got instantly hard. I started rubbing my little dick again through the tights and this sudden warm feeling rushed all through my body and my knees got weak. I let out a long moan the whole time the warm feeling was washing over my body. I couldnt stop rubbing the tights on my dick while this was going on. I finally dropped to my knees and looked into the mirror and saw a cute little girl rubbing something that wasnt suppose to be on a girl. Luckily I wasnt shooting cum at that time, I had no idea what had just happened to me. All I know was it felt fantastic and wanted to experience that again and again.

When the tingling sensation finally stopped on my skin, I ran back to my sisters room and took off the heels and tights. I put the majorette uniform back on the hanger and hung it back up in my sisters closet where I took it from. I replaced the heels in the same place also.

I didnt know what to do with the tights. They were stretched out because I had just been wearing them on my legs. I folded the tight up and put them back into my sisters drawer in the back under her other used open tights and hoped she wouldnt notice. I tried to make her sock drawer look like it did before I removed the tights.

I redressed in my boy clothes and went back down stairs and watched more tv until my sister and mom got home. My mom and sister cooked dinner and I helped where I could. When I went to bed that night I had a dream I was a majorette and all the cute boys were wanting to watch me dance around them. Was so vivid and really made me want to wear the majorette uniform again.

My sister never said anything about her tights drawer being messed up, so I guess I got away with it. Im glad I wasnt using any makeup back then. It wasnt much longer that my sister did catch me wearing one of her dance leotards and tights, but thats another story. :)

Hooterboy | 2014-12-18 | Comments (43)
Profile Image My love for pantyhose started when I was four years old. I was the youngest being raised by my beautiful mother and two sisters who wore pantyhose all the time around me. My sisters used to rub there pantyhose feet to tickle me when I was young and then I discovered how soft and silky they were. After a while curiousity struck me. I put them on and I was hooked for life. And now today at age 42 I am still wearing and feeling great. I also love polishing my toes due to my pantyhose feet fascination. I find polished toe nails look so much better in pantyhose than none at all. Once I got a little attention drawn my way and seeing people interested in this lifestyle drew me to start live cam and entertaining in pantyhose for both sexes which made my straight orientation lead to bisexual eventhough I was never physicially in sexual contact with a man,but I had friends that were boys that wore pantyhose with me to sleep overs when I was 12 and 13 years old. Never was in contact just great fun in wearing pantyhose and enjoying the feeling. I really would like to experience what its like to have a pantyhose partner of any sex. Its so much more fun to wear with someone than alone. There is nothing more better than admiring your legs in pantyhose.

CassandraCD | 2014-11-24 | Comments (6)
Profile Image I grew up in the 1970s so I was exposed to a lot of pantyhose imagines on TV. Two of my role models were Lindsay Wagner and Lynda Carter. Lindsay as the Bionic Woman wore pantyhose with sandals quite a lot, and would often be tied up in them. Lynda Carter wore sexy suntan pantyhose with her famous Wonder Woman costume, and I so wanted to be her. This led to be "borrowing" my Mom's pantyhose quite often. I was about 11 or 12, and was into Superhero peril panties. Somehow imagining myself being kidnapped while in pantyhose made it more intense and pleasurable.

I soon began wearing whatever dresses I could find, and got lucky finding a wig to complete my look. I often pretended to be one of Charlie's Angels kidnapped, bound, and gagged. I secretly bought my own pantyhose just to be safe.

To this day I feel so sexy and wonderful in a pair of pantyhose. I love the way they look and feel. There is something so sexy about them.

Nylonmaster420 | 2014-10-17
Profile Image I tried on my first pair when I was 5-6. My moms. I would later realize that the silky feel was something I've cum to luv. I need to put on my pantyhose for masturbating and if I was lucky enuff to wear them in bed during sum of the hottest sex I've ever had. Anything nylon will do. And ladies who wear them make me rock hard on site. I get so hot with them on that feel of a pair of new pantyhose its incredible. I'd luv to hear sum nylon sex stories from all u long legged ladies. Stories that make me just hafta put sum on n orgasm over n over.

JonIwtciyn | 2014-10-05
Profile Image A long time ago, my aunt that started me on this sexual obsession with women wearing nylons had me over for the weekend while my parents were away.

When she picked me up on Friday night, she was wearing a dress with taupe colored nylons. I sat down in her car as we drove to her house.

Glancing over at her legs, I noticed her skirt had crept up, exposing the reinforced thigh band of her nylons. My heart began to race as I felt sexual excitement begin to build in my loins.

After we had arrived at her house, she turned on the TV and we began to watch a movie. She sat between the TV and me. I could watch her without her noticing me looking at her. She hadn't changed out of the clothes she wore to work. As she sat in her chair with her legs crossed, the nylon covered heel of her foot began to show. The longer I watched her, the more aroused I became.

Slowly, gradually, my aunt's shoe released its grip of more and more of her foot until I could just begin to see the reinforcement surrounding her toes. I had a desire for her that I knew I could not control much longer but her nylon foot show was too intense to leave and go masturbate.

I looked over at my aunt. She was falling asleep while she watched the movie! After a few moments, one of her shoes fell, completely exposing her reinforced nylon covered toes to me!

As I watched her head nod and seeing her struggle to keep her eyes open, I slowly, silently began to open my zipper. When I noticed her eyes had closed, I fully opened my pants and grasped my erection. I held it as I stared at her.

My erection was so full and thick I knew it was only a matter of a few quick tugs before I exploded in lust.

This was a dream come true! My incredibly beautiful aunt was asleep wearing a pair of nylons with reinforced toes in them, right in front of me! I knew I would never have a better opportunity so I got up and walked to her bedroom. In her dresser drawer, I found a pair of nylons that matched the color she was wearing. I began to slide it over my erection, all the while fighting not to climax. I was so excited and scared about what I was doing that I could not stop.

I took off my pants and returned to my sleeping aunt wearing nothing but my shirt and her reinforced toe nylon slid over my erection. I sat back down in my chair and held my nylon covered cock as I watched her. All she had to do was open her eyes to see me sitting there with without pants and her nylon covering my erection. The silky sheer delicate nylon that surrounded my penis slid like silk up and down as I slowly masturbated next to my sleeping aunt. The color of the nylons surrounding her toes matched the nylon I was having my way with. I thrust myself towards her as if I was burying my manhood deep inside of her. With each thrust, I could see the wetness of my oncoming orgasm beginning to moisten the toe of her nylon.

I stopped masturbating and just stared at my aunt. I could not stop thrusting myself towards her repeatedly! I was completely insane as I thrust my nylon-covered erection towards her as she slept. I so badly wanted her to awaken.

After a few moments, I couldn't hold it back any longer. I could feel my semen beginning to boil. I slid my hand up and down my erection as I stared at my aunt's nylon covered feet. Almost instantly, my penis began to pulsate and pump. I held my breath as I could feel it begin. As the first wave of my orgasm pounded through me, I pointed my nylon-covered erection towards my aunt.

My sperm spurt through the reinforced toe of her nylon. My aunt didn't move. Spurt after spurt of my orgasm shot through her nylon and landed near my sleeping aunt.

For what seemed an eternity, I sat with her cum filled nylon on my erection watching her sleep.

As I began to recover from the most intensely charged orgasm I had ever had, I thought about what I should do with the nylon I had my way with in front of her as she slept. Putting it back where I had found it meant she would know it was me.

As I pulled it off, I could already feel my erection begin to rebuild. At that moment, I knew I wanted her to find it. I wiped the rest of the sperm from myself with her nylon as I watched her. She was oblivious to what I had done and it was making me want her even more.

I returned to her room and placed the cum-soaked nylon in the bottom of her nylon drawer. I grabbed another nylon from the drawer and began sliding it over my semi-hard erection. Each bit of thread as it passed over the head caused an erotic tremor to shoot through me.

It had only been a few minutes since my last orgasm, but I was already hard as steel. I silently crept back to where my aunt slept. I lay on the floor next to her feet, holding her nylon on my erection. I began to masturbate. I lustfully gazed at her nylon covered feet as I coaxed the orgasm from my loins.

Suddenly she shifted her legs. I was terrified that she had discovered me at her feet. She was still asleep! I reached for the shoe that had fallen. I placed my nylon covered erection inside her shoe and began to pleasure myself with her shoe. My nylon covered erection was full and hard as I used her shoe to coax my orgasm to its climax. I rubbed her shoe over the nylon covered head of my cock until I felt my second climax begin.

I leaned back and shot my load through her nylon and into her shoe. After I had my way with her shoe, I put her cum filled shoe back near her nylon covered foot. I went back to her room and put the second nylon that held the liquid evidence of what I had done, back in her nylon drawer for her to find.

When I awoke the next morning, my aunt was already awake. I walked into the living room and saw that her shoes were not there. There was no change in her attitude towards me so I assumed she didn't discover what I had done.

When I heard her in the shower, I snuck into her room and saw the shoe I had filled with my sperm in her closet. Also in her closet were the nylons she had worn that night. I took them and replaced them with the ones that had been on my cock and were still moist with my sperm.

Then I grabbed another clean nylon and laid on her bed. I slid it onto my cock and throttled my cock while I listened to her in the shower. When the water turned off, I couldn't stop. The frightened excitement of mentally fucking my aunt while I knew she was naked was overwhelming and I shot my sperm into her nylons once more. I quickly tossed her sperm filled nylon into the laundry basket with the others and left her room with the nylons I had stolen.

To this day, she never said a word about it. I hid her prize in a spot that only I knew. I never came in her nylons ever again but they have been on my erection at least a thousand times as I relived it.

Gobucks6684 | 2014-10-04 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I started putting on pantyhose as a teenager, 13 or 14. my older sisters always left theirs in a drawer in the bathroom.. and i would lock myself in the bathroom and put them on. when I was 16, being the youngest, my siblings had moved out..when my dad was at work and my mom was out I would where them around the house.

when I first moved out on my own, I would always keep 2 or 3 pair around just to lounge in.

As I got married my wife never knew my passion. when she would take the kids to her moms for a weekend, I would buy and hide a pair of sheers and a pair of tights.. tights are my favorite.

I got divorced a year ago and thought, hey I live alone now I can wear whenever I want. I finally got the nerve to start wearing tights under my dress clothes to work and discovered footles tights and wear them all winter.

I just wish it was acceptable for us guys to wear them without ridicule and everything else.

Glad I found this club.


Najlonka | 2014-09-17
Profile Image I am 41 years old, heterosexual with an athletic body type, sculptured by fitness and bodybuilding exercises, cycling, swimming and Alpine mountaineering.
I like to and I have a totaly shaved or better say hairless body that I achieved in the past 20 years by constant using of hair removal epilators.
It's 21 years that I've been living with my girlfriend..
I've been wearing pantyhose from my 8th year.
At the beggining I've been stealing them from my mothers drower, but at the age of twelve I've bought the first pair by myself.
Time passed and in high school I've started also to wear panty briefs, body briefers, high waist panty briefs in nylon, lycra, elasthane.
I 've confessed my passion for pantyhose and other nylon garments to my girlfriend right at the beginning of our relationship and her first reaction was , ovviously , suprise..
But she got used to see me in nylons and body briefs quickly, and not to forget, easily.
We really enjoy our relationship, one with the perfect knowledge of fantasies, joys and problems of the other.
At the beggining I've been thinking (like the most of other men that find to have the same passion) that I might be the only man on this world, who got the weird idea to put on pantyhose. Internet was in early stage at that time (maybe some universities or research centres already had it). So be able to know the other men's secrets but at the same time remaining anonymous was really impossible.
But as the time passed and with the spread of internet over the globe specially in our houses, people got the possibility to use many internet services such as bulletin boards, forums and e-mail. Everyone could and still can express his/her own feelings and (more important) share his/her deepest secrets remaining anonymous. So many boys confessed their secrets regarding pantyhose.
At least I've found out that I am only the top of iceberg of so many men, that like to and wear pantyhose and who don't want to be defined as fetishists or crossdressers just because they like to wear garments such as pantyhose, panty briefs, body briefers, high waist panty briefs, ... for the same reason they are worn by women.
Encoraged by this liberation movement I' ve started to bomb the hosiery manufacturers of my own country and in the foreign lands with e-mails, whose content pleases them to pay attention not only to women but also to men customers.
So now I hope You should know what I want and what I do: I fight for the right of each human beeing to wear whatever he or she wants.
I think the most of men wear or would wear sexy underwear, it's just the fact of public acceptance, or better the fact of the totaly "gerontic" and conservative way to see some facts. The more we all speak in pubblic about men in pantyhose, panty briefs, body briefers, high waist panty briefs, suspenders, thigh-highs, bodystockings, and, why not, skirts, miniskirts, high-heels, the more things grow, the informatons become familiar and propagate more quickly and finally push the pubblic oppinion toward the common acceptance of men in such comfortable, sensitive and sexy underwear, hosiery and clothes (here I mean men of every sexual orientation, but specially heterosexual men, for whom, one who doesn't know nothing about our habits, quickly categorizes us as gays o trans people)
And, the most important thing :
The more men would be able to express their own sempicity, freshness, softness and love that we feel against the others., the more women would love us for the creatures (beeings) we are and not for the beeings (husbands, fathers, brothers, sons) that we would like to be seen.
Why wouldnt start also with our clothes, hosiery, underwear? As I know roughness is still expected in every singe moment of mens life. So the clothes follow these nonsense unwritten rules.
I spend 6, 8 or even 10 hours a day sitting on a leather chair while programming.
That's why I suffer from backache. That's the main reason why I wear bodybriefs - they keep by back still. I wear pantyhose during all year. I simply love the feeling during the summer, and the wormth they give me and keep on my legs during the winter. While wearing trousers my legs skin gets dry very quickly. So pantyhose also keeps the enough moisture to keep my legs in shape. And I do not hide the hose under cotton socks.
So, there are so many reasons to wear pantyhose, briefs,.. that this things hardly can be worn only by women nowadays.
So I have nothing to hide.
P.S.: My preffered colors of pantyhose are: black, tan an grey. I prefer control top models. The thickness depends on the season/weather.

Inpantyhose55 | 2014-07-16 | Comments (13)
Profile Image I discovered masturbation at age 13. The first few times I didn't need anything but my imagination, but the more I did it, the more I needed more stimulation. My family was very strict and religious so there were no "girlie" magazines around for me to find and use. I started using the lingerie sections of Sears and Penney Catalogs to get off with. Then one day, I decided to look in the pantyhose section. Wow, they looked almost nude. Legs posed in a way that you couldn't quite see their pussies, but in my mind I could. I tried to be very careful with the catalogs but I always managed to get those pantyhose pages stuck together. One day, while using the bathroom, I saw a pair of my sister's discarded hose (they had a big run in them) in the trash. I couldn't help but sneak them out of the bathroom. I went to my bedroom, locked the door, and after much hesitation finally decided to try them on. When the nylon first touched my toes, my cock got rock hard and throbbing. I couldn't believe how incredible they felt as I pulled them up my legs and up my thighs. By the time I had pulled them up over my cock to my waist, I was cumming. I came like I had never came before, I didn't think it was going to stop squirting. Probably the biggest load I ever shot. It was also the first time I had ever came without actually stroking my cock. Just the feel of nylon on my hard on for the first time was enough to set me off. I didn't become a pantyhose thief like most of the stories here, just waited patiently until my sister got another run in another pair and throw them away. I've been hooked on pantyhose ever since. Technically, I am bisexual, but I won't have sex with other men unless they are hose lovers/wearers. Women on the other hand, I will have sex regardless of how they feel about pantyhose, either on themselves or on me.

Treess | 2014-07-08
Profile Image I use to love seeing my grandmother put her pantyhose on in the morning she wore them without panties my cock use to twitch when I would see her pussy and ass through the nylon the first time I fucked her I was 18. She was standing in the kitchen talking on the telephone I came up behind her hiked her dress up pulled her pantyhose down and fucked her slowly while she continued talking on the phone

CDKelley | 2014-06-13 | Comments (15)
Profile Image Pantyhose turned me into a transvestite - thank God!
These days I don't get to wear pantyhose very often but I am trying to get my employer to let me wear them and if that happens I will wear then as often as I can and will be one very happy transvestite.
Now for my story: I have always been attracted to pantyhose and stockings, it didn't matter if they were worn by men or women; they can always get me masturbating. Strangely I had never thought of wearing them myself even though I have always been attracted to crosdressers.
One day I was at an adult social function and I unexpectedly ran into an old friend and his wife. I got to talking to them and mentioned that I was bi and later the fact that I love crossdressers came up.
My friends wife asked if I crossdressed and I told her no. As the days passed I couldn't stop thinking about her question. I finally decided to look her up at the department store she worked at and get a pair of pantyhose.
She helped me pick out a pair and I had a raging hard on till I got home. As soon as I put them on I knew everything was right with the world. They felt so soft and beautiful and I have rarely had such an intense orgasm as I did when I masturbated while wearing pantyhose for the first time.
Those pantyhose flipped a switch that let the real me out, I knew that crossdressing was going to be a lifelong part of me. I consider myself transgendered as I no longer feel comfortable in men's clothing and wear as much female attire as I can. I even hope to live as a woman some day. That one pair of pantyhose unlocked my true self and that's why I will always love pantyhose!

Platino | 2014-05-06 | Comments (8)
Profile Image I was a young around 11 I was in grocery store with my mom sister.I was wondering around bored when i saw a women in a skirt heels and stockings (tan )drop a grocery item on the floor.She bent over to pick it up and i saw her stocing tops garter and girdle.I couldnt stop staring at her.My heart raced and i felt aroused. I was walking towards her when this happened.I kept walking towards her and staring at her legs stockings and heels.When she stood up i walked by her fixed on her legs heels and a front slit in her skirt.The slit went up her thgh to the tops of her stockings.I stoped dead and looked at her thigh through the slit. She saw me looking at her and smiled and said hi.As i looked up i felt aroused and embarresed. I couldnt talk.She then walked away the skirt so tight her legs so nice .I found myself trying my moms stockings on thinking of her.Turns out when i went over a friends from school one day it was his mom. Thats another story

Lycralamb | 2014-05-01
Profile Image My wife wears pantyhose everyday, she only buys the expensive ones,
But she loves to dress me in lace panties and pantyhose..she says she loves to feel my cock through the lace and Lycra .. I don't mind doing it if it makes her happy and it feels ok for me too .. She rubs her hand on top of the hose , she loves to see the large bulge , she just keeps rubbing until I blow my load , then she goes down and licks the panties and pantyhose clean.
She was so wet one night I got a pair of pantyhose right inside her ,then she would make me pull them out with my teeth and made me do it over and over ..

Almostnaked | 2014-05-01 | Comments (9)
Profile Image my fetish began at an early age and I must of been 5 or 6, as I recall my first memory of trying on my first pair of pantyhose I was in the bacvkyard of our house where I was hid myself out of site and quickly took off my pants desparately tryings to put those nylons on my legs as quickly as I possibly could, knowinlg I was doing something I really shouldn't be doing. As I barely managed to get them on, I heard my moms voice calling my name and i just went into a panic mode and quickly took them off, put my pants back on, without a second left there was my mom asking me "what are was doing over here," and Iw can't exactly remember what i said to her but she bought it and sent me then on my merry way, I judt thought to myself, niw that was a close one, but I was aware how curious I was to see what it felt like to wear pantyhose but i kept those feelings to myself for many a year. I live with three brothers, two older and one younger with Mom and Dad. I felt that there was something different about me and i kept that secret hidden to myself from everyone around me. As i grew older I noticed I was fasinated with girls legs in nylons and I just couldn't resist looking at thier legs when they had them on. It was tough to look and not get noticed doing it. Somewhere down the road I would eventually succeed trying my first pair and I just loved how felt in them. I felt this tingling sensation combined with a sexy and feminine look and feel that I was hooked on wearing them whenever I had a chance to do so and I did. At times I thought that I was different from all other guys and considered the possibilty I could have been a girl in a past life and wondered if I was the only boy on earth that wore pantyhose. Displaying no fear wearing pantyhose I started getting more brave and dareing venturing outside sometimes during the day and then at night walking around the neighborhood just wearing pantyhose and no other clothes as if were the normal thing to do and i seemed to never see any one see or catch me. It was thrilling and it felt so good to be so naughty i got hooked doing it till i thought that if i get cought im going to stop wearing and live the straight and narrow, yeah right. Thoughts of riding a bicycle wearing only pantyhose soon became reality at 1, 2 r 3 o'clock in the morning, it was auxillarating but sometimes i get the feeling that someone had to see me and i would have to face the music the next day or 2. but never happened so i would go on longer adventures when i got up thenerve to walk out the door and out in the view of the public eye man what a rush sometimes even getting scared that someone seen me for sure and raced to get home before caught me red handed wearing only nylons and shamed by all who would find out about it. but never happend, but as i got older i said one of these days i might be in the back of a police car almost naked and about to get my picture taken with what little i had on. and almost happened too one night. so here i am trying to add more to this story wearing just pantyhose and fishnets on the upper halfof my body but not sure what to type, well i sometimes would go to a seven-eleven late at night and purchase spme nylons but i would take new pairs from my mom that she had to know i was taking them but never said anything sometimes i fell asleep watching tv and wake up wearing only my pantyhose and my mom in the kitchen cooking breakfast knowing she had to see me there in the lounge chair in a public part of the house with the tv onto be continued

Justin12398 | 2014-04-19
Profile Image One time I went to my aunts house and I went upstairs to the laundry to go look for some pantyhose and found some white ones i looked if anybody was around and took them I went to the bathroom to go try them on, they felt good I wanted to keep them so I just kept them on but I put my socks on to cover my feet because I had the pantyhose on so now the pantyhose are covered by my pants and socks my aunt went upstairs to go change then she came down in black silky pantyhose and heels I had an instant boner she told me that she wants to take me to a restaurant I said ok when we went to the restaurant she was putting her feet on mine I was thinking she wanted to play footsie so I took my shoes off and my socks she felt the pantyhose on me and said I understand you have a fetish for pantyhose and she started rubbing her feet on mine with her pantyhose when we got home she told me to massage her feet I said ok then when I finished she said let me massage your feet when she was done I took the pantyhose off and gave it to her because I was leaving then she said come back for more and winked her eye.

Mrshameless | 2014-04-12 | Comments (2)
Profile Image I'm a 50 year old male who loves to wear pantyhose I'm wearing them right now there's nothing hotterI encase my whole body 2 layers First pantyhose then tights on top of that the best pa rt is vibrating my nipples when encased in pantyhose i used to be ashamed but now I don't care what people think I first started wearing pantyhose when I was around 10 my mother was a nurse so she always wore pantyhose so I had an endless supply don't get me wrong I'm a straight male I just love to wear pantyhose now I wear them under my jeans every move is a pleasure try total body encasement its fuckin tremendous if you don't your missing out big time

RunningTights | 2014-04-11 | Comments (31)
Profile Image For me, it started when I was about 4 years old in the early 80's. My mother used to buy L'eggs, and would let me play with the egg before she'd take out the hose and put the hose on. As with all children, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to play with the stuff inside the egg but I wasn't allowed to. But as I grew older I couldn't help but wonder about how something small in an egg could cover a grown woman's lower body. Being in the 80's I wasn't short of seeing lots of pantyhose on women or girls at school so my curiosity grew bigger. Around home I would look for an egg laying about the place with the hope of finding the hose inside but no such luck, always empty.

When I was 11 I found a pair of my mother's blue pantyhose laying about. With my mother not around I quickly took them into my room and tried them on, they felt amazing! It was like an emotional release as this finally the moment I got to experience something that has been a mystery for me for a few years. However, it didn't last long as my mother came walking down the hall and saw me quickly shove my legs under the bed.

"What are you wearing?" She asked.

"Nothing" I replied.

"Are you wearing my hose?"

"Well", I replied "wrestlers wear tights, I'm being a wrestler"

"But they don't wear women's tights" Was her reply.

I protested that I wanted to wear them but I was firmly told that as a boy, I'm not supposed to wear women's clothing, that it's wrong to do so, So I should stop being silly, take them off and put my pants on.

I felt dejected.

However, it didn't stop me taking hose from my mother.

Not long after that episode with the blue pantyhose, I would sneak around into her room and look for more, and I would always find a few pairs that I would take and hide under my pillow. I also found some slips and stuff that I would also try on but didn't get the same feeling I did as I did with pantyhose.

I did get caught with my stash and was told that I had to cut the crap out or else I would get the biggest hiding one could get.

I triedto forget about pantyhose but the power of pantyhose was too strong.

When I was 13 I went to high school and in New Zealand our high schoold have uniforms, and one of the pieces of uniforms for the girls are tights, so I would be surrounded by hundreds of girls in black tights walking past me, sitting across from me, etc. Their pantyhose encased legs in full view. I was in pantyhose heaven. I was also jealous as they got to wear them all the time, so much so that I wanted to become a girl. Shorts and trousers are horrible to me, I wanted to wear pantyhose all day and night.

An aunt of mine was an aerobics instructor and as I had also developed a fetish for spandex (Lycra here in New Zealand) I would go through her leotards, cycle shorts tights. I came across a pair of shiny dance tights which combined my 2 loves, pantyhose and spandex. I put them on and got erect which resulted in my very first experience in masturbation by rubbing my penis through the tights.

As the years went by I stole dance tights and regular pantyhose (as well as more spandex) and would hide them in a drawer, and as I was a lot older (17) I had more privacy from my mother so I was able to wear all the pantyhose/tights I could desire without getting caught.

To cut an extremely long story short, I was staying with my mother when I visited her one time and of course I had some hose with me. I remember putting some clothes in the laundry for her to wash and it then dawned upon me about an hour later that there were 2 pairs of pantyhose within the clothes I put out. I quickly went to the laundry to fish them out but the machine was empty. My mother was hanging out my washing for me and I was mortified. I quickly ran out to take over the washing hoping to hide the hose from her but too late! They were already hanging on the line. My mother noticed the look of embarrassment on my face and knew why I had that look.

"It's o.k, if you want to wear them go ahead. It's your life and you can do with it what you want, no need to be embarrassed"

What a relief. She even brought me a couple of pairs. What a turn around!

So here I am at the age of 36 still enamored by pantyhose/tights (and spandex. Can't leave that out)

And under the roof of my home I can wear all the time without staring eyes, cutting comments or being made to feel freakish. So I take advantage of that anyway I can.

Thanks for reading and for those who haven't shared your story, I encourage you to do so. It's a great release to reveal your personal story about pantyhose. For many people like me it's a secret, a secret I want to share with the world. Society may not be ready as a whole, but at least I can share it here and experience that emotional release, so thank you.

Mywetpantyhose | 2014-02-22
Profile Image I can't remember as I was so young. As a 10 year old, I noticed sis and mom leaving their pantyhose in the hamper. Somewere damp with vaginal secretions. My curious ness got the best of me. I picked up a pair and rubbed them on my cock. And then I brought them to my face . The fragrance of wet pussy made me ejaculate. Since then, I've been hooked. Soon, I found a girlfriend at 18 to share my love of smooth sexy pantyhose with me. She was sitting next to me as I wore a pair of sheer energy pantyhose watching television.just then she said:"Your wearing your pantyhose" after an hour. I said:" Do you want me to take them off"? She said no and strocked my silky legs. Mmmmm.nice baby, let's go into the bedroom. "Put yours on too" We made love in our wet pantyhose all night.

LesleyPhillips | 2014-02-05 | Comments (1)
Profile Image I first started with my older sister's pantyhose. I was jealous of her pretty clothes and longed to experience the feeling of girl's clothes on my own body. My sister would wear mini-dresses with pantyhose and wedge heels. She would also wear long skirts with full slips underneath. I knew that I had to try on her clothes.

She was 16 and I was 13. I started by trying on her pantyhose from the laundry hamper in the washroom. I would rummage through until I found the silky material of her pantyhose. I would strip down and pull her pantyhose up my legs and over my erect cock. I would cum almost instantly.

Later I progessed to trying on her slips and bras along with her pantyhose. If I had extra time I would get fully dressed into her dresses/skirts and her shoes. The one constant was always PANTYHOSE. I could wear everything else and not get a hard-on. Similarly, I would not be interested in girls unless they wore pantyhose.

I suspect my sister knew about my escapades, but she never confronted me. In high school I continued wearing my sister's clothes. I would fantasize about girls I saw in school wearing pantyhose as I looked at my legs encased in nylons. I had quite a few girlfriends in high school.

One was Lesley Phillips. She would regularly wear pantyhose with her skirts. She would also wear pantyhose with shorts...I still think about her reinforced panty peeking out from her shorts. We were in grade 11 and 12 when we were together. We had a conversation about why girls can wear boys clothes, but not the other way around.

Lesley said, "It doesn't seem fair."

"What isn't fair?", I replied.

"Well, girl's clothes are so much more fun...we can wear skirts, dresses, lingerie..."

"Pantyhose," I blurted out and turned red.

"Pantyhose? I guess I can see how a guy would be curious about pantyhose," Lesley responded.

"Well, it's just that, um, they, uh, look so nice on yourlegs, and are silky to touch," I stammered and blushed more deeply.

Lesley was sitting next to me on the sofa. She was wearing a long jean skirt with a white blouse, a white full slip, and beige pantyhose. Her legs were curled under as she sat next to me. Her skirt was tucked in around her ankles. She looked at me and could see the embarrassment in my face. She slowly untucked her skirt from under her legs and gently, slowly pulled it up her legs.

Her pantyhose were wrinkled at ther ankles and her red nail polish shone through her reinforced toes. She pulled her skirt up to mid thigh, but her slip still covered most of her leg.

Lesley then whispered, "do you like my legs in pantyhose? I like the way my legs look in pantyhose. They make me feel like a grown-up. They feel silky and soft on my legs...especially when my slip caresses my legs."

With that, Lesley began pulling her slip up her legs. Her pantyhose krinkled at the ben in her knees. She took my hand an placed it on her legs and rubbed it up and down her thigh. "Don't they feel silky?"

She got up and took my hand leading me upstairs to her bedroom. She sat me down on her bed, asked me to strip and went to her dresser. She pulled out a bra, a slip, and some pantyhose. She helped me on with the bra, and I pulled the slip over my body. She handed me her beige pantyhose and I pulled them on. She touched my hand when I was dressed and I could see our relection in her mirror. I came instantly. I could not help myself. Lesley giggled.

"So, I guess you kinds like getting dressed in girl's clothes?"

I was hard again, and Lesley giggled. She placed her hand on my thigh, "let's make this last a little longer this time"

We caressed each other and kissed. I gave her an orgasm using my fingers. She pulled my pantyhose down, pulled her own down, and we had sex.

Best experience of my life.

Lesley went to a different university and we did not stay in touch. I thought I would find other girls like her. I was wrong.

I spent university rummaging through my gf's drawers and 'liberating' their pantyhose (it's not like they wore them that often).

I got married to a girl that knew I liked pantyhose, but she didn't know that I iked to wear them. She used to wear, but didn't like to. Now she doesn't wear them at all.

Notunique | 2014-02-04 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I'm almost 62 and have had an affinity for nylons for as long as I can remember. It probably all started when I was 3 or 4 although I can't remember the details. Back in the late 50's it seemed as though ALL women wore stockings. My mother used to tell me how amazed at how observant I was because she recalled a time when a friend of hers came to our tiny apartment in New York who was NOT wearing nylons. She said I asked her "why that lady was not wearing stockings"!!

I remember having access to my mothers soft and silky stockings. I especially enjoyed playing with the colorful and organized boxes and boxes she had with new stockings in them (although I didn't remove them). I liked to play "store" and pretend I was selling these boxes.

I eventually found her worn stockings lying around (we lived in a one bedroom apartment). One night in particular my parents went out and my older brother babysat me. I remember finding a pair of her nylons and stuffing them down the front of my footy pajamas while I was in bed. My brother came to check on me and saw what I was doing but I don't remember much except feeling that I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing.

I continued playing with her nylons from time to time. My mother worked as a seamstress and tried to work at home when she could. She would often take a nap in the afternoon on the convertible sofa bed (where my parents slept) in our tiny living room. I was fascinated by the look of her nyloned feet while she slept. I think I felt alone and abandoned and wanted her attention. I eventually mustered up the courage to touch her legs and feet in nylons and was infatuated and hooked. This behavior continued into my per-adolecent years. I got more courageous (or stupid) and tried rubbing my tiny penis on her nylons which really felt good! I didn't know if she was aware of what I was doing until after I became an adult and during a heated mother-son argument, she told me I was sick and perverted for having done that as a little boy. That was hard to hear because I couldn't control my urges and wanted attention I guess.

Fast forward to puberty and my passion for nylons grew more and more intense. She continued to work and always wore nylons with an open bottom girdle. When she took them off, she would leave them lying on her dresser in her bedroom and I would rarely miss an opportunity to "borrow" them to masturbate with. I would always be careful to not leave any tell tale signs and return them where I found them.

I started collecting nylons around that time and had quite a stash that I tried to hide in my bedroom. She found my stash a couple of times and was somewhat non-confrontational and more curious about why I had them. I tried to lie and would make up stories about using them to make fiberglass molds for my slot car bodies but I could tell she wasn't buying it.

One time she told me father about it and he confronted me alone after he picked me up from little league practice. He said something like "your mother found more g*d damned stockin's in your room. I don't know what the hell you're doing but you better stop it!" That was devastating and embarrassing as could be. Thus began the life long conflict of arousal, shame and uncertainty about why I had this compulsion. I couldn't stop so I just found better hiding places.

Every so often I would become infuriated with this obsession so I would take my entire stash, save for one pair for masturbation and throw them in the trash. Then the cycle would eventually begin again and got more and more intense. I got more and more brazen in the ways I would acquire nylons. Those were the days when people did not lock their doors when they left their homes or if they did, they would leave a window (with a screen) open. As a young teen I would find just the right opportunities to hop a fence to retrieve a baseball in a backyard and gain easy entrance into the bedroom of an attractive neighbor woman who I knew wore nylons daily. I pinched many a pair of ultra sheer cinnamon colored stockings to add to my collection. I was horrified the day my mother told me that our next door neighbor was certain someone entered her bedroom and stole all her stockings. I was terrified I would be caught but I never was.

Fast forward to high school where I eventually met my first love, a sweet young girl a year my junior. I eventually managed to must up the courage to tell her about my love of nylons when we were making out in the back of a car one weekend night. She was not shocked or put off and was almost immediately ready to indulge my desire to see her wearing nylons regularly. We stayed together for about 7 years and all during that time that lovely girl fed my fetish and taught me everything I ever wanted to know about nylons, especially stockings which she also regularly wore.

There's a lot more to tell but this is not the Great American Novel so I will close here by simply saying my fetish has been both a source of great pain and shame as well as the most mind blowing ecstatic sexual experiences ever. I've been married (second time) for nearly 12 years to yet another incredible woman who immediately accepted my fetish and has indulged me pretty much every single day except in extreme heat or when we're at the beach.

I am most grateful to ALL the women whom I have crossed paths with during my life who have given me the gift of wearing sheer nylon hosiery whether for one night or for years. I am glad to have found this website and to share my story with yours. Thanks for reading this.

Phwguy | 2014-01-10
Profile Image I am a male in my mid 50's. When a relative on Dad's side of the family had to go to the hospital, I couldn't be allowed in the Intensive Care unit. So my teen-aged cousin was in charge of me till my folks got back home from Los Angeles. We lived in Oceanside Ca, more than an hour south of Los Angeles. 1968 was popular with Pro Wrestling and females were featured regularly on the KTLA channel. My cuz and I were watching a show that Saturday. She wore suntan hose and a short skirt. She kicked her heels off and relaxed on the sofa while I sat on the floor with my back against the lower half of it. During the show I could hear her feet rubbing the nylon and it sounded good to me. Well, the ladies came on and that was getting good. One lady got the other into a headscissor. I said "Oh man, that is so easy to get out of! She is so fake!" Well, my cousin, a real loudmouth brunette with large brown eyes and slim figure, said "Oh yeah? Let's see you try" So she dropped a leg over my head and while laying sideways, wrapped a leg around my neck and squeezed. I was shocked at first and intrigued at the way her legs felt. My hands were all over her legs trying to escape. She squeezed tighter until I gave in. After that, she sat behind my head and wrapped her legs around my neck and held me there, not too tight while we watched the rest of the show. After that, she asked If I wanted to wrestle some more. I agreed, but our wrestling only consisted of her wrapping her legs around my neck in different positions while her face went red and she finally wanted to stop. After that, we would sneak away whenever we could so she could squeeze my head and sit on my face while she wore pantyhose and sometimes her black tights. I enjoyed this every time we met, and as she got closer to graduation from High School, She brought pantyhose for me so we could both wrestle like the ladies on television. This went on for quite some time and sometimes we didnt wear undies, which made it all the more fun. We got to the point that we would not even go thru the pretense of wrestling and just get into a 69, wrap our legs around each other's face, and grind away or just talk about school, friends, family while in this position and I would rub my hands around her legs and butt. She made real good use of my chin in this position. Her hose use to come up to my chest at the time. Well, she moved on to college and married. We never wrestled in pantyhose again. We talk about it but no more matches. When entered Junior High School I made friends with a tall Samoan girl. The guys and girls were afraid of her. She was beautiful, husky, not fat, thick beautiful legs and sometimes we wrestled in pantyhose when I got to know her real good. I never won any matches against her and I loved losing to her.

Sylkenmist | 2013-12-23 | Comments (5)
Profile Image Hi, wow I'm kind of nervous to do this, but here goes. First I am all girl, so I guess I'm a minority here, but that's okay.
I found this site by accident but it seemed interesting.
I first wore pantyhose when I was like 12 or so for my cousins wedding, before that I'd mostly worn like thick,tights with my school,uniform which I found itchy, constricting and uncomfortable, but for the wedding I wanted to look pretty and because I was already maturing physically and becoming interested in guys, I went to my mum and asked her to help,me chose a dress and shoes etc.

Mum was thrilled,that her daughter was finally wanting to move away from jeans and pants so she took me shopping. We chose a to that very pretty pale yellow sundress with sort of Lacey White trim at the shoulders and hem which came to about mid thigh, we matched this with my first pair of high heels, we'll wedges, which were about three inches tall with subtle floral patterns on a white background. It was summer, but as I'd never been a beach girl my skin was not particularly tanned and I mentioned to my mum that her legs always seemed tanned though she never went to salons or spent much time at the beach so how could I get that look.

It never occurred to me that she wore pantyhose most of the time, but she suggested I try a pair of light tan sheer pantyhose. They were a brand called Legalong from the local,supermarket. On the day if the wedding I opened the packet and as,my mother had instructed me, rolled each leg up carefully and eased the soft fabric over my toes. By the time I'd pulled the sheer nylon up over my thighs and smoothed them to my waist I was smitten, I literally felt elegant, mature and classy wearing the smooth hose paired with the pretty dress and heels.

Part from the fact that the pantyhose gave my legs a perfect even tone and soft definition, they also seemed to draw the attention of a lot of the guys at the wedding which I was thrilled by. But more than anything else they made me feel impossibly sensual and after a while wearing them I became more than a little aroused.

I'm not saying more than that,,but after that day I began to wear pantyhose to school occasionally and I noticed that on the days I didn't boys paid less attention than on the days I did, so eventually I wore them every day. Mostly nude or suntan shades,,occasionally mocha and sometimes black, but for some reason I liked the look,of the suntan the most.

As I grew older I gave up,wearing panties with them, though I've tried thongs but i always feel most comfortable with just pantyhose under my outfits.

I hope this gives you a little idea about wear my preference for wearing pantyhose came from.

Mikeinhose | 2013-12-08 | Comments (5)
Profile Image Hi i remember my first time wearing pantyhose was in high school grade 10 and went to a halloween party dressed as a secretary my mom helped to and i remember she made me wear pantyhose because it was cold out here in canada so i did and was instantly hooked and wore them off and on anyway a few yrs later after college i came home to get started out for work and lived with mom for awhile and she wore pantyhose almost all the time for work even in the fall when she went for walks with her friend in the parks wow i thought wow then one fall day it was sunny and warm a bit windy and she asks me to go for a walk with her i was already in shorts and t-shirt and she changed to her pantyhose shorts t-shirts and out of nowhere i asked her innocently if pantyhose kept her warm and she said yes the she said to me i should try some i said i did on halloween in high school we both laughed i said i did not mind wearing them and she then went to her room and got a pr of suntan stw sheer energy pantyhose and i wore them ever since now mom knows

Hoselover | 2013-11-30 | Comments (5)
Profile Image Wow! Awesome pantyhose stories, sometimes ever think you're the only guy who loves to wear pantyhose?
I began to notice girls in pantyhose in elementary school but had other things on my mind. Jr. high school most of the girls wore pantyhose, and young teachers in pantyhose I was thrilled, first time really thrilled looking at pantyhosed legs. At fourteen maybe I found a pair of mom's pantyhose and put them on, I didn't know much about pantyhose but the first time I put them on what a rush, I was thrilled with the feel, the way they looked, everything about them. Sometime later I bought a pair of my own pantyhose, every time I put them on I got a raging erection, why did wearing pantyhose.
cause me to have an erection, after a few times the feel of the pantyhose against my erection, I had to masturbate and oh the rush the semen flowing out of my pantyhose but also a feeling of shame. I would get home from school and the first thing I would do was go to the bathroom put on my pantyhose and masturbate, which by now was becoming more and more frequent. Sharing a bedroom with two brothers I was "caught" me wearing pantyhose, end of pantyhose for a long, long time. I remarried after losing my wife to cancer. I met a lovely young lady at church, we did everything together, including talking seriously about marriage, it was at this time I let my, now wife, know I loved pantyhose and more than that loved to wear pantyhose, she was suprised and commented that she didn't see a problem in that. My wife wore pantyhose in the office where she worked, wow that many pair of pantyhose, plenty for her and me though each time I wanted to put on pantyhose, I made sure to ask her first for a pair of her pantyhose, my thought being that way she knew I was wearing her pantyhose, and loving it!! I still get a huge erection when I put on a pair of pantyhose and of course get a little wet, but don't, well almost never, cum in them, I do like to like in bed and stoke my pantyhose clad erection with my finger tips, almost as exciting as cuming in pantyhose, stroking with my finger tips the excitement can last a long, long time unless I get overly excited and soak my pantyhose with warm sticky semen, though most of the time I go to the bathroom and spill my semen in the toilet so as not to get my pantyhose wet and stain them. My fingers and pantyhose are getting a little sticky even now as I am writing.
I am a straight male, confident enough in my masculinity to wear pantyhose, I don't wear women's clothes. I wear my pantyhose under slacks
or blue jeans. I am married, two children (grown) born again Christian.
May sound odd being a born again Christian and wearing pantyhose, but if that's the worst of my vices I think I'm doing ok???

I am a straight heterosexual male; that is not crossdresser etc. I love to wear pantyhose under my jeans, I love the feel of pantyhose on my legs, I wish there were other males like myself who wear pantyhose simply because I like to wear pantyhose I could chat with one on one. I love PSC I do wish along with PSC, is there a personal one on one pantyhose chat, just for guys who love pantyhose to wear pantyhose under their male clothes?

Mouse228 | 2013-10-31 | Comments (5)
Profile Image Well here it goes...my fascination with pantyhose started when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My twin brother and I use to play around my parents room and one day we started going through my moms dresser. We came across her pantyhose drawer and instantly loved the feeling of them. We started trying them on and loved how it felt on our skin. So from time to time we would go in there and strip down and put on pantyhose and rub up on each other. We'd get all hard and it felt great. By the time we were 10 he stopped but I couldn't. Every day I would go in there and wear my moms hose. I even started wearing all her lingerie with her heels. My favorite was white pantyhose with a white lace corset and black heels. I'd put it all on and rub my cock for hours. Around 11-12 years old my mom walked in...

She wasn't mad. She laughed and said it was cute. She even got in lingerie with me...but that's a story for only people who message me...
Anyway, around 15-16 I'd get so turned on by the girls in school wearing tights and hose. I even met a girl who let me rub her legs and feet under the desks. I'd go home every night and still put on my moms stuff and I'd jerk off and cum all over and she'd let me.

I'm 19 now and I've had a blast in hose. I had one gf that would always wear hose and I'd wear a pair of hers too as we fucked like crazy in them. After breaking up she gave me her hose and to this day I wear them whenever I jerk off. Thanks for listening I got plenty more stories just ask!

Laurieinleotards | 2013-10-11 | Comments (8)
Profile Image Well,I am going to assume some of you can relate to my experiences perhaps not,I have a love of Leotards and stockinged feet,it began at a very young age as far back as I can remember I was always dressed in leotards (thick stockings)not pantyhose,when I was young and used to be dragged off to church with my mother,I began to take notice that the children and women would remove their shoes before entering the chapel,I noticed the men did not,so I assumed it was reserved for the women and kids and never questioned it.
Now,as a child growing up in the 60s some mothers were a bit obsessed with weekly bowel habits,you had to go to the bathroom,now bear with me here this is relevant,my mothers day for this was Sundays after church,and had a procedure that very seldom varied,after church and lunch and after dad went to work, mom would be to get things ready for my "treatment" I would be playing or watching TV and when she was ready she would call me into my room,there laid out on the bed would be a pair of her large woolen heavy leotards,I would be told to put them on so she could begin,(like the Borg resistance was futile)I would take off my clothes and don the leotards and sit on the bed and wait for her to begin,first I would be laid over her lap and she would take my temperature (yes that way) she would be in stockinged feet and as I watched them she would tell me to wiggle my toes,she would wiggle hers,after the temperature was taken then it was time for the laxative,1 or 2 bum bullets (suppositories) again I would be told to wiggle my toes as mom did probably to try and relax me,it did work,after awhile I began to associate stockinged feet and leotards with procedures,and on Sundays.
I would begin to fantasize about some of the other kids in church mainly the girls who may have gone through the same thing I know I would get tingly when in church a girl or woman would wiggle their stockinged toes I would conjurer up images in my mind of them getting the treatment.
It was normal back then for moms to do that,so i thought nothing of it. And I did talk to some of my church mates who did indeed tell me of similar experiences, we never gave it a second thought but I was hooked now.anytime I saw stockinged feet I would get a mental picture.
The other thing that mom used to do was to point out women who were in stockinged feet,ie window dressers(remember them) the ladies who used to change the clothes on the mannequins in the store windows,they always did so in stockinged feet! mom would point them out and have me go up to the window and tickle at there feet,they would laugh and wiggle there stockinged toes in fake laughter, but what did I know,I was a kid,but it stuck with me,at the doctors and dentists the women almost always were in stockinged feet in the waiting rooms,(another bonus) and then there was TV now there wasn't much to watch in the 60s, but mom ever diligent would when she saw it point it out to me, probably why I love magic illusions to this day, the old yoga programs were also all done by ladies in leotards similar to hat I had to wear,and by that time did.
being an only child I think and thank my mother who has passed on for one of the greatest things she could have ever given a child as far as Im concerned.
And that's my story, dont judge me to harshly it was the 60s and a wonderful time to grow up, Rest easy mom miss you and love you.
So if you see me hear after reading this you will know where and why I got the gene lol see you all soon thanks for reading this it is true

Cloudwalker39 | 2013-10-01 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I was 8 when my sis ter dressed me in her pantyhose. It was the first for me as far as pantyhose go. Much earlier , I suppose maybe as young as 4 , my mother would let me and my brother play with her used knee high nylons. I think it was then that the seed of nylon fetishdom began to grow in me. I distinctly remember seeing my cousin wearing new patent leather flats when I was 5. I wanted to wear them so bad. From those early experiences til now nylon has not been far from my mind. Over the years I have tried panties and bras but they just dont do what nylon does.
As soon as I could I be trying to aquire nylon anyway I could. I remember at nine or ten stealing a couple pair of my sisters socks. They were not nylons but were some blend of materials that made them stretchy and soft. Not nylon but as close as I could come. The numbers of pairs and the methods of aquiring thenm are really to great to recall them all.
Our house was cold and I was often allowed in the winter time to sleep in a sleeping bad. That sleeping bag was my pantyhose haven. They felt so wonderfull sliding around in that bag. Countless nights I slept in them. And still do. My mother and sister never had expensive hose so I never got to try ones with true quality. To this day I prefer a plain pair of day sheer hose to the various "silky" styles I have tried.
In my earliest years the hose were not a sexual thing for me. They just fealt so dang good. They were my refuge from life and my mind obliterating high. It wasn't until I was 15 that I had my first orgasm. For a couple years I have been getting a hardon each time I wore them. Precum would flow in streams. It was wonderful. I remember one night lying in bed and wondering what jacking off fealt like. I really had no idea and did not know how to do it. So I , while wearing hose, grabbed hold of my cock and mimiced the motion I had seen the other boys using to acuse each other of jerking off. Up and down I went. My that fealt good. Faster . Harder. Then WOW !....That first orgasm producd so much semen it was as if someone had thrown cups full of it all over me. It was then I figured out to wear a pair and then jack off in another to keep the spewing under control.
Unfortunately I stole all my nylon til I was 18 when I first got the nerve to start buying my own. Crap that was scary. I am 48 now. Married. She knows and is indifferent. I am sure my 14 YO son knows but has never said anything. Wearing is predominately private for me. I wear them nearly every day. Jack off in them too.
There was aperiod of time that I wore them in public as much as possible. Drive to another town stop at fast food place and put on a pair under a pair of shorts. Wore sandals. Go in a walmart , kmart , mall etc and shop for more. Take the ones I bought to a restroom in the store and wear them out under my shorts. Go in with one shade and wear out another. I can not even begin to describe how erotic this was. Back in the car and on the way home The shorts came off and It was just the hose and sandals from the waist down. Those public pantyhose wearing sessions produced some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Stroking away there in the car , vents open , windows down with the air flowing all over my hose, Pow! Let the cum flow !
Well thats my pantyhose life in a nut shell. There is simply too much to write about and too little time and space. There have been purges and restocks and those oh so near misses where I was almost caught by the wrong person. I will end with this story then I will sign off.
Once I was wearing a tan pair of sheer hose under a pair of shorts that did not make it all the way to my knees. I was in a local store shopping for hose and ladies shoes. I experimented with shoes but never persued then like nylon. Any way as I was making my way through the ladies section with my hose choice I ran smack dab into a lady I worked with and taalked about church with. We chatted a bit and went our way. She never glanced down the whole time. If she had she would have seen both the hose I was wearing and the ones I intended to purchase !!.....

Nylonerik24 | 2013-09-30
Profile Image 6-7 yo i was i find the plesure of pantyhose.i remember mom and cusins ,ants had it on all the time ,i was hiding under the table ,or played with cars or starwars figures:)
i love silky feet and reinforcd toes!!!!!
i remember i was feeling my cussins feet (she was 6 yo older )
and she let me do it ,she think it was just funny,i remember i not allways juse my hand lol med she dosent know,she moved her toes some times and i felt something nive all over my body,and my thing lol
to be under the table and the girls dont know mmm i love that feeling,i did do this till i was 16 yo when they dident see me i go under the table,but noe i not have the guts to do it.
any done same? to be under the table and the girls dont know or just let you do the play?or not just only hands but some thing else :))))))and the girls dident know that :)
i an new here and my english isent the best
best regards erik the viking:)

Mitchmontana1 | 2013-09-22 | Comments (0)
Profile Image i first started to wear tights back when i was 13/14 (am 41 now). i started with my mums but soon realised i didn't feel right wearing hers. our next door neighbour was 8 years older than me and her and husband were really nice couple and her and my mum became good friends. she was very tall and not really slim but not fat either but had a good figure. i had a teen attraction to her and she used to wear stockings and tights a lot (although mainly stockings i realised). one day i looked out my bedroom window and saw her hanging washing out then when i looked a while later there were 3 pairs of stockings! my heart was beating fast and i decided to go down to the backs and take them! i took 2 pairs and was hoping no one saw me (no one did thankfully) and that was first time that i stole nylons! they were patterned ones and were mixed up black ones with dots on them. next day her and my mum were in my house talking and i was sitting at table doing my homework and she told my mum that someone had taken 2 pairs of her stockings! i thought she suspected me but never said anything (i met her last year after seeing her on social network and i confessed and she said she never realised it was me but had wondered what had happened to them! however thats another true story about what happened next!). another time her and her husband were going on holiday for long weekend and gave my mum key to check on their house so i asked if i could use their phone when they were away and got key from my mum and had rummage in her drawer and she had loads of stockings and tights! so i took 2 pairs of them hoping she wouldn't miss them. over the years i've been lucky enough to acquire tights and panties and stockings from lots of females underwear drawers and from washing lines when i've seen the female who has hung them out. now i'm an open crossdresser and i buy things from females who sell clothes on local buying sites so i've not taken any for a couple years now but i used to love the thrill of taking tights from washing lines then wondering what the female thought when she saw they were gone. i've also looked after a close females house and female cousins house when they went on holiday and had fun wearing all their tights and panties and negligees and usually taking some of them with me :)

Tightsinmarbella | 2013-09-21 | Comments (23)
Profile Image Well It all started as A teen I guess, tried on mums tightss secretly I just loved the feel and sheen what a great feeling...
through the my twentys I got married and ocasional induldged but nothing major and nobody new... then got devorcied and started again, always the same black sheer to waist 40D or 30...then I had a girlfiend who turned nasty on me, she had no iadea about tights fetish with me, cutting a long story short we end up in seperate rooms , her upstairs me down, One night I put on a pair, and fell asleep...do I regret that next day she was shouting screaming at me pervert and proceeded to tell people.. naturally I moved out..about 6 months later I meet another girl who new me and the x she also heard the story, didnt seam to bother her 4 years later I told her about my love of tights, wow totally has gone with it lets me buy the tights and we share ..our ultimate secret...
The sex is great I love her she loves me and we love tights together... wow

Gramps1201 | 2013-09-01 | Comments (7)
Profile Image I don't know about other guys but mine is born in my childhood, i'm sure. When I was a mere child, my mother and her friends would hold my hands and let me straddle their stockinged leg (playing a riding horse game). They would lift their leg and I would slide up and down. Then when I would be playing on the floor they would slip their shoes off and rub their stockinged foot all over me, sometimes on my face too. (that must be why I get sooo hard from the scent of well worn stockings).NOTE, pantyhose had not come on the market yet. So as I grew older, say 5-8, I would sneak in my mothers or sisters or friends mom's stocking drawer to see what the scent was, as I wasn't getting any of these smells anymore and would get this good feeling over my whole body, especially between my legs, with every wiff. So I discovered as I started to experience my first ejaculations, that they were much more pleasurable and longer while smelling these stockings.
So to this day, just the thought of a wiff of a stockinged foot, sends a chill down my spine and a rise in my levis'.
I have found that this scent can also come from pantyhose, when worn in leather shoes and are unusually arousing when they are of the reinforced toe variety. The thicker area seems to multiply the scent and thus the arousal.
I am a straight guy, 67 year old and anymore, only seem to have my fading memories to enjoy.
Hope this stirs the juices of some, as I have found that I am not alone in my joy of the scent of a stocking clad foot.

JohnInTights | 2013-08-15 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I was 12 (I am now 55) when I first tried on a pair of pantyhose. I was in a play with 3 other boys and 3 girls, and in one of the scenes we had to wear pantyhose with shorts. I cannot remember exactly why we had to do this! There was a couple of small dressing rooms behind the stage, and I was handed the pantyhose to put on. The two other boys seemed to have no problems in doing this and left the dressing room, but I was left there trying to figure the process out, much to the amusement of one of the girls. Eventually she decided to show me, and stretched out and opened up one leg of the pantyhose and thrust in my left foot. I remember that that the pantyhose were very dark tan in color with a reinforced toe and a tight panty panel. Then she helped me pull the pantyhose up, which got me very excited. I was wearing white underpants, but she could clearly see the outline of my erection. I remember her gasping a little as she noticed what had just happened, and she got a little more serious as she put my foot into the other legs pulled up the pantyhose over my waist. I remember that the pantyhose felt really good on me! At this point I felt a little embarrassed and so I reached over for the shorts I had to wear. As I did that she was looking intently at the bulge in the front of the pantyhose reached down and gently cupped her hand over my balls and erection, lingering for there just a few seconds. It didn't take long as I felt like I was going too pee then I thought I was going to faint with pleasure as a felt myself ejaculate with three short spurts into my underpants. She jumped back as I gasped, and I think she thought she had hurt me. I had not learned to masturbate properly yet, and I'm not sure that either of us knew exactly what had just happened, but I quickly put on my shorts and shirt and we ran out to join the others. After the play I went to the restroom and pulled off the pantyhose, which were still wet with my cum, stuffing them into my gym bag with my other clothes. I also remember later that evening trying on the pantyhose again, this time without underpants, and standing admiring myself and the pantyhose in a full-length mirror. I could not believe how nice they felt on me! As I stood there, my hands went naturally to my hard penis and I found myself rubbing the sensitive head between my fingers, slowly at first, then tightly holding my entire penis in my hand, jerking it back and forth, and then masturbating furiously in the pantyhose as the sensations became overwhelming. All this took about 45 seconds before I saw myself ejaculating into the front of the pantyhose with a single huge gob of thick white cum, followed by several short spurts. I remember collapsing on the bed, completely breathless at what had just happened. Needless to say, that was the start of my fetish for pantyhose, which continues to this day!

Pantyhosequeer | 2013-08-14
Profile Image With the passing of time and being one who has lived several lifetimes in a short span, i may not remember every detail perfectly but i will tell what i can recall. My story is a bit different than most in the fact i'm gay. I don't pretend to hide what i am which i think a lot of guys on this site do. Internet aside, there is only 3 males who know of my queer sissy side and i had relationships with 2 of them (Gregory and Josh). I will gladly tell those stories if members are interested. This is how i got started and how i came to realize i was no longer straight.

I was 10 and my best friend Bobby who lived one house away was 11. I was an only child and my mom tells me Bobby and i were inseperable. I remember looking up at him as an older brother, we always played together and spent time with one another as little boys do. This was around the mid 1980's. He had a bedroom in the basement and it was pretty secluded from the rest of the house. We spend a lot of time in his room playing with star wars figures.

One typical day of playing with the action figures, he asked me if i had ever kissed a girl, i said no and before i knew what really happened, he came over and kissed me... on the lips no less. I was taken aback to say the least. I sat there stunned, thinking "why did he do that" and being somewhat sick at the same time. I was unforunately somewhat excited as well. A lot of things were going through my head in a short amount of time. I believe i asked why he did it and he said he wanted to kiss a girl but was too nervous so he decided to try kissing on me.

I was confused to say the least. I went home that night and just remember my emotions running wild. When i got a grip on them, i unfortunately realized i was excited and wanted to kiss him. Next day, he acted like nothing happened. At some point we were down in his room again. He closed the door and when he turned around, i was right there and kissed him on the lips. I was excited and so was he. We laid on his bed and just held each other and kissed for awhile. Nothing sexual, had no idea what sex was and i'm pretty sure he did not either.

It progressed from there, when we were alone, we kissed a lot. Eventually we both got the nerve to get naked and just feel around. If your waiting for something more sexual to happen, it didn't with Bobby, i discovered love and sex with Gregory in my teen years.

Bobby had 1 older and 1 younger sister. He one day surprised me by getting naked and putting on some of his sisters clothes... pink tights and a pink leotard. I was overwhelmed and remember having a boner for quite awhile. He laid in bed and i just couldn't help but hold him and feel every part of him. So like a lot of young boys do who get turned on by legwear, i started taking my mom's pantyhose and tights. I would wear them in his room with whatever of his sisters clothes he could steal briefly. We would dress up and either lay in his bed or get into a sleeping bag together. I remember just feeling one another, kissing kinda fondling each other. Everytime i put on hose or tights, i was rock hard. It still excites me as much today as it did then.

I was always a bit concerned we might get caught but his parents would call down from upstairs. Thankfully they were not the nosey type, that could of been a disaster. My mom did mention once and not to me directly that she was missing some pairs of hose plus several pairs of tights and if i had seen them. I said no and asked what they were dumbfoundly. She never suspected and i've never given her reason too.

About a year later we moved out of the city and into the suburbs. I never had contact with Bobby after that. Even though we didn't do anything sexual other than what i described, i was attracted to boys and i wished i wasn't. I was interested in girls up to the day we first kissed. I hold no blame against him, but i've spent everyday of my life since wondering what might of been if that didn't happen. I have no attraction to women at all but in "my opinion", you can't get a good womans love from a guy.

Whats ironic about all this is i'm the one who turned in the gay queer and Bobby went on to marry later in life and have two kids. I contacted one of his sisters several years back on Facebook and got the news. I've thought about contacting him but what would be the point. He moved on with life and i was forever changed.

The only boy i ever truely loved was Gregory who found me when i needed someone the most. I would be glad to tell you about him and i if there is enough people interested. And yes... pantyhose, tights and all kinds of crossdressing made it into our relationship.
Hope you enjoyed my first experience and sorry if it was a bit long.

Pantyhosequeer | 2013-08-14
Profile Image With the passing of time and being one who has lived several lifetimes in a short span, i may not remember every detail perfectly but i will tell what i can recall. My story is a bit different than most in the fact i'm gay. I don't pretend to hide what i am which i think a lot of guys on this site do. Internet aside, there is only 3 guys who know of my queer sissy side and i had relations with 2 of them. I will gladly tell those stories if members are interested. This is how i got started and how i came to realize i was no longer straight.

I was 10 and my best friend Bobby who lived one house away was 11. I was an only child and my mom tells me Bobby and i were inseperable. I remember looking up at him as an older brother, we always played together and spent time with one another as little boys do. This was around the mid 1980's. He had a bedroom in the basement and it was pretty secluded from the rest of the house. We spend a lot of time in his room playing with star wars figures.

One typical day of playing with the action figures, he asked me if i had ever kissed a girl, i said no and before i knew what really happened, he came over and kissed me... on the lips no less. I was taken aback to say the least. I sat there stunned, thinking "why did he do that" and being somewhat sick at the same time. I was unforunately somewhat excited as well. A lot of things were going through my head in a short amount of time. I believe i asked why he did it and he said he wanted to kiss a girl but was too nervous so he decided to try kissing on me.

I was confused to say the least. I went home that night and just remember my emotions running wild. When i got a grip on them, i unfortunately realized i was excited and wanted to kiss him. Next day, he acted like nothing happened. At some point we were down in his room again. He closed the door and when he turned around, i was right there and kissed him on the lips. I was excited and so was he. We laid on his bed and just held each other and kissed for awhile. Nothing sexual, had no idea what sex was and i'm pretty sure he did not either.

It progressed from there, when we were alone, we kissed a lot. Eventually we both got the nerve to get naked and just feel around. If your waiting for something more sexual to happen, it didn't with Bobby, i discovered love and sex with Gregory in my teen years.

Bobby had 1 older and 1 younger sister. He one day surprised me by getting naked and putting on some of his sisters clothes... pink tights and a pink leotard. I was overwhelmed and remember having a boner for quite awhile. He laid in bed and i just couldn't help but hold him and feel every part of him. So like a lot of young boys do who get turned on by legwear, i started taking my mom's pantyhose and tights. I would wear them in his room with whatever of his sisters clothes he could steal briefly. We would dress up and either lay in his bed or get into a sleeping bag together. I remember just feeling one another, kissing kinda fondling each other. Everytime i put on hose or tights, i was rock hard. It still excites me as much today as it did then.

I was always a bit concerned we might get caught but his parents would call down from upstairs. Thankfully they were not the nosey type, that could of been a disaster. My mom did mention once and not to me directly that she was missing some pairs of hose plus several pairs of tights and if i had seen them. I said no and asked what they were dumbfoundly. She never suspected and i've never given her reason too.

About a year later we moved out of the city and into the suburbs. I never had contact with Bobby after that. Even though we didn't do anything sexual other than what i described, i was attracted to boys and i wished i wasn't. I was interested in girls up to the day we first kissed. I hold no blame against him, but i've spent everyday of my life since wondering what might of been if that didn't happen. I have no attraction to women at all but in "my opinion", you can't get a good womans love from a guy.

Whats ironic about all this is i'm the one who turned in the gay queer and Bobby went on to marry later in life and have two kids. I contacted one of his sisters several years back on Facebook and got the news. I've thought about contacting him but what would be the point. He moved on with life and i was forever changed.

The only boy i ever truely loved was Gregory who found me when i needed someone the most. I would be glad to tell you about him and i if there is enough people interested. And yes... pantyhose, tights and all kinds of crossdressing made it into our relationship.
Hope you enjoyed my first experience and sorry if it was a bit long.

Luvsnylons08 | 2013-08-07 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I'm a straight male rapidly approaching my 59th birthday. My first memory of enjoying the feel of nylons was when I was 4 years old and was feeling them on my mother's legs after coming home from either the store or church. I really can't recall just what the occasion was but my mom almost always wore stockings. At the time nobody thought much of it but I loved the silky feel of her nylons. Having 2 older sisters added to the number of stockings that were to be seen.

One sister that's 7 years older than me almost caught me wearing stockings while I was watching TV in bed. Apparently she heard my TV and came and got in bed with me. I was so scared I might get caught but I managed to slip them off without her noticing, or at least she never let on that she noticed. There was another time she was laying on the sofa and I sat down at the end where her feet were. I was only wearing my tightie whities and my sister was wearing stockings. She thought it would be fun to put her feet on my thigh and move her feet really fast, kind of tickling me. It did tickle but I was enjoying feeling her nylon encased feet on my leg and sort of trying to get her to stop by wrapping my arm around her calves. This went on for a few minutes till my dad got mad because the noise was interfering with him watching TV.

This was about the same time in the 6th grade that I started noticing some of the girls wearing hose. In junior high the stockings became more prevalent with most girls wearing them. Senior high was more stockings and eventually pantyhose with the shorter skirts and dresses. Even though I was getting to see lots of nylon covered legs and feet, I wasn't getting to feel them. By this time, I had a small collection of stockings and was masturbating while wearing them fairly often.

I married my first wife shortly after high school and she didn't care about wearing pantyhose. I did get her to wear a few times for sex. That marriage only lasted about 3 1/2 years. My current wife of nearly 37 years knows of my affection for pantyhose and would wear during sex. I have a very large collection of pantyhose now and she knows about some of it. A lot of what I have, I had bought for models to wear for me to photograph. I have some really good photos of some very pretty models wearing pantyhose. The models didn't have any qualms about wearing them.

I think I've rambled on about my pantyhose/stocking fetish enough. I do still wear pantyhose under my pants and have even worn them with shorts in front of my wife (I don't think she noticed).

Massintruder | 2013-07-12 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Wearing pantyhose and a skirt in public.
A little about me. I am a non-passable CD 53 years old.
I wear pantyhose just about every day unless it is extremely
hot out. I have been wearing nylons since I was 5 or 6
and like many others I snuck into my moms bedroom
and raided her pantyhose draw. Luckily I was never caught
but it came close a few times.
I have a standing monthly appointment with one of my doctors
for refills on my medicine. The doctors office is several towns
away and it takes about 45 min to an hour to get there.
I was working from home this particular day so I was dressed
in Silkies Total Leg Control Taupe pantyhose and a brown
skirt that rested just above the knee, a womans green T-shirt
and womens sandals. My toes were painted red, my fingernails copper sparkles
and my favorite earrings.
I decided to venture to the doctors office
dressed as I was.
I left the house at 4pm for a 5 oclock appointment. I was a little
self-concious as I left my house with my skirt swishing against
my nylons. Immediately a gentleman walking up the other side of
the street crossed to my side and was walking directly torward me.
It seems he was getting in the car parked in front of mine and
he just smiled as he saw me. Pretty uneventful.
I got in my car and headed to what I thought was a 5pm Dr appointment.
When I arrived at the office I was shocked to see another patient in the waiting room.
He looked at me but said nothing. The Dr came out and told me my appointment
was at 6 today not 5 so I told hime I would take off for an hour.
I went back out to the car and headed to a liquor store to get
a couple of nips of Bacardi and some coca cola. I was able to park right
by the front door of the liquor store and as I got out of the car a gentleman
held open the door of the store for me. Made my purchase and went back to the Dr's
office parking lot. At 6 I headed in the office and no mention of how I was dressed.
I arrived home with no issues. When the wife came home she suggested we go down
to Walgreens to get my prescription. Off we go to the local drug store dressed as
I was. When we got to the parking lot there was a car load of teenage girls
I had to walk by. No comments, we entered the store and a few people glanced
but no one downright stared. On the way home we stopped at an ice cream stand
for slush and again not the slightest look.
Very enjoyable and a non -event

Mark73 | 2013-07-11
Profile Image As a toddler I remember a clear image in my head of noticing my mothers legs in shoes and a skirt. The leg from heel too above knee skirt line in nylon. I was fascinated by this tan skin covering that clung to her legs. I wanted to know what that was like!

At junior school I was aware of being jealous of the girls in their green leotards in PE. I do remember having a growing love of legs in hose and leos. The TV was a wash with kids programs of women who had tighted legs or sexy clingy outfits what with Erin out of Buck Rogers and Daisy Duke. I recall a play at the school one year when I got very hard and wet aged about 8 or 9 at the sight of a boy dressed in green tights and matching leotard dancing around. I was a shepherd and so I had to hide my excitement in my robe. I wanted his outfit more than anything. The next year we were called to the hall to find our medieval outfit included long woollen tights and robe made from a woman's 70's top with hood. I was embarrassed but enjoyed the experience. But these tights were not the nylon I craved, how could I last.

Secondary school and the mid 80's and a few girls in short skirt and tights. I could now follow through and my chemicals had changed, I was fully driven and sexually charged to try stuff out. By 13 I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and tried my mothers tan tights on. As the common story line goes, I use to wear my mum's and sister's tights when they were out shopping. I felt really guilty at first but then carried on, couldn't wait for any opportunity and enjoyed every bit of clothing I could squeeze myself into. I am taller than them, and so even at that age. I did struggle to get much enjoyment for long out of their clothes. My sister had some skirts and dressers and I think a bathing costume.

When I was about 23 there an event that allowed me to buy tights myself without feeling to self conscious. It was a large annual event where Uni boys dress as girls and girls dressed a bit more sane ganerally. It doesn't happen any more before you ask! I loved my short black night dress with fishnets and crafty use of ordinary tans as second leg layer and arm covers. My make up was freaky and my friend was a bit taken aback. He though god he has turn. I did put my heart in to it, apart from cycling it is the only time I wear women's pantyhose out the house in public. We got mocked walking in to town and it was cold, the properties of warmth from tights helped a bit! I enjoyed the show of many outfits and wished I was dressed more like some lads who were fully made up in nice dresses by girl friends. I saw some nice legs and wondered if my mild interest in drag queens and lady boys started there... no sure it didn't but can't help loving an attractive leg complete to the top in nylon!

Now I was hooked into the odd visit too the shops and buying my own tights and loved the rush. In the last 5 years I buy by internet.

I had a Lilly Savage outfit once I didn't wear to a fancy dress. Now I might have been the only man camping it up so I was scared as hell! Still I longed for the tights, annoyingly my mother got the bag of clothes I bought and used the tights and threw the other bits. She never even asked!

So here I am today in that mood where I had to put on my tights with shorts on. Its a rarer nice day here in the UK. I sat in the garden having breakfast and coffee knowing I could be seen from at least 3 neighbours if I'd been unfortunate. But my tights felt great in fresh air and felt better when I ran my hand over them. I got excited and felt I should share my story. I dropped my shorts and took my top off in the bedroom. I've changed in to my snug turtle neck black leotard. I love my tights best with a leo. My other favourite combination is a pair of skin tight white jodhpurs with long leather riding boots. Loved the riding look since an early age.

I'm straight but enjoy the femininity of talking about the sensuality and sexuality of tights or pantyhose. I like the escape and sexual freedom. But we all know we shouldn't have to explain this and justify it! I think there is a bit more openness about tights for men in the US?

PittsburghGuy | 2013-06-21 | Comments (5)
Profile Image I wanted to share this story with everyone. I am 51 years old (married), but currently dating a 30 year old black girl (Tika). The only person that knows about this is a girl I used to work with (Asia). We have become very close, and I am able to share my private life with her.

So on a day I was supposed to go out with Asia, she cancels at the last minute. So I text Tika & she decides she wants to go on a date. Now, I wear hose as much as I can. Usually just at home, or under pants when I am out. The only time I've wore hose out in public was during Halloween. Never on a normal day. Well, Tika knows about my fetish, and dares me to wear them on our date. She wants me to wear a dark pair of hose under my shorts, but I told her not a chance for my first time. I shop in the afternoon, and find a pair of sheer hose that closely match my skin tone. My anxiety is very high throughout the day. I take a shower and trim the hair on my legs. I only shave them in the winter. I put on the pantyhose, so far so good. Pick out a pair of shorts, a shirt, and quarter length socks. I send Asia a pic. She says I look good, especially my "girly legs". I let Tika know I'm ready for our date. I try to talk her into going to see a movie. But she has different plans. First dinner at a restaurant, then a surprise.

I pick her up around 7:00. She opens the door, gives me a kiss, all the while rubbing my legs to see if I wore hose. She tells me she is disappointed that I wouldn't go darker, but she understands and is very happy I am giving it a try. We get in the car, and while I am driving, Tika can't keep her hands off my legs. I thought I was going to explode right there. Thank god they were not control top.

We end up eating at Applebee's. Tia made sure we sat at a table rather than a booth. She like that i was exposed more. I don't remember what I ate, but I made sure to drink several beers to calm me down. The waitress that served us never said anything, but she knew I was wearing pantyhose. When she was taking our order she dropped her pen and "accidentally" touches my leg. She doesn't say anything, but she gives me a smile. She goes back to her station, and while she is talking to the other servers, they keep looking in our direction. I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable. The other servers occasionally walk by, even though we are not seated in their sections, looking down at my legs and again giving my smiles.

After I pay the check, and of course give the waitress a big tip, we get into the car. This is when Tika asks if I'm ready for my surprise. As if I'm not anxious enough, I say sure. Again she rubs my leg, working her way up my thigh. Reaches under my shorts and give me a nice squeeze. I almost cum right there. I'm thinking my surprise is either a hand job or blow job, in the car wearing the hose. But she let's go of my cock and tells me to start driving. Where are we going. We head over the bridge, turn right about a mile down the road she tell me to turn in here. Are you serious? Yep. We are in the parking lot of Silky's strip club. This night is getting better.

We go in and pick a spot close to the stage. I'm enjoying the dancers, all the while Tika is giving my legs attention. After about 30 minutes, I'm so excited I'm ready to leave and finish the night with her. When I ask her that I want to go back to her place, she says not yet. You still have to get your surprise. She grabs one of the dancers by her arm, whispers something in her ear. The dancer motions over to me to follow her. Tika just bought me a private dance!

The girl starts her dance as they normally do, slow and sweet. At one point she places her hands on each legs to get closer. I don't think she noticed at first, but after a few seconds of rubbing my knees I could tell she felt something different. She stands up, reaches down, and fully starts to feel my legs. She gives my a huge smile, tells me what a turn on it is. I look over at Tika, and she is enjoying my reaction.

I get about 4 more dances. I don't know how many Tika paid for, but I'm sure a couple f them were free. My favorite dance was from a girl wearing only stockings. She was constantly rubbing her legs against mine.

After we left, I drove as fast as I could to get to Tika's place. I can only say last night was some of the best sex I have ever had.

Tika still wants me to go out wearing darker colored hose. But I still have reservations. I do know I will be spending a lot more time out in sheer hose.

BMysterious80 | 2013-05-24
Profile Image I'm a 32-year-old male. My fascination with pantyhose started when I was 12. Occasionally, in the middle of the night, I would take a pair of pantyhose secretly from my mom's drawer, wear them for an hour or two, and then put them back. I would also do it when my mom was at work. I liked the feeling of arousal that they gave me. I have not worn pantyhose since I was 17 but I still continue to have fascination with young, hot women in pantyhose.

There were a few very fascinating occurrences that happened when I was 25. While looking for work, I visited a staffing agency which then had a dress code that required all female employees to wear pantyhose. And most of their employees there were attractive women in their 20s. I remember my initial interview and profile review very well. It was with a recruiter named Erica. While Erica was reviewing my profile, I took every chance I could to look at her legs (while she wasn't looking directly at me, of course). Luckily, I didn't get caught, but it was hard to resist. To add more to this, I was also having a huge erection but I somehow managed to focus on the main issue-my job search. Another time when I visited this agency, I was brushing up on my computer skills because there was free computer training available for registered members. There was a sexy lady at the reception desk, Jennifer, who refereed me to the person whose responsibility was to log me into the training system, Amanda. Both ladies were young and dressed in black hose and their legs were soooo sexy. While doing computer training, I had another huge erection, again. Both Amanda and Jennifer were objects of my fascination. Being focused on training was hard but I managed to avoid being embarrassed again.

Since then, I managed not to get huge erections and I have controlled my urges a little better. Nonetheless, sexy women in pantyhose still continue to be a very large fascination for me and will probably always be.

Aes92000 | 2013-05-15 | Comments (2)
Profile Image hello all, the following is not meant to disturb anyone or anything of that nature but only to make aware that life happens and that you should go on.

i have been in love with hosiery since age 5 when it first kissed my life and have enjoyed it ever since. it has not been an easy road being such a differnet kind of relationship from the start. i LOVE hosiery and everything it is and has to offer but i, like so many others, can not openly admit it. i wear everyday and look forward to it after a long day at work.

i tried to be open with an ex-girlfriend of 7 years only to have it literally kick in my face. after i confessed to her, she could only ask "WHY". after a few days, a few of 'our friends' got together for a lake party. after a few hours i was soon in a fight for my life with 3 other guys. they used me for a stress relief ball in many ways only to leave me lying there half dead with broken ribs, fracture arm, displaced jaw and much more.
my parents found my stash when i was a teenager and after that more or less dis-owned me.
i have been married for 20 years now nad my wife does know about my lifestyle, finding out by accident. she accepts it but i am still alone in the dark. i want so much to converse with others alike but i have to be very careful for her knowing. even if i could somehow meet people just to talk and share things. i have tried before and she thought i was having an online affair. it is very hard to live they style you want when the majority of people will not let you. i know that i am not alone but it doesnt help knowing you can communicate with them either.
i have joined other sites and can say i did not feel like they were the 'real thing'. i can see by the pictures and stories here that this could be my place, even though i still have to hide doing it.

i say not to be ashamed but embrace it. if women can wear men's clothes and be sexy, why are we considered scum??? men used to wear tights in the earlier centuries and still do in certain parts of the world. when i wear, i do not hurt anyone so why is it wrong???

a big "Hello" to all the other members like me and don't give up.

Pantyhosebuilder | 2013-05-05
Profile Image I'm 57 now and have been wearing pantyhose since I was very young. I can honestly say that in the many years I've been wearing them there have been very few days where I have not worn them. I've slept in pantyhose for years. I live putting on nylons at end of the day. I'm a general contractor/carpenter. In the evening after a shower I pick out a sheer shiny smooth slippery pair of stw tan pantyhose and head for bed or sex with my wife. I get my nylons from Shapings.com. I came across (excuse the pun) two weeks ago that are hard to resist to wear. I love wearing nylons. In age where women don't wear pantyhose and heels as much anymore, it's a real bummer. Nothing more sexy than shapely long longs in pantyhose and heels in a short skirt. I hope pantyhose come back.
I've worn men's pantyhose, I prefer regular pantyhose. I've got over 250 pairs. For those of you read these stories and are curious about why men wear pantyhose. Trust me, if you find a pair of hose like I wear, you'll be hooked. Nothing to loose. Nylons look and feel good. Try on a pair.

GuyInSupport | 2013-04-30
Profile Image I originally discovered my love for pantyhose in 6th grade when I wore my first pair. It wasn't later into life did I start to get involved in wearing pantyhose 5 days a week.

As a teacher, I am extremely sore, plus coaching after school...it is just so much time up and about, non-stop. I was researching solution such as insoles and I came across studies that supported support hose as a solution for achenes and more energy. Well that was enough to get me interested and I did some more digging and found that it could also be helpful for my knee support as I had two surgeries on them young in life. I now wear support hose everyday to work. I started out completely covering them up, with socks and underwear on top to hide any potential spotting of it. I have been wearing for a month dedicated now and I know longer cover up with socks or underwear. My hose blends in well enough with my dress pants and shoes that I do not worry. I have found that both nude and tan blend in the best, but I can also wear jet black, which gives a subtle appearance of wearing fancy dress socks and no one is wiser that those socks go all the way up. I feel so much more energy in and out of school when wearing them, I am bouncier on my feet and I don't feel exhausted at the end of the day. I would love to be more open about it, but I feel I am more of one of those people that don't share things with people anyway. I have worn my hose to track practice with sweatpants and have later walked from my car to my house wearing shorts in my jet black hose.

I am working towards addressing this with my wife, as I have not yet shared with her my solution for my health and energy. I want to be certain that this is something I want to continue with firstly. For now I will continue to put them on when she is in the other room and take them off after work (I want them to last after all!)

HoseMakesMeHard | 2013-04-17 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I'm not sure when it first started but over the last few years I found my liking for pantyhosed legs turning into a lust, then a love, a complete turn on and tonight I think it has finally evolved into a fetish. Being that I am new to this I cannot say fetish for sure, but I had to log in to tell someone my story.

Here I am in the midst of business trip giving seminars to various sized groups. Of course in those groups were various sized ladies of various ages of various races all with one thing in common. Skirts & pantyhose covered legs. While teaching these groups I kept sneaking peeks of the various patterns wondering how far up I could see and were there panties under those hose. The desire to feel the silkiness & gently massage some thighs grew more & more as the day progressed. I had to feel those pantyhose in my hands

I was really getting turned on. Knowing I was in a city far from home, where no one knew me, I thought other men do it why can't I. Returning to the hotel alone, no one would ever know. It was then I decided to purchase my first pair of pantyhose. I wanted to feel them pressed against my member.

At that moment my journey began. The 1st store was too expensive (Being that this was going to most likely be a one trip experience, I did not want to spend a lot money just to complete the task in my hose & throw them away), the second had lines way too long and finally at the third store I struck gold.

I looked through the racks for my size only not to find it. Thinking there was another store near by I left only to return a few minutes later. Looking again, I somehow found my size. Knowing that my desire was just minutes away, I felt myself starting to swell. As I grabbed the pack and headed to the check out, I began to leak. By the time I left,There was a wet spot in front of my briefs.

Finally back in my room I wanted to savor the moment. Everything had to be perfect. The days clothes were stashed, the bed cleared and the lighting set. On my way to close the curtains so people across the atrium could not see in, the devil inside said heck
no, if they see all the more erotic. The curtains remained opened as one leg and then the other slid in. I couldn't believe how easy it was to pull them up. Once they were on I found myself lying on the bed rubbing & caressing all parts of my new hose, there was even a session of standing in front of the mirror admiring myself & my swelling member. The sensation was so great I had to log in and share my story. So here I sit sharing with you my fantasy come true in nothing but my new hose.
Now I want to put on some jeans, return to the mall watch the ladies in hose, thinking you're not the only one wearing them

Pantyhosen | 2013-04-04 | Comments (0)
Profile Image i think it started in elementary school. i didn't know it was a turn on at that point but i loved staring at girls legs when they wore tights. i remember running up the play ground one time and i saw a girl in white opaque tights, and i thought to myself, "i know its tights, but i have to get a look at her feet to make sure." of course she had open toe sandals on and yep... tights.

i also remember my mom when i was younger wanting to dress me up like a girl for some reason. I dont remember why. but she wrapped a towel around me like a dress, gave me some tan nylons to put on and let me wear her heels, which were way too big, but i felt sexy wearing it at the time.

later on for halloween my friends and i dressed up as girls. I must say we looked good! the neighbors didnt even recognize us! 3 of us wore white tights, (enjoyed every minute) but one of my friends got lucky enough to wear sheer black pantyhose! i was jealous and asked why i couldnt wear black ones. for some reason i was attracted to the sheerness.

i think from that point on i knew i loved nylons. i was embarrased about it cause i thought it was super weird. i loved looking through the laundry and finding tights or hose and would take them and try them on. it would turn me on like no girl could.

later in high school i remember my first dance date. the first thing i did when i went to pick her up was look down at her feet to see if she was wearing hose. Lucky enough she was! sheer tan pantyhose with strappy heels! i remember the sight to this day. dark red toes and sheer toe pantyhose. best memory of my life.

since then i have liked wearing nylons and getting the girls i date to wear them for me. No girl to this point has said no which is a dream come true.

the biggest turn on is taking them out of their drawers or off the floor and wearing them knowing that i have a good looking girls pantyhose on. shopping for them has also got the excitment going. especially while wearing. i havent worn with shorts yet but i like slipping off my shoe when i have them on knowing someone can see... side note i love painting my toes too. i think a couple people have noticed and it was so exhilerating.

TomTourniquet | 2013-03-20 | Comments (1)
Profile Image I may be an oddity - it was only after my wife got me to wear tights a few years ago that I got hooked on wearing 30+ denier. If my boss made me wear skirts and dresses (LOL!), maybe I'd feel differently, but I just like the feel of pantyhose and tights. Maybe it's the compression; I recently bought a girdle. Feels great, but makes it kinda hard to keep my pants from sliding down! Wife's taken me out shopping a whole bunch of times, and now I have a few denim and tartan plaid skirts. Tough to beat a pair of Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 40's under a Pendleton wool skirt.

PaulStockings | 2013-03-18 | Comments (6)
Profile Image I am not sure when it started. I think it must have been in my early teens. I used to wear my mum's pantyhose whenever I had an opportunity. Black opaque hose being my biggest turnon, I used to browse my mum's drawers and laundry basket. But I wasn't too picky, I also wore other colors and den. I used to observe my female schoolmates and teachers. Back in the 80's when I was at school, fashion was more favourable - lot of black tight miniskirst and black pantyhose - heaven. Today, it seems too inapropriate. Shame. When I was in secondary school, I found old nylons in my grandma's wardrobe. My mum had a white corset and I combined the two, plus my mum's dress and heels. Loved looking at me in the mirror.
Now I have been married for more than 10 years. The wife is aware of my fetish but she is not 100% supportive - I mean, she wears pantyhose for me, mostly black opaques, but she disapproves my wearing. She discoverd it when we went to the mountains in winter the other year, and we were preparing to go for a walk. It was very cold and she offered her pantyhose for me to wear. I pretended I didn't want to but once I agreed and put them on, I had a huge hardon which she noticed instantly. We have tried pantyhosed sex a few times, but she openly expressed her dismay. Last year we had a serious argument when she accidentally discovered my secret FB account (stupid me, I forgot to log off and she wanted to check hers). I had a couple of pics of me in her clothes. Luckily I had removed some of hers in pantyhose just few days before that situation. I think this was a moment when my mariage was in deep crisis but we got over it - we just don't mention it anymore, but I can see she does not trust me fully. She accepts me wearing hose under my pants in winter when it is really cold. However, when I put them on, she seems disgusted. Sometimes when I travel alone, I sneak some of her hose and lingerie and wear in the hotel. Bests to all hoselovers. Paul

Pantyhoseaddict | 2013-03-12 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I started noticing pantyhose around the 3rd grade. My mom always wears ph, and I'm pretty sure that's where it came from. One day I got a pair of mom's hose and put them on cause I was curious. I remember they felt good but don't clearly remember any sexual feelings. I know I got caught a few times but nothing really happened.
When I went through puberty was when I really paid attention to mom's legs and feet in pantyhose. She always wore NoNonsense tan sandlefoot with reinforced toe and panty(wich is my favorite). Not only did I notice her but also my teachers and classmates. From then on when I could get by with it I would put mom's hose on and masturbate, being careful to climax outside of her hose, didn't want to get caught.
From time to time I did get caught. One time I always remember. I was all alone in the house. It's about 2:00 p.m., not expecting anyone home for another hour or so. I'm in mom's hose with a hard-on. The phone rings, I answer and loose track of time. Next thing I know mom walks in the front door and sees me nakeed in her hose with a stiffy. Talk about" Oh Shit". She screamed at me to take them off. I went to the bedroom, changed, and went to my room and stayed for what seemed a lifetime.
In my own sick, perverse sexual mind I wish that had turned out differently to my satisfaction. Another time I walked in on mom changing her pants and saw her beautiful legs and feet in pantyhose.
So now I'm 38yrs. old and still wear ph, thinking about mom, teachers, and women I see in public. I like the way they look on me, and especially on women. But what really drives me wild is the way they feel against my penis when I masturbate. To this day my BEST and EXTREMELY MOST INTENSE climaxes has been while wearing pantyhose. For a long time I thought I was alone until I discovered adult magazines like Leg Show and Leg World. I assure you that you are not alone and encourage you to join Pantyhose Share Club.

Tobias | 2013-03-08 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I remember when I was in the first grade, about 6 or 7 years old, I found a pair of pantyhose half-buried in the dirt beside a building on my walk to school. I was nervous to do so, but I felt a strong compulsion to pick them up and take them with me. So I did. I took them home after school, and hid them under my mattress. Once everyone was asleep, including my brother who shared a room with me, I would quietly slip them on after what seemed hours of anticipation to feel that soft fabric grace my skin.

In hindsight, I shoulda washed them! Haha.. but nonetheless, I would hide them in my pants during the daytime so I would always have them with me. I didn't want to leave them to be discovered under my mattress. They were my favorite thing in the world. I also borrowed my moms PH from time to time just to see what other pairs felt like, learning about texture, material, denier.. Oh how I fell in love with Victoria's Secret and Stephanie Seymour when I'd sneak a peak at my mom's magazine's for women's clothes! What a hot leg model! I'd dive straight in to the pantyhose section, eager for a new season's fashion in tights. I'd look through the dress section, for a full body picture with tights. I hated Spring and Summer because no models would wear tights! Fall fashion couldn't come fast enough.

Over the years, I gained more confidence, eventually to the point that I am comfortable shopping at a retail store in the women's section, just to see what kind of tights I can buy. I'm 35 so I remember how much prejudice there used to be when I was a kid. It was scary to be public about a PH fetish! I hope those days are past. =)

Nylonfeet | 2013-03-08
Profile Image Hi All,

I discovered my fetish for nylon at about 5 or 6 years of age at infant school where my teacher, Miss Swan would clatter around the classroom on her long stockinged legs and high heels. I was even at that age completely mesmerised and fascinated by her soft shiny nylon clad legs and would for reasons completely unknown to me at that time crave to stroke, caress and even suck those lovely nylon clad legs and feet. I would even wonder how her worn nylons would smell after having been at school.
As I continued on through school through the 80's by fetish would only get stronger as my school girl colleagues began to blossom, and then that all changed with my maths teacher miss Howells and her colleague Miss Evans. I was now introduced to a more mature woman that completely encompassed everything that tights/pantyhose was designed for. Both incredibly beautiful women with the longest of legs encased in nylon.... HEAVEN. Suffice to say during the last 3 years of my secondary school education I spent every waking moment fantasising about both teachers have the most amazing lesbian encounter involving pantyhose.
During my younger adult life I was very lucky to have been able to indulge in my fetish with a good many women, sadly my wife doesn't share the same view and I'm reduced to sourcing my interest through the internet.
Nonetheless, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying what is to all intents and purposes a completely harmless and innocent fantasy of enjoying the pleasures of nylon.

Myself5248 | 2013-02-16
Profile Image Hello everyone. I will not talk about myself much, because it is not important (and nobody really cares!). I can only say that I am a university student and I want to tell you a story, in which I will share experince regarding one relevant topic. Because I am writing here, no secret, I am going to talk about tights, or so called pantyhose. And I want to confess, that I was really attracted to them for some reason, but I partially managed to overcome this attraction. I am going to expain you my secret. I will start with a little bit of my biography. The first time I think I felt something for tights was when I was a kid attending a kindergarten. I only remember me playing with toys, and two authority figures - teachers - sitting around a table with their legs crossed , intelligently talking to each other with a cup of coffee in their hands. And of course, teachers weren't nude - they were wearing clothes. And the clothes teachers were wearing we consider formal today - officially looking jacket, thigh length skirt and really polished tights. The latter is must be, always, no excuses. I remember the teachers discussing about them. And one point, where their opinions really overlapped, is the fact that pantyhose represents the woman. I remember this well for some reason, they didn't even discuss - should, or should not women wear tights - the answer was obvious, but they talked about how the quality of pantyhose represents woman's social status, defines woman's character and how it is a perfect start for lady, who is looking forward to make a good and successful career. They also agreed that it is a great starting point to gain respect and impose will and authority on others. Teachers emphasized that it is really important to wear quality tights (no talk about not wearing them at all) just to look elegant, official, formal, finished at the same time. Maybe these talks, or maybe something else had effect on me - I remember myself staring at their legs and I was just observing them covered with pantyhose. And I felt something then. For some reason, I was attracted to those legs. Something you can't really expain, but I think most of you understand what I am talking about and you can proprably relate that too. Then I understood the truth behind their discussions, the truth that pantyhose are really important, just like teachers talked before. I saw legs, so perfect, that it seemed that my teachers are not teachers, but some divine creatures. And these feelings, emotions and deductions, I think, might gave rise to my fetish. So this is how it began to develop inside me. Slowly. Of course, at that time, I didn't know I had a fetish, but as the time passed, the attraction to pantyhose was getting stronger and more and more often I couldn't resist the look and great feel of pantyhose. When I saw some ladies in the street with their legs covered in pantyhose, I just couldn't control myself and my eyes were just stuck to them. Soon after, I was searching pantyhose in my home (my mom doesn't like them, so it was a hard time to find a pair). I was obsessed. I even secretly bought several pairs on the internet shop. And still, I couldn't get enough of them - I was still observing passers-by in pantyhose, I was still admiring their legs. Not long time ago, I entered the University to study dentistry. Coincidence that or not, but the majority of dentists in my country are women. So are my classmates. There are only 3 males (including me) and 25 females in our class. And the problem is, that most girls wear pantyhose everyday. It's like a dress code. And I knew I was in trouble, because of my fetish. And one day, I thought, enough. I feel like crazy about tights. And I started thinking - how could I overcome this. How could I be in class and not to stare at legs, concentrate on other things. I found a solution. I remembered some psychological theories that might help. And I just decided: if I can't runaway from pantyhose, I will fight them. I will fight my obsession and I will not ignore it. That would not had helped me. So, you wonder, how I am fighting? What methods? There is an good old saying - to keep friends close, and enemies even closer. So I decided to keep pantyhose really close to me - I decided to put a pair of them and wear them during the sleep, during the day - all the time. And guess what? It worked. At first I had a really hard time. The smoothness of pantyhose really got me, I was feeling like it was crazy idea, and if I even could not deal with pantyhose before, when I was only seeing them, so how could I live with pantyhose all the time. Like I said, first several weeks were crazy, especially first days. My knees were bending and I couldn't cope with the idea, that I am wearing pantyhose and the sensations they gave me were just destryoing and killing me. But I managed to cope with that. Not totally, but I am getting better and better. So, there will be two months now that I am in pantyhose and I feel that I did a big step forward. Despite that I am still staring at pantyhosed legs in University and despite the fact, that pantyhose still gives me strong sensations (sometimes so strong that it's hard to cope with), but I am improving really. I am not feeling like afraid of pantyhose itself, like I was before, I don't consider it totally "invincible" and I am not really totally afraid and nervous, when I am close to someone, who is wearing them. Of course, it is just a beginning. I think it would be quite a long "treatment", but, at the end, I think that I will overcome (partially, not totally) my obsession. I decided that i will wear tights for six months. Two months have passed, four to go. For the end I can say, that, in my perspective, so far I got rid of about 20% of the pantyhose affection - my legs tremble a lot less when I am in tights and I am feeling more confident with people wearing them. As I already mentioned, sensations usually are quite strong, but I hope that I will do a progress on that. I am seeking  to reach about 40-45% decrease total. And that would be quite good progress I think. Even it is a hard way, because dealing with a problem in my way requires a lot of mental strength and will. So sometimes I think to myself - why some women are so strong. Everything - the pace they walk, the look in their eyes - everything just yells that there goes a woman you don't want to mess with. And I am talking about mental strength mostly (but not only). My female classmates are really good examples of what I mean "strong" (and my kindergarten teachers too!) - what I am trying to say is that they have created their own opinions about every question you might discuss; they are really independant - so you can't tell them what to do, they already know a lot and if not, they can easily get what they want and easily cope with the problem without your help. Moreover they are really, really self confident about everything, starting with the fact, that they are not afraid to talk publicly and defend their own attitudes, and ending with the fact that they are real group leaders - they might give you orders, what and how to do something, and if you don't follow these orders, you might get into trouble; and these ladies are not afraid to lash you with their fury if you will not conform to them or if you show any sign of disobedience. Then they are near, you are scared even to say one word against their will. By saying "strong" I also mean that these women can do almost anything to you if they want - make fun of you, tease you and you can't really show any resistance - these women know their worth - you just try to be as humble as you can. They are really logical and sane - ladies know that they are good - and they don't hide that fact. They are like the queens - they are the rulers and you must obey. It seems like the world belongs to them. And that is true. At least in my environment. And one day I really wondered - why is that? Why some women are really really strong (as I already described) and some women aren't? Why they don't have so much confidence and charisma? Why only the presence of some women can make you tremble and others don't give you that feeling? Why some women represent authority, you listen to every word these ladies say, and other women, again, don't make you feel that way? I observed all women - I did it quite a long time. And I came to the conclusion - women, who wear pantyhose, are these, which give you chills and before whom you are sweating and feeling nervous, feeling inferior. In fact, I am quite centain about my conclusion - as I already mentioned, this happens at least in my environment. It's quite easy to see the difference between women, who wear tights, and women, who don't. In fact, I dug out the fact, that the women might change positively when she is wearing pantyhose, compared when she doesn't. But that's not always true - some women, or in fact, quite a lot women might suffer from a negative change - they might get really shy, even less self confident, and really nervous, embarrassed, like something wrong would be happening. And I came to one more conclusion - these women are just not "good enough" to wear pantyhose. That's true - their character is too weak and they lack of the qualities the women wearing pantyhose have. And another idea came to my mind - that only "strong" women can wear pantyhose without suffering from negative "side effects" and, conversely, these women get a "boost" from tights. Pantyhose enchances ladies' positive qualities like independance, authority, charisma and so on. Concluding - pantyhose can either sharpen women's negative qualities or make positive qualities more convincing and apparent. It just depends on the person. And after observing and deducing all of this, after thinking a lot, I just thought to myself - maybe it is so hard for me to cope with the pantyhose, because of my character? Maybe I am just too weak for pantyhose? Of course, social norms prohibitating to wear pantyhose for men restrains even more, and gives, I would say, "excitement" to all of this, but I think pantyhose also has it's own spirit and it is not for everyone to wear them. It's simple. Maybe all the sensations driven by pantyhose, and all trembling and bending legs when I try to put them on, are just like a sign that I'm just too weak and not suitable for wearing pantyhose, even if social norms would allowed me to do that; that even some women, who are accustomed to tights from early childhood, and who are encouraged by society to wear them, even they might face difficulties while wearing them. But again, I cannot say that tights affects me only negatively - I would tend to think that it balances my character. How? If you knew me, you would prorably had thought I am a man with little limits, maybe sometimes even crossing the line in a bad way. Sometimes I just think that yeah - I am the best, I am above all, I am really like something special and so on. And it is good thing I guess that pantyhose restrains me to be more down to earth. It also forces me to be disciplined - to do my duties honestly and properly; to set a goal in life and work to archieve it. Wearing pantyhose is like always being watched by someone, who is in position of authority, someone, who can punish me, if I don't pursue my duties well enough. Pantyhose is like something controlling me - something you cannot resist. And I cannot explain that phenomenon otherwise than to claim that this female gartment really has it's own power inside. And I strongly believe, that my insights are quite correct - not only in my surroundings, but everywhere.

Tonystights | 2013-02-13
Profile Image My love affair with tights began when I was 12. I had taken the day off school and my mother with whom I lived with was out at work. I was in the bathroom having a pee when I felt very horny and had an erection. I sat on the toilet and began masturbating when I noticed a pair of my mother's tights hanging out of the dirty laundry basket. I picked them up and began to sniff at the crotch of them. They had an exciting aroma of my mother's genital odour. I then had the idea to put them on. My mother was not a big woman and the tights fitted me snugly. They felt heavenly next to my skin, especially over my cock. I masturbated whilst wearing them and ejaculated into them. It was the best wank I had had at the time. Wearing my mother's worn tights whilst masturbating became a regular thing for me.
I often wear tights to this day and though my daughter's tights won't fit me, I do masturbate into the worn ones I find in the dirty laundry basket.

William69 | 2013-02-09
Profile Image I knew that I loved tights but these feeling were intenstfied when a girl I was seeing used to make me lick her cunt through her tights. and push my head inside to eat her the wet nylon covering my face and pulling her further onto my mouth. She would stay for the weekends and leave her sticky nylons under my bed and this is when I started sniffing her pussy juices while wanking, and this turned into waering them on my legs, body and head. Some time later she found these and demanded to know who they belonged to, and when she realised that they were hers and that I was using them she wanted wih a bagfull every time she came down, and we experimented with encasement and bondage. On the day she would come she would put tights without knickers on for work and rub her cunt throughout the day so her tights would be hot, humid and smelling of pussy and force me to lick her from the outside and then head inside while she sucked my cock, carressed me with her nylon covered hands and pull a pair on me so we could 69 with our head inside each others tights before fucking with stockings pulled over our heads. She has long gone now but my nylon play continues....William69

Phfan21 | 2013-02-05
Profile Image Hi everyone. This is the first time I've ever told my story in full. I have loved pantyhose for as long as I can remember. There is something about the was they make legs look and the way they feel on your own. When I was young, about 5 or 6, I would wear my mother's hose or even my grandmother's. There was something about the way they felt that I loved. I would take a pair and hide it in my room so I could wear them to sleep (which was hard to do because of the sensation.).

In middle school, is where my love for them went further. I have always loved mature women. Therefore, in middle school, my teachers were beautiful mature women who wore pantyhose all the time! As they would walk around the classroom, I would leave my hand hanging off my chair so there legs would brush against my hand. I would do this the most with my spanish teacher. Her legs would look so amazing in her suntan pantyhose. Suntan is my absolute favorite.

My love continued through highschool and into adulthood. I began to wear more often and I started working up the nerve to buy hose on my own. I would race home and strip off all my clothes and carefully pull on the pantyhose. I was in heaven.

At one point, my friend's mother started wearing hose more often. I worked up the nerve to sneak into her room one day. The first time, I took a pair that was laying in her pile of dirty clothes. My heart was racing! But I successfully made it out in time. But I couldnt help myself. On three different occassions, I took pantyhose from her. Once from the hamper. The other two times was from her underwear drawer. The aroma from that drawer was one of the most tantelizing smells ever. Between the pantyhose and her undergarments and her perfumes, I will never forget it.

When I met my wife, I worked up the courage to tell her about my love for pantyhose. She didn't understand it but she indulged me anyway. My wife is a beautiful woman that is a bbw and is curvy in all the right places. The first time she put on hose for me, I nearly exploded instantly. I hadn't experienced pleasure like that before. My wife was the first woman I was ever with, so to have her give into my fetish was not only amazing physically but also amazing emotionally.

Loving pantyhose has always played on my emotions. I always felt like I was some sort of freak. I thought a woman would reject me. But thank goodness for my wife. She loved me enough to begin to accept everything about me. She's not comfortable with me wearing them when she is around but she doesnt mind if I wear them whenever she is not home. Her only condition was that I could only wear or play with her pantyhose and stockings. I couldnt buy them or take them from others. I told her that was perfectly ok becuase I would rather have hers than some random pair. Wearing her hose and pleasuring myself in them is amaing. My wife doesnt wear all the time but she sometimes will for me and that means alot.

I'm now in my mid twenties and I have been looking for a site where other pantyhose lovers can talk and get to know each other. I love how there are men and women on this site who pass no judgement but enjoy each other's company and enjoy each other's love for pantyhose.

Spanker | 2013-02-05 | Comments (1)
Profile Image I remember being quite young 12Or so i seen up my music teachers dress she was wearing black pantyhose with no panties.the look of her hairy pussy covered with hose was the most beutiful thing I have ever seen. from there I actually would try to get glimpes of women at church etc. Trying to get a look at there panthosed pussy.then I stole panthose from my moms drawer. ,and the feeling on my own legs and cock.was unbeliveable I would always wear to bed and under my jeans. and I masturbated through the nylon all the time.this has gone on all my life now I'm 42. I've done a lot of crazy things like driving down the interstate with nothing on but pantyhose.even gone into large shopping mallswearing pantyhose and.,a long t shirt that the panty part of hose would show.I love hose and love women in pantyhose.

Pedzboy | 2013-02-02 | Comments (2)
Profile Image This story isnt about how I came to discover my passion for hose...but an experience which only confirms their "POWER" they have on me. Awhile back I met an attractive woman who I eventually became good friends with..but after we met..we actually went on a few dates...the actual third date I will never forget as it ranks near the top of the list of sexually satisfying experiences...I will not be graphic here as thats not what this is really about...but I will give you an idea of how mind blowing this experience was.... took this beautiful woman out to dine on third date and we had a great time...laughing,talking and just really enjoying each others company...had a lot in common.She had a very hot black skirt on ..a little above the knees and light black pantyhose on. after dinner we came back to my place and I was able to confide in her and told her how much I loved a woman in stockings and hose.She asked what I thought of her legs and told her she looked awesome and she said thank you very exitedly.I then got very bold and asked her if I could fullfill a fantasy of mine...to pleasure a woman completely in pantyhose.She flashed me a sinful smile and said...why would I turn that down?? I told her that she must agree to be the total recipient for quite awhile until she could not hold out any longer and she agreed.I asked her to keep her skirt and hot blouse on and to just lean back slightly on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly bent toward me.I then asked her to be as still as she could be.I could tell she was really starting to look forward to this with exited anticipation. I then slowly proceeded to remove her heels and start massaging her great smelling feet and then rubbed,kissed,stroked,licked etc.from her feet all the way up the "yellow brick road"..very slowly and seductively....what followed was the most intense sexual experience I have ever been a part of...her soft moans began to increase and her legs started to quiver as I was gently trying to hold them down and she was starting to squirm a little and she was really getting wet with passion. I was just loving this as I love to please a woman and this was something I could tell she had never experienced before.after her skirt and blouse were gone...the most intense sexual romp occurred and we both went off at least 3 or 4x...she held the back of my head so tight I thought i was in a neck brace!!I had never seen a woman go crazy like this before and she said it was everything I did...which truly made me feel great.she certainly took care of me and the sex was the best ever with her pantyhose on and then ripped and then whatever was left of them.....she asked me how and I just said it was the power of the hose!as crazy as this sounds...it is so true...how crazy we got with each other that night and she is now married...but we remain friends and once in awhile talk about that night and I still thank her for helping me to realize a great fantasy. she thanks me for still giving her the best sex she says she's ever had(hope she didnt tell her now husband that!)If I ever experience something like that again....know that its the hose that will make me do it!!thanks for reading this....pedzboy

Nataliegarzin | 2013-01-30 | Comments (0)
Profile Image i was 5 and my aunt was always wearing pantyhose. after my cousins found some naked polaroids of her only wearing pantyhose with the crotch tore out and topless i was hooked. i actually cannot remembering every getting a hard on before that. she would come to church sometimes with the family and being a kid i would crawl under the pews at church. then after seeing her pics i decided to crawl under her seat in church and look under her dress. i saw her dangling her strappy wedge heels from her nude and sometimes tan pantyhose( renforced toes). i slide under to view all the way up her sexy legs to her trimmed bush and able to see her pussy. i was hooked for life. i would always play with her feet and shoes in church. she would just bob her feet every once in a while but let me play never saying a word. i spent alot of time at her house and she left her pantyhose every where basement for laundry both bathrooms her room and in the living room in a basket alot. i was in heaven. i always took a pair to the bathrrom and pulled them over my hard cock in the years to come so i could masterbate with them. i finally was left there alone off and on and finally made it to her dresser. she had 2 drawers filled with pantyhose. i was so turned on and would always rummage through them when left alone and started trying them on and masterbating on her bed in them. i shot countless huge loads of cum in her hose and on her bed.i guess that wasnt smart to leave signs but what did i know then. when i would shower there and come out of the bathroom in just a towel she always whistled at me i think to be playful. well a fews years back we all were at a wedding and i hadnt seen her in years. we all talked and decided to go to a bar after the wedding reception. we sat at a high top table in tall stools. they all came in and and she sat next to me giving me a big hug and a kiss saying its good to see you. my gf was with me that night as well as her bf. we drank alot and about half way through the night she started bobbing her leg as they were crossed but it was if she was rubbing her leg on my leg riding my pants up so her hose rubbed my leg. instantly i was hard and for most of the night cause she lost her shoes and started using her feet under the table. i kept glancing down with a smile once in a while as not to draw attention from everyone else. then night was over and i didnt want it to be but everyone had to go. so as everyone got ready to leave she asked me to stop by her car before i left so i took my gf to our car then went around the corner to hers. she was standing there gave me a big again and kissed me on the lips for like 5 seconds i was wanting to jump her right there. then she backed away and said here have fun as she handed me her pantyhose she had slipped off before i got there and said i know you used to love playing with them and she always knew and thought it was hot when i left my cum stains on here pantyhose. the got into her car and rolled down her window and said we should hang out more, i couldnt help it anymore i leaned in the window and kissed her tounge and all as i reach up her skirt and slip a finger into her pussy and fingered her for about a minute till her bf was coming out and i said before her was close thank you and i always thought of her while i masterbated into her hose she smiled and winked then i walked away and she whistled and laughed like when i was a kid. i went to the hotel and fucked my gf so hard and long as she said wow thats the best i every imagined. for the next days i used my aunts pantyhose to cum in like 10 times. they were caked with my cum stains then i called her and said i have a gift we met up at a bar, outside i gave them to her and she smiled and said thanks but id rather you do this to the ones i have on now and all the ones i have at home. since then ive been a happy happy boy.

Alandenier | 2013-01-26 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Hi all! My love for pantyhose came when I was very, very young, around 6 or 7 years old. I had an aunt who is much younger than my mother and she used to wear pantyhose or stockings everyday. I loved to see her long, beautiful legs encased in black, white or navy blue pantyhose. I looked for any excuse to be near to her and even get to touch her nyloned legs or feet a little. By the time I was 11, my passion for women's pantyhosed legs had grown to an erotic obsession. At that age I wore my first pair. They were white sheer to waist pantyhose that i took from my aunt's drawer. It was delicious and i fell in love with the silky material instantly. From that day on, I got to steal pantyhose from almost every woman I knew: My best friend's mom, my aunts, my cousins. As I grew older, I got to talk about my fetish to some female friends who got curious about it and even liked to play around with me. Many of them let me touch their pantyhosed legs and feet. Sometimes even worship them. Now I have a beautiful wife who is not so much into hosiery, but likes to wear it to please me and to turn me on. I like it that way. It's like our little secret. Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat some more.

Tammyboi | 2013-01-20 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I was about 5 yr's old and my sisterinlaw left a dress and pantyhose in my bedroom one day. My curiosity got the better of me. I put on the pantyhose wich came above my chest,then I slipped into the dress. I was in heaven Iloved the way the hose felt on my skin and the dress made me feel girly. I wore them just long enough to get the feel,my parents were still asleep and didn't want get caught.skip to age 13, I began to think how the pantyhose felt on my skin when I was younger and stole a pair of moms hose. I soon began to wear her shoes and dresses.I let my hair grow and wore some makeup. I was then "hooked" and never slowed down since!

Thesexymylf | 2013-01-14 | Comments (1)
Profile Image
I began wearing pantyhose at the ripe age of 16, I had just come into my own. I developed a very thick patch of pubic hair and my boobs grew to double their original size. I was to attend the winter formal I needed to wear a long gown and leg covering for it was winter time. The sales woman suggested a pair of $30 pantyhose which was almost as much as the gown. The sales woman convinced my mother and home we went.

When the special day came my mother assisted in my preparing. I remember my mother tossing my panties aside. "That's why they're called pantyhose, they have a built in panty" She laughed and told me that my panty lines would show through because the gown was very fitted.

"Oh!" I said.

She excused herself and told me if I needed her she was down the hall. I remember dropping my towel, looking at myself naked. And sitting down on the edge of my bed. I read the instructions and viewed the illustrated drawings and proceeded to copy.

The drawings did not illustrate the very sensual, sexual feelings that I was feeling. My red painted toes looked very sexy as the sheer silky taupe nylon covered them. As I worked the pantyhose higher my ankles, knees, and thighs were transformed to a smooth silky sheen. As I pulled the pantyhose fully up over my butt and then up the front I watched as my thick patch of hair went flat. The feeling on my butt was that of massaging. Pulling them up a bit higher I felt wetness in between my legs, I felt as though I may have dribbled out some pee.

Just then my mom knocked on my door and entered. With a quick glance she expressed just how much of a lady I've become, and held the gown open for me to step into.The feeling of the satin material rubbing against my pantyhosed legs and ass as I walked in my gown was second to none.

I arrived home after the formal earlier then my parents had expected, I excused myself, saying I was feeling a bit tired from a long night. After removing my gown, I looked at myself in the mirror wearing only my pantyhose. I found myself getting excited looking at myself. I remember looking at myself and with one hand rubbing a nipple and my other over the silky crotch. I again felt a wetness and this time I knew it wasn't pee, it was purely sexual. Wanting the pleasure to continue I decided that I would sleep in them.

I climbed into bed and began pulling my covers up, shutting off my lights I laid still as the moon light reflection shinned in. I was lost in sexual bliss. I closed my eyes, licked my finger tips and worked my breast and nipples. Being a virgin, I had never sexually experienced anything! Every time my legs rubbed together or the silky sheet caught my nylon encased toes I felt sexual bolts of pleasure between my legs.

After what seemed like hours I let my hand further explore my nylon covered pussy.The more I rubbed the wetter the nylon became. I remember thinking that I must have irritated it for my clit swelled and the skin folds covering my opening parted. With my eyes closed I continued to play with my breast and let my self explore my pussy further.The crotch of my pantyhose had gotten so wet that I thought the thin material would give way to my probing fingers.

The thought of my pantyhose getting damaged and risking not getting another pair was too much. I lifted my butt up, put my thumbs into the silky waistband and rolled my pantyhose down to just below my crotch. Finding my now naked pussy I continued to rub it.

Just as I was about to insert a finger, my mom knocked on my door then came in. She leaned in over me and kissed me good night. She reminded me not to forget to put my pantyhose into the plastic sleeve they came in. "They were expensive. Where are they?" She asked. I told her I was going to sleep in them. She sounded a bit shocked then said she understood why. We giggled and she left. I loved wearing them so much that I was going to take them off. Does that makes any sense?

Just as I was about to slip them into the plastic sleeve, I decided to examine them closer. The little cotton crotch was very wet and had a very intimate sexual scent that I assumed was the scent of my pussy. I had no idea what if anything it should smell like. To be honest the scent caused me to inhale. I was so worked up that I spread my legs and continued rub my opening and poke a finger in. Long story short! I found myself inhaling my very personal sexual scent and fingering myself with two fingers till I thought I had pee, but later found out that I had cum.

Let my fetish begin.

It was later in life that I realized that she too, my mother enjoyed the sensual pleasure that comes from wearing sheer nylon hosiery. xox

Hanes | 2013-01-12
Profile Image My love of shiny smooth hose started in seventh grade. My sister was 5 years older and had great legs. She kept them tan and smooth all the time. She was a cheerleader and many times had her cute friends over for the night and I would spy on them. Being so much younger they didn't think I was a threat so they thought nothing of wearing their nylons, bras and panties in front of me. Back then pantyhose wasn't popular or available and so it was nylon stockings. My sister would put hers on right in front of me not thinking it was driving me wild. She let me feel them once in a while like when watching TV on the couch or driving home with our parents in the back seat. My mother also had great legs and wore nylons a lot but that's what was normal in the late sixties and early seventies.
I remember feeling my sisters nylons that she left in the bathroom and the material was a huge turn on. I really loved the tan color and shiny look when they were on her legs. I wanted to "see and feel" that again but how? That's when I pulled a stocking up my leg for the first time. When I put them on it wasn't like I thought because I was short and couldn't figure out how to hold them up. Part of the sensation I thought was how tightly they fit against my sisters skin making them so slippery. Since I couldn't reproduce that it made me not into wearing them. Within a short period I got taller and when I tried wearing nylons again this time I put on my sisters garter belt to pull them tight. Wow, that was when it hit me how sensuous the material felt against my skin. The one thing lacking was what it felt like without hair on my legs.
Throughout my teens every once in a while I would put on the nylons, and make myself cum. It was nice but not something I did all the time.
I had girl friends in High School and college but I didn't harp on the idea of stockings and pantyhose until I was around 25. I would buy a girlie magazines and loved to see women wearing shiny nylons and pantyhose of course also wearing shiny black closed toe pumps. That combination really got me hard so much that I got the urge to put some pantyhose on. My stepmother was beautiful and a former cover girl. One day I found a pair of her pantyhose drying in the bathroom so I stole them. I took them to my apartment and tried them on. I cut a slit in the panty crotch so I could stroke myself with them on. That was really nice. Looking at a penthouse gal wearing what she was somehow made me shoot higher and longer. Soon that pair of hose wore out and then I was confronted with where to get more. No way did I have the courage to buy them or so I thought. Then one day the urge became so strong to put on a pair of Hanes Alive, color barely there, sheer to waist pantyhose I actually drove to the department store and convinced myself I could buy them saying I was picking them up for my wife. It worked and I then found myself wearing them more often but only to jack off while checking out the babes in the magazines.
In the mid eighties you could look up in the classified personal section of the local paper to locate a gal to meet you. I started enjoying having a girl come over for an hour and then leave. I was into having the girl put on a pair of tan pantyhose, black shiny leotard and a pumps. I would ask her to dance in front of me while I felt here legs and did myself. This went on for a while and finally one day I put on a pair of Hanes pantyhose under my pants and when the girl came out in her hose I revealed mine. That totally turned me on beyond belief. I have nice legs like my sister so usually the girl would be surprised and comment on how hot I looked wearing pantyhose. That really sent me over the top.
In the meantime I have perfected my costume due to the internet. I found that Shapings.com has a huge selection of European hosiery and from that I've tested the ones that are the shiniest and smoothest available. They have to be 15 denier, tan, sheer to waist, and super shiny for me to be satisfied. Specifically I've found Cecilia De Rafael "Victoria" color Moreno to be my favorites for now. A few others are close seconds but that could be a story for later.
I left out an important part of why I still do this and that is because I started riding bikes 30 years ago and got into it heavy enough to shave my legs like the other riders. Wearing pantyhose with smooth skin elevates the sensation to another level. The smoother the shave the more exciting the feeling.
My wife at first was put off by me wanting her to wear pantyhose while we had sex. Her feelings were hurt. Why didn't I love her the way she was? I finally got her to get over that. When we do it wearing hose it seems to amplify the feeling of rubbing to orgasm. She's a good sport about it but doesn't like it as much as I do. Although that's debatable due to the orgasms she's had with me. She still likes to keep my fetish low key which is OK by me because at least she puts up with it and it would be bad if she didn't.
Also, I still really get off with heels and hose. I've acquired ( from the internet ) quite a collection of six inch platform, sling backs, and conventional pumps. I love shooting my cum all over a full length mirror wearing my outfit while my wife rubs my legs and balls. Especially hot when the sun comes through the window just right and makes our hose shine.
I am not gay, don't wear wigs, dresses, makeup or fake tits and stuff. Just the tight pantyhose shiny leotard and a pair of spiked six inch heels. As soon as I cum I throw everything off and the fantasy ends until next time. Reading this web site has helped make me think I'm not so weird. I like it and do it privately so it can't be bad if you enjoy it and aren't hurting anyone.

Annette | 2013-01-03 | Comments (79)
Profile Image My fetish with stockings started when I was 5 Years old.
I didn't realize it at the time on how it would mold my entire life. I'm the only child & was born in R.I. My mom always wore stockings with garter belt & high heels. I love the look & shine of her legs. One day I was playing with some pots & pans with spoons to make a drum sound. My mom asked if I could find something else to play with. I went upstairs to look around & found to my joy a pair of clean stockings she had just hung up to dry on the tub. Of course without hesitation I tried them on with her high heels & started to walk around. I had to hold them up. But I love the feel on my skin. Mom was curious about what I was up to. She caught me in my glory. But the only thing that was said, she was afrid I would fall & hurt myself in her high high heels. She gave me her hose & let me continue to wear them when I wanted. That was a wonderful day for me. I remember about the 8th grade in Florida some girls wore different color tights. I love the look but prefered hose. So I started to aquire some ph, skirt, blouse I hid them in my closet One day my mom found my things & ask me why I had them. Told her I like to wear them sometimes but was told to get rid of them. I did but kept the few ph, espacially the black I had. I would wear them almost every night to bed. When I started to date the last 2 years of high school. I wanted my dates to wear shiney hose & mini - boots were fine too- I love to touch their legs. I would go home & put mine on for bed & have a moment of pleasure dreaming of my date. This continued through college & then 4 years in Navy Avaition. I must say I was straight then. After my discharge from the Navy, I returned home & finally got my own apt. I was about 24 & free to do what I had been dreaming of almost every night. I started to dress completely as a girl. I started shaving my legs & wearing ph & panties 24/7. I was a closet crossdresser until I learn the skills to pass as a sexy woman. I name Annette - My mothers middle name.

Many years have passed including 2 marriages & some beautiful children & grandchildren.

Maybe I'll add the next 30 years of my life. The joy, the sadness, the tears that have transpired & how I have changed but held on my fem side in the continuing story of my life.

Let me how you feel. You are my new family that I love communicating with.
A big hug & kiss

Nylonfan78 | 2013-01-01 | Comments (4)
Profile Image My story is probably not unlike others here at the site. It started out of curiosity and has since blossomed into a full blown love-affair with pantyhose!

I was about 11 years old, and I was at my friends house, in the basement. He left to go upstairs, and I was just looking around when I found the laundry pile. I saw a pair of tan pantyhose, they were Leggs, control top, with reinforced toe. Later I found out, they had belonged to his mom. The curiosity in me picked up the pantyhose, and I took them. I didn't think much of them at the time, other than they were soft. Later that night, at home in my room, I tried them on. They felt amazing, and I was literally instantly hooked!

Over the course of the next decade, I built up a large collection of pantyhose, thigh highs, stockings, knee-highs! They came from various people, family, relatives, friends, neighbors, essentially where ever I could get them. They were new, worn, discarded, in all conditions, styles and colors.

All throughout this time though, I was always confused about why I had built this collection. I am a straight male, and I have no interest in wearing womens clothes (except pantyhose). There were never any answers to the "why" question of the fetish. Why me? Why do I like them? Why do I continue to take pantyhose? I always thought, I mustn't be the only one with this fetish, and even though I found others that shared the same desires, I always felt alone. I struggled daily, trying to quit this fetish, getting rid of all my pictures I had collected (multiple times), and even ultimately threw away all of my pantyhose I had acquired (that was about 14 years ago now).

During the next decade, I still had a strong affinity for pantyhose. I loved women in them, I loved looking at images online, even videos, but i still had those lonely feelings, always searching for the answer to the "why". During this time though, I didn't have any pantyhose.

Approximately 18-months ago I met EG, a great woman with a passion for pantyhose that was exciting! She seemed to know what it was that was in my heart, and she told me about this site. It is this site that has really helped me come to terms with my fetish. I still don't have that elusive answer as to "why", but what I do have is the confidence and the ability to accept this fetish as a part of who I am.

To date, I have been able to acquire some pantyhose again, not to wear any more, more of a security blanket, and they are a true part of me!

I am a fan of all things nylon, no matter the type (knee-highs included), and I simply adore a woman who is confident enough to not only wear, but also show the world her wonderful legs!

Firemangabe | 2012-12-05 | Comments (3)
Profile Image Well I started wearing pantyhose tights when i was 10 because one day I saw a talent show at my middle school with a bunch of skits with girls wearing shinny sun tan pantyhose and i fell in love with them all with the skits with the girls in they shinny pantyhose i became hard and felt strange and when i saw cheerleaders it was all over for me i like all the talent shows prep rallies from middle school to high school when the girls wearing their shinny sun tan pantyhose came out i got hard every time and one day at home I saw some of my sisters shinny sun tan pantyhose sitting on her bed same ones that the girls were wearing in the talent show that day so i put them on and for some reason they felt good on i like how they felt against my skin and since that day when I put on that pair of my sisters pantyhose I been wearing them every since i wear them everyday i wear them to work and my wife found out about it she is cool about it now she caught me wearing them on day I got home from work before she did one day and I was watching tv in a pair of sun tan shinny pantyhose and fell asleep and when she got home she woke me up and ask me what was i wearing and why was i wearing them so i told her and she ask me how long i have been wearing them i told her i have been wearing them since i was 10 years old and told her my story and since that day she has been cool about it and we both wear them now and we have all kind of pantyhose fun we have swam in wear them in our hot tub and we have all kind of brands and she is nice enough to bye them for me when we go out shopping until men can bye them with out getting them looks

Fantasypantyhose | 2012-11-29 | Comments (0)
Profile Image It all started in Jr. High school for me. When I was in the 6th grade I did not notice the girls wearing pantyhose very much but I did notice they were wearing pantyhose. The start of it all was at one of those talent shows, 3 skits in a row were girls wearing pantyhose with socks and no shoes. The first was a sort of drama skit with 2 girls wearing skirt and pantyhose. I could not believe what I was seeing I was enamored with what I was seeing, the suntan pantyhose and white socks was really getting me hard while I was sitting in those bleachers.
The next skit was more of the same 2 girls wearing shorts with pantyhose and white socks again. They were doing a dance skit, I was doing all I could to get close I finally got up to the front row for a closer view. Watching these girls dancing in pantyhose and socks was just amazing. The last and final skit, my jaw about fell to the floor... 3 girls in cheerleader outfits all wearing pantyhose and socks with no shoes. I could not figure out why these girls were not wearing shoes but it was fine with me, they just turned me into a pantyhose with socks fanatic. One of these gals I will not say her name but she was my idol all the way into high school were she made cheerleader and I got glimpses of her pantyhose and socks all through high school. Watching these 3 gals was so hot to me, I really loved those Jr. high years I had many pantyhose encounter through out Jr. high I will post some of those stories in some other topics.

Phbob | 2012-11-24 | Comments (19)
Profile Image Hi my name is Bob and I am 50 yo and bi.
My experiences with pantyhose started when I was 16 year old.
I was thin then and about 5'??5"? tall, about 115 lbs with a 32 in waist.
An older friend and I were babysitting a couples kids one New Year'??s eve.
David and watched TV with the kids and we rode their snowmobiles for a few hours.
We came in side had pizza with the kids and put them to bed.
David and I watched TV until midnight and he fell asleep.
I couldn'??t sleep for some reason and got bored.
I was snooping through the couple'??s house and I found a pair of the wife'??s pantyhose.
I don'??t know what brand there were because it was so long ago.
The panty part was lacy and the color was nude.
I was curious so I went into the upstairs bathroom and stripped down and put them on.
Wow did I get excited.
I had very little hair on my body at that age, just some pubic hair and the hair on my head and a bit under my arms.
I looked at myself in the full length mirror and I got very turned on.
I got very hard, so hard that my cock hurt.
As I got more excited, I got braver and forgot the David was sleeping in the basement.
I went into her bedroom and found her shoes. I found a pair or high heels with straps and put them on.
They made my legs look amazing. They had a double wide full length mirror in their bedroom.
I stood there and admired myself in the mirror, touching my cock and touching my nipples.
What I didn'??t know was the David had woken up and was watching me through the partially open door.
David was 18 and was an athlete. He was on the swim team and the baseball team. He was a real hit with all of the girls.
David was about 5'??10"? tall and in very good shape. I used to attend his games and swim matches so I knew that he had a great body but I never thought of him in that way.
Well as I was admiring myself and getting more worked up, I heard someone say you look hot.
I nearly fainted as I jumped and turned to see David watching me and rubbing the crotch of his jeans.
I tried to cover up but there was nothing available and no place to go.
I got very scared and started to shake.
I immediately lost my erection.
David came into the room and told me not to worry or be scared. He took me in his arms and held me tight. We had been friends for about 6 years but we never were this close.
As he held me he reached down and rubbed my ass through the pantyhose. He pressed himself closer to me and I could feel his boner. He then picked me up with just his arms and laid me on the bed and he stood there looking down at me. He reached down and caressed my legs. I closed my eyes. I was still scared but I was becoming aroused again.
He picked up my right foot and kissed my ankle and then my calf and then my thigh and rubbed his face against the inside of my right leg.
All of a sudden I felt him kiss the head of my penis through the pantyhose. No one had ever done that before (girl or boy). I gasped.
I immediately got very very hard. When he saw my reaction he laughed and said I think you like that. I could only groan.
He then started to suck me through the pantyhose and I came within seconds.
He pulled down the pantyhose and licked my belly and my cock clean of my cum.
He asked me if I liked it and I said oh god yes.
He said it was now my turn to make him happy.
He undid his jean and released his cock. It was about 9 inches long and it was as big around as a quarter.
He took off his cloths and sat on the bed and had me get between his legs.
He taught me how to suck cock that night.
More of my experiences to follow, some with David and some with the women I knew that loved me in pantyhose.
I welcome and comments and interactions with other members.

Jillslegs | 2012-11-14 | Comments (3)
Profile Image Well I started wearing pantyhose in middle school. I wanted to be a cheer leader and I made the squad. I really never noticed any boys looking at my legs till I got into high school.
I kept on cheering and on game days we would wear our uniforms to school.
I noticed a sudden intrest in my legs . Seemed like all the guys were taking notice of the way my legs shined and shimmered under the lights. Ive always kept in shape by swimming and riding horses. I kept on wearing hose into college and into my professional life.
Hey,, guys love legs and I'm happy to turn. few heads,

Electricgurl | 2012-11-09 | Comments (115)
Profile Image For me, pantyhose just always were. As a young girl my mother dressed both my sister and I and pantyhose or tights were part of dressing for school. Then we became old enough to dress ourselves and I kept wearing them. Not remarkable because my sister did too, but as I learned years later she only did because she thought it was expected of her. That thought never crossed my mind. It finally all came clear when my sister stopped wearing and I still kept wearing. No disagreements, no arguments, she was allowed to do as she pleased and I did my own thing too. But, of course, my thing included wearing pantyhose every day.

I never thought of it as an addiction or anything odd really. Not that I recall. It wasn't a sexual thing for me, putting on pantyhose was no different than pulling on a pair of socks and it was just something I did habitually when I got dressed.

As I got older I started to recognize the behavior as being different but still for me it was normal, or at least it felt normal. I was 22 when I finally just out and out called myself a pantyhose addict, a label that still feels odd to me because it still just feels normal.

What I don't care for is the feeling of compulsion that I sometimes feel, but those people that know me well know that I'm obsessive-compulsive over much more than just pantyhose. I don't feel my compulsion all that often, but sometimes I feel it tugging at me and it doesn't feel as though I have control over my thoughts and actions. This is what I don't like about the compulsion, but most days I don't feel that way. Most days I feel great about it and all the better to have a place to share it and people to share it with.

Thanks to all for being here and reading this!


Pntyhselvr | 2012-10-16 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Well with me I would have to beg my wife to wear my "drug of choice" in bed and one time she said " I don't know why you like those things" why don't you wear them. XD me really? Uh... Ok.
I then slipped into her pair (she wasn't going to find out about my stash yet) inside I was so excited. Then the truth came out. -_- she wasn't happy and asked if I was gay. It was disappointing and hurt a little but she now excepts it but still doesn't like it and only does it because she loves me. I would love to find a woman with the same passion as me. That's about the only time I ever told anyone. I was always to embarrassed. It's nice to finally find a place that so accepting

No1important | 2012-10-16 | Comments (0)
Profile Image A few weeks ago EG talked to me and i opened up some about what i enjoy about hose and such. I finally mustered up what i have to actually tell it now and get it off my chest. Il keep it simple.

When i was younger i dont remember much. Probably repressed memories or whatever. I just remember trying to get a touch of my tutors leg (classic professional look: skirt, hose and heels) and i remember trying to get a light touch on my 3rd grade teachers leg, but i remember staring at them mostly. I would sit near her whenever she was at her desk and i was on the floor by the books or whatever. I had a thing for ballerinas too when i was young, i wonder why haha. Must have had a start around there.
Fast forward a bunch of years and i get into hentai and stockings. That soon turns into a fascination with tights and then pantyhose. Any of my friends who wear them immediately started grabbing my attention. As well as the jewish women who walk around their neighborhoods when im driving through it sometimes. Soon i progress from hentai to pictures to real porn. Today i like all 3, hentai and real women. Although i became sort of particular in what i like. I don't intend to wear pantyhose them and i don't want too. Also im not shallow but i have to be attracted to the female in them as well. You can see in my gallery what i like. An attractive female doesn't have to be in hose for me and i dont need them to be BUT of course that hits my spot hard if they are and it would be a blessing to find someone who would accept that. Funny thing is i have never felt a pair that i can remember, so i don't know why it turns me on. I find them sexy to be honest, when done right. I don't like feet either or encasement. My thing is yank that skirt up, tear the hose opened and go at it, although iv never done that and im going on a few year "dry spell". So i have a host of bottled up sexual desire that is long overdo to be released, anyway on with the story!
Fast forward more and my thing for nylons turns into me getting into some subtle domination to the female in them and they combine (and just in general, again iv never had the pleasure of trying). I don't really like leather and all that but im all for hair pulling and yanking, roughhousing, some spanking, and some light bondage. I always had a thing for submissiveness and dominating that women, occasionally roughly if its permitted (this links back to my start at hentai where all anime girls are submissive, now asian secretary pronz involving hose usually hits this spot for me). Of course i would never hurt a women so this all has to be ok with the person im with, sadly like i said iv never gotten to try it to this day.
Now these days i find this site and slowly add more to my collection and most of my personal pleasure involves fantasizing about women in hose that i like and doing my thing weather its dominating them or just straight sex im thinking of. I dont NEED hose on a women but hose immediately set me off and my eyes have come to spot them on women even at a distance, i will notice them. Funny i found this site a while ago and was reluctant to do it, now here i am pouring my sexual history involving hose out on the forum and owning a gallery of my own that iv been told people enjoy.
So in essence if you read all of this that is the progression of my liking into pantyhose. I don't want to know why i got into them, i just accept that i am now. The day im able to be sexually free with a female whose wearing them will be awesome. Few know of my....affection for this, and even fewer know what i want to do with a lovely young lady dressed up complete in them and a nice outfit. Finding a girl to talk to about this has to be one of the most difficult things. So this is me, what i like and how it started. Hope i didnt go too far off track, any questions or comments feel free to msg me or talk here. Feels good to open up finally.

LLCoolant | 2012-10-13 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I told two ex's of mine that I preferred women to wear PH but I began the reveal by asking them first what do they like on a man, or myself to wear? Once they answered my initial question then I told them about my preference for PH on women. Both were women whom I felt closer than any other girl friends that I've been with. The 1st one lasted for a year, & only wore PH a couple times & never during sex. From the conversation she told me she preferred not to wear. The 2nd when I had the conversation she was so cool with it right off the bat she started wearing for any occasions even sex, we were friends for almost half a year first, & we where together for sixteen years & she wore until the end.

NylonLover | 2012-10-09
Profile Image My pantyhose addiction started when I was 10 years old. I was at my friends house, and his mom wore hose almost daily. She had taking us to the mall and video store to rent a game. Of course she had hose on. When we got home that evening we were sitting on the couch. She was saying how bad her feet hurt, so as a joke I told her I would rub them for her. To my surprise she took me up on the offer. I rubbed her nylon feet for what seemed like forever. She thought it was innocent, little did she know it turned me on.

I loved the way the hose made her legs and feet look, I loved the way they felt, and I loved the sweet aroma of her hosed feet. Later that night I went into her room/bathroom and I found her hose in the clothes hamper. I took them out and sniffed hem and then masterbated with them. Ever since that day I have had a love for nylons. I also love women in pumps. I love the smell of well worn pumps.

Years later I met my wife, I told her about my nylon fetish. She is fine with it. My wife wears daily to work, I could not ask for more.

Norfolk | 2012-10-05
Profile Image my mom always had pantyhose hanging over the tub drying.i was curiouse and when i was 13 the family went out shopping and i was alone for a few hours. i opened my moms draweand puiied out a pair of suntan pantyhose reinforced toe.i was excited as i put on my firstpair of pantyhose on.i tied up myself and have been hooked every since. i'd like to have a dollar for every pair of pantyhose i've gone through. my best orgasms by far are when i'm bound and gagged and struggling like hell trying to get loose..it's been a great hobbie over the years.

Allsheerguy | 2012-09-30 | Comments (2)
Profile Image For as long as I could remember, I was fascinated by womens legs in nylons. They looked interesting and felt so nice to touch. I was very young then, around 4 years old and didn't understand the inappropriateness of what I was doing.

After being told a few times to not touch women's legs, but continuing to do it, my parents felt it was time for more severe measures. My dad got real harsh with me. My mom thought he was being too harsh. They had a fight about the way he was handling me.

The next day or soon afterwards, my mother sat me down and patiently explained how it was not nice to touch and rub womens legs the way I was doing it. She gave me some stockings to play with but warned me they had to be put away when my dad was home. I also was warned that if I touched and stroked women's nyloned legs again, the stockings would be taken away and my dad would handle the punishment.

I loved my stockings. I loved sliding them on. I loved how they made my legs look and I loved touching them. The only problem I had with the stockings was if I tried to walk in them. As soon as I stood up, they slid right down. I had to hold then up or use rubber bands or tape to keep them from sliding down.

When got my first pair of pantyhose a couple of years later, I wasn't sure what to make of them. I tried putting them on like I would put on a pair of pants. My mother explained that they were called pantyhose and tried to help me put them on. I ruined a few pairs badly until I got the hang of it.

When I did get them on and pulled up properly, I was thrilled. They felt incredibly great. Pantyhose was like stockings but much better. I could walk around in them without holding them up and there was more silky material on me. I loved pantyhose.

Mom was Ok with me wearing them out of my room and around the house as long as my dad wasn't home or we had company. I had to cover up though. I had to wear a robe, shorts or other attire. My favorite was a long shirt. So, pretty much everyday I wore pantyhose and a long shirt in the house. My mother even told my grandmother I liked wearing pantyhose and instead of throwing out their old pairs they should save them for me.

Then one night when going to bed, I decided I didn't want to take off my pantyhose, so I kept them on and slept in them.

Years later I still wear pantyhose every day and to bed at night. My favorite outfit is still pantyhose and a shirt. There has been pivotal times in my pantyhose lifestyle too.

At 13, I started buying my own. At 18 I wore pantyhose for pantyhose sex with my girlfriend. That was also the same day I shaved my legs and wore pantyhose out openly in public for the first time. I met girls who liked my legs which led to some interesting conversations and sexual experiences. I also met my wife while both of us were wearing pantyhose and noticed each other.

I guess in retrospect, I've lived and continue to live the pantyhose lifestyle. My wife likes it when I wear. My legs are still hairfree. I still wear out openly with shorts all the time. I rarely go bare legged, although I have toned down my attire somewhat. My shorts are mid thigh, long enough to wear with pantyhose that are not sheer to waist. They are not the Daisy Duke type shorts I used to wear all the time

JaimeH | 2012-09-27 | Comments (32)
Profile Image My fringe moment came when I was trying to decide if my girlfriend whom I was feeling head over heels for would become my 2nd wife. I wanted my next marriage to be open and honest and hopefully include pantyhose to some degree, so I had mentally steeled myself to bring the topic up somehow in the next few dates (sort of a make or break moment).

We had been long distance dating and I was living in Chicago and there was a bitter cold spell coming in February. My gf/now wife was living in the South and we were chatting on the phone when she said I hope you will dress warmly and not freeze.

This was my moment, so I casually said to her since the wind chill was going to be minus 10 degrees F I would have to put something extra on under my dress slacks as it would just be too cold walking. I proceeded to explain to her that unfortunately I did not have any long underwear and my sweatpants would be too bulky underneath my trousers, so maybe I would have to resort to my last option and wear some tights. There it was thinly disguised. Would she mock me, would she think it weird, would she ask why I have tights? Instead she was intrigued and the next morning she texted me "how do the 'options' feel?" I was ecstatic that she was intrigued. Later in the day she texted back "would I like to borrow her bodystocking?" From that moment, I knew she was definitely my girl.

She indulges me in the bedroom and we both wear tights together to this day. However, I have not fully opened up about my passion for pantyhose/tights but I think with time and love there will be another fringe moment when I tell her more.

15Denier | 2012-09-26 | Comments (0)
Profile Image My passion was given a big kick-start when i was 13 (yes i was a late-starter lol) The school i was in, organised a carnival procession and i was to be one of the devils minions! I had to wear all black, with a plastic devil mask. My mum sorted out my costume and got me to wear a pair of my elder sisters black ribbed school tights. At the time, i was abit wary about wearing them so my mum helped me put them on. Even after the carnival ended, i wore them under my jeans the whole day, and my mum thought nothing of that. Mu mum took some pics of me in the costume and my aunt still has them in a photo-album at her house. I hope to get them back someday. From that day, i would sneak a pair of my mums to indulge myself in! My mum once found my stash, but thats a story for another day! So ive got my mum (and in a way) my elder sister to thank for how my passion started up. From that day i was always aware of all the girls' hosed clad legs, in the schools i went to.

Gsbdph | 2012-08-10 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Mine started you as a product of the girls in school in the 70's and Daisy Duke who had the greatest set of legs ever. I started wearing in high school and thru college and eventually progress to dressing in private. One halloween my first wife and I went to a party with her as a cop and me as a hooked in full drag. She had me fully shaved from the neck down tucked in wearing a red turtle neck bodysuit with 2 pairs of legs sheer energy suntan sheer to waist on my long shapely legs. she made me wear false tits and all, I was in full make up, wig and false nails, top it all off she put me in a black spandex min skirt and 4 inch black shiny pumps. We wend to the party early and as we got to the car she turned me around and cuffed my hands behind my back with real cuffs. I was no in her control and she buckled me in the car and cuffed my ankles together with another set for the ride. at the party I was kept cuffed all night and I was in heaven. I after the party she punished me by keeping me cuffed for the night in drag.

I have worn many times and been bound several of them and it is thrilling to be controlled, I always go out n halloween in drag and love to visit Salem, Mass to see all the legs at Halloween. I have shot lots of photos of women in hose and bondage as well they are posted on here for your enjoyment. Long live pantyhose and keep the nylon flowing.

Hooter | 2012-08-10 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Mine started when I was around 7. My parents owned a womens clothing store. There were more pantyhose in my house, brand new. Never opened before. I used to wear them and try to put them back in the packages the same way. Never could make it look good. But I would put them back and get a new pair the next time. The first time I tried pantyhose on I was in love. I saw more shoeless hosed feet growing up in the 80's and 90's. I had a masterbation addiction by the time I was 10. I got caught many times by my mother. My wife is very open to my fetish and wears for me all the time. But she still doesn't get how addicted I am. She knows I wear them now. I don't wear them with her anymore, but she understands I need my pantyhose time. I love tights and pantyhose. Pantyhose has made me a very open lover with my wife. My fetish is pantyhose, she lets me indulge, and I let her get fucked by whoever she wants. I am straight, but get me in pantyhose and I will eat a mans cum out of her or my own. I don't care at the time because I am so overtaken by the tights or pantyhose that are involved. My fetish has made me feel weird because of the things I will do. But either way, its fun and my wife shares my fetish with me.

SeriousSad | 2012-08-10 | Comments (0)
Profile Image So long as we're sharing stories, encouraged by electricgurl herself, I felt I too need to contribute to our wonderful group;

It's gonna get somewhat explicit and graphic, so stop here if you're gonna feel offended;

Like so many other men here my fascination with nylons began before I even went to school. I was 5 or 6 years old. I remember I used to wonder why some women wear hose and why it's almost always black (it was, and still is, a look popular with religious women who opt for a black veil and matching black nylons and shoes). I even innocently asked my parents why such women dress like that - all in black - and they simply smiled at my curiosity. Not much later I had 2 dreams on the same night, both concerning the said women, one of which I remember vividly enough to relate here. I dreamt of 5 or 6 women sitting around a round table, each putting one of their feet on it, wiggling their toes (clad in black nylons - knee-highs probably as not much higher could be seen), giggling and gladly inviting me to kiss and sniff their feet. I was this mesmerized kid on all fours worshipping them one at a time. The interesting part is it was all focused on the feet cuz if I'm not mistaken all other body parts were covered by the veil.

I woke up confused (I'd had the 2nd dream too) not knowing why I had had such a weird dream, as I come from a non-religious family and that look for a woman is considered non-classy. Nylons were ok, but veils absolutely not.

Later on I remember hiding under my brother's bed staring at his tutor's nylon-clad feet/soles, really getting excited and loving it without, of course, getting aroused. I can recall my parents had to beg me to come out (they thought I'd bother the class) but the tutor often told them I was no nuisance and could lie there!

After this period the hose-loving tendencies were dormant (I can't remember anything anyway) until I hit puberty. That's when I borrowed my mother's fashion magazines and would jerk off to models, mostly sporting or advertising hosiery. At that same age, I also borrowed almost all my mother's pairs of stockings and pantyhose, one or two at a time, to cover my legs and sometimes my hands (one or both) while I jacked off to ecstasy. One trick I was proud of was to cover my penis with one while pulling its other end so it'd stay stretched and gently rubbing it with my other hosed hand till I came. Of course I had to wash them and dry them before putting them back where they belonged. Everybody was confused by how long it took for me to have a bath or (sorry to be blunt) take a number 2. I even asked my mom to never remove the mat in the bathroom - you see, I didn't want to sit on the cold tiles while I did my thing.
And of course, showering in hosiery is another thing I was so interested in. I even tailored her hosiery to make stockings out of pantyhose pairs, and even enjoyed wearing the remaining see-thru boxers. :))) This pretty much shaped up my teen ages.

When I had access to internet, I started looking up stocking pictures, oddly enough I disliked any and all pantyhose.

Now I think I like them both but prefer pantyhose. I even get a kick out of nylon socks and nylon gloves, really anything which is nylon :) One thing I truly love is reinforced toes. They're so yum!

As for wearing them out in the open, I honestly don't have the courage. I conjured up enough courage to wear them to school but I had to be cautious if my hosed butt was showing when I sat, so I decided not to do that anymore. These days I sometimes feel compelled to pick the used up ones from the street floor if no one's looking :D but rarely put a pair on, you never know when there'd be a knock on your door.

That's it I guess. My story. Feel free to ask if there's anything vague. :)

Bydlo | 2012-07-15 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Hi everyone.

I had a different experience than most of you but not that different as a whole and how I developed liking pantyhose to death.

At a very early age, I didn't really come to think of pantyhose as something I fantasized about, but really interestingly, I was thinking about which color nylons do look best on women, which turned in my sweetest pondering, whats best, black or brown nylons.

But up to until my 12 age, I didn't develop any fetish other than being a captive or prisoner of women, By god nothing femdom and bondage stuff you see for this topic, but just romantic submissive without all spanking, whipping and torturing, which totally freaks me out and make me disgusted.

Then at around my 12th birthday, I've come to a friendly fight with a much older girl (18 or 19), and you can just imagine who was winning the "fight" and who on the other hand really enjoyed losing it.

And as she was pinning me down face to face, holding my hands with hers, she positioned on top of me with her brown-nylon feet on my thighs accidentaly touching my groin I just had the craziest epiphany in my life. The sensation of her nyloned feet on my body, while being captivated by her just transformed my life forever.

I am now, 8 years after, still a pretty hard-core nylon fan.. I can't say I love wearing them, although I did try wearing them to work one day, and didn't really feel like that's necessary. They're very very very comfy clothing though, I still don't understand women who don't like wearing them.

Steelyman | 2012-07-15 | Comments (0)
Profile Image Like a lot of folks on here my pantyhose (or tights as we call them here in the UK) obsession started with my mum. She nearly always wore tights and back in the early 70's short skirts and dresses. My dad would often grope her around the house, sticking his hand up her skirt when she was doing housework etc. I used to watch and think how good it looked. When I was very young I took to lying on the floor so that she had to step over me, I could then get a quick look up her. She had great legs and a very sexy bum. As the years went by I never missed an opportunity to look up her skirt and fantasise about feeling her up

Shineyhoselover | 2012-07-14
Profile Image Well guess it's about time I share my story so I will try to keep it short and sweet. My obsession started when I was 5, except back then it was nylon stockings. My mother would leave hers hanging in the shower and I would always admire them swaying when the wind would blow through the bathroom window plus the sheen caught my eye as well so much so that I decided to try them on. Little did I know that at that moment I was hooked for life. I didn't try them on again until I was 8 for the simple fact that getting caught was to much to bare at a young age. When I wore them again at 8 it became a daily experience for me so much so that I started taking them and keeping them for myself. I also remember at this same age of having my very first true erotic experience. We had an art project to do and it required a single nylon stocking. The one girl I grew up with sat across from me. She brought in a pair in a very silky shiny grey colored stocking and while in class she slipped off her shoe and slid on the stocking and was running her hands up and down her leg. Even at that young of an age I was entranced by what she was doing and sat and watched. Didn't realize I had a hard on at the time.

Eventually as nylon stockings gave way to pantyhose in the 70's, I moved to them and would always stash a pair away and wearing when no one was home. That gave way to me eventually cross-dressing in my sisters clothes in my teens. It was always the shine and how they glistened in the light that you could say mesmerized me and this has stayed with me to this very day plus the fact I loved how they felt. In my case I guess you could say all of this was bound to happen when you look at what girls wore during the disco days and I always enjoyed catching glimpses no matter where you went. I always wanted to wear what they wore.

My sexual pleasure with pantyhose did not happen until I was nearing puberty when things made more sense because I was older. I used to enjoy wearing a pair when I was in junior high on days that I did not have gym and knew I could get away with it. I kept all of this quiet as I grew older (especially because of the parents I had and growing up in a large family you had to keep quiet) and never shared at all until I was on my way to my second marriage.To which I will agree with Electricgurl somewhat on the fact that yes it did cause some difficulty in my second marriage because my wife at the time was jealous my legs looked better in pantyhose than hers. She also only wanted me to wear for sex and I enjoyed wearing all the time. Eventually, I think things became way to much for her and she could not handle it as well as other issues. So this is why when I post in my gallery you will see nylon stockings and pantyhose pictures. It's what I grew up with and enjoy wearing.

I doubt I will ever share my obsession should I ever decide to have another woman in my life only because of what I went through before. I will though should I ever have a very open minded woman who enjoys pantyhose and if I feel comfortable enough to share and even then I will be very cautious.

I also know that I have found a home here to enjoy my obsession and I thoroughly enjoy everyone's company and how all of us have the same passions.

Pocky | 2012-07-02 | Comments (2)
Profile Image When I was in 8th grade, I started to notice that girls had nice legs. I was just into legs. Didn't matter if they were covered or not. A couple years later, however, noticed that it was the hose-covered legs I liked best.

One day in class, I saw this girl in front of me take off her shoes and wiggle her toes. Instantly aroused! I was hooked on hose from then on. I even started compiling a list of who whore hose and what colors they had on. It was even better when girls had to dress "formal" for events after school and had hose on during class...

College was great. I could go to pantyhose fetish sites from my off-campus apartment and even order tapes.

There weren't many women wearing hose while I was in college though :(

Now I see tights everywhere! It's wonderful where I live.

EricD14 | 2012-06-30 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I have many memories of different pantyhose experiences, so I guess I'll start at the beginning. I remember walking in on my grandmother getting dressed (maybe more than once?) while she was only in a bra and hose. I didn't recognize any feelings at that time, I was probably under 5 years old at that time.

In 5th grade I remember the first girl I saw in a mini skirt, and maybe because I have the class picture to remind me, I saw the first pair of flesh tone tights or pantyhose on a classmate. In Jr. high (called middle school now) my fascination for pantyhose really took off and I was aware of it. Classmates, teachers, and ladies at church (including my mom) all grabbed my attention when wearing hose. This was about the time I first experimented by trying on a pair of my moms hose, and it was great.

I had the same feelings during high school as well, but did not have the confidence to share with anyone, or to ask a girl out just because I was attracted to her because of her legs. I thought that being attracted to someone because of their hair or their clothes (or boobs) was normal and that was how I was "supposed" to feel attracted to them. I was attracted to them for those reasons as well, but it just wasn't the same. I had an experience at church when two classmates were both wearing and were discussing the situation of being dressed up for Easter service. One told the other "I can't believe I'm wearing pantyhose." "I know, right? I can't wait to get home and change" said the second girl. Hearing this, I tried to add my two cents into the conversation by saying "I figured you would be used to wearing them" as if they wore them all the time like I wore tube socks. The conversation stopped there, and that helped reinforce the notion that pantyhose was a "taboo" subject. I should have just given them a compliment on how nice they looked and left it at that. I wouldn't dare admit how much I liked them in pantyhose.

As an adult, I've had plenty of experiences with co-workers and such, but no meaningful relationships with anyone who is into pantyhose as much as I am. As society gets (and dresses) more informal, the opportunities to see or meet anyone who wears is getting next to impossible, especially here in southern California. I feel if I had even 5% more guts to actually compliment or mention how nice someone looked while wearing, maybe hose would still be a common item of clothing. I feel like its one of those "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" situations.

I've been out wearing with shorts for almost 7 years now, and all my family and close friends know I wear. I'm still not sure how many casual friends know or recognize that I wear since I stay with the sheer skin tones, and if they have noticed, they probably don't care to hassle me about it and just accept it. I've had a few "dude, are you wearing stockings?" moments but I just smile and tell them yes I am, and that's as far as it goes. There are not many places and situations where I have not worn out in public, and I'm still alive (and thriving) to tell the tale and maybe open some eyes to different ideas. I'm very happy to be a part of this community, and I hope everyone can find that comfort zone of being happy by just being yourself.

Hambone | 2012-06-27
Profile Image I really wish I knew.

I vaguely remember messing around and trying on a pair of my mom's pantyhose when I was very young, but it was by no means a regular thing. It seems it wasn't until much later in life that I started to wear them more often (after getting married). I have always loved to look at women in hosiery, but the obsession to wear them myself seemed to have come from nowhere in particular.

Nowadays I don't really wear pantyhose too much, but if my wife was more into it, I would probably find myself in them every day. I really like the feeling, but its not worth it becoming a problem with my marriage, so for now its just sort of a treat.

Belair19702002 | 2012-06-22 | Comments (23)
Profile Image I don't remember how my fascination with pantyhose started, but I will tell you about my earliest pantyhose memory.

Please forgive me if I'm short on details, this happened when I was 4 (I think), I'm 45 now, so this was quite a while ago.

Anyway, I can remember going with my parents to what I believe was a nursing home to visit an eldery relative (again, I think). There was a woman at this visit also, she may have been another relative, I'm not sure. Again, please forgive me, I'm trying to relate the sketchy memories of a small child. I can tell you that she was an adult, maybe in her mid to late 20's. I do remember that she was wearing pantyhose. Anyway, I must have spent about 90% of the visit on the floor by her, rubbing her legs. I was, as I say, about 4 years old, so there was no sexual arousal, but I can remember her legs feeling wonderful, and not wanting to stop. I don't remember any of the adults saying anything to me about it either. As small as I was, they were probably just happy that I was sitting still and being quiet.

Now I wish I could tell you why I did this, but I honestly can't remember. I've tried to remember, have been frustrated that I can't.

Well, that's my story, I wish there was more I could tell. I hope everyone finds it interesting.


Nyleth | 2012-06-15 | Comments (0)
Profile Image It's great to read the stories of people who share the same passion. It's curious how early age and being in contact with a lot of females, like mother, aunts, sisters, friends, etc. introduced the fascination for that particular type of underwear.

I can't remember very well when it all started, the precise age I mean, but I was very young. My first memory concerning pantyhose was as a kid (six years old maybe) imagining how it would feel like to be wearing that stretchy transparent material on legs and on the upper part, like being totally encased. No sexual intentions there, but growing up near female relatives who commonly wore pantyhose just made me curious about the material.

Then there was a time, early teenage years, where my curiosity when further and I decided to steal a regular tan pair from my mothers drawer. I used it under my pijamas without anyone knowing for a full day and went to bed with them. Without know how I was doing it, the strange arousal led to my first orgasm. That is how sexuality started to get related to pantyhose for me. In my young mind I related that wearing pantyhose felt good and made me climax and so I wanted to wear it more and more. That started a long period of stealing and then returning (sometimes not) without notice (or so I hope) the pantyhose from my mother. With the arrival of internet my research went further and so did my fetish. Then girlfriends came along, and I didn't need to steal from my mother's pantyhose drawer again. I always loved and encouraged them to wear pantyhose and even got from them a few pairs as a souvenir, that I secretly wore.

There was a big confusion and shame on what I was doing. I felt apart and sinful from my dirty acts but I couldn't help it, but I forced myself to quit for long periods of time. It was like a love and hate situation. I was in denial and feeling ashamed.

Of course as I grew up into adulthood my view on the fetish changed and I accepted it for what it was and started to learn more about it. Stealing was not required anymore because I gained the courage to buy my own pairs. I live the fetish secretly because I like it that way, I cherish my privacy in those matters since it's a very controversial and not that well accepted thing for common society. Although I let my girlfriends know how much I love tights of course, but I never say that I occasionally wear them.

And this is "were my passion started" :)

Bennyhose | 2012-05-16 | Comments (1)
Profile Image I'd had an obsession with hosiery since I was five and saw my aunt wearing full-fashion stockings - this was just a few years before pantyhose became popular. I would spend a lot of time looking at the hosiery section of catalogs, and looking at the nylon-covered legs of my mom's friends. By the time I was eleven, I was really getting into doing "naughty" sexual things whenever I had the house to myself for a few hours. Things like walking around the house in the nude, and looking at my dad's Playboy magazines.

One day, I was naked and looking for my dad's magazines when I came across my mom's collection of stockings. They felt so soft and silky in my hands, and they were so thin and weightless, that I wondered how it must feel for a woman to wear something so diaphanous. I knew the only way to find out was to try them on. Although walking around the house in the nude was extremely exciting, and gave me a constant erection, wearing stockings was ten times more exciting!

It was later that year - when my mom bought her first pair of pantyhose - that I got to try those as well. I loved the fact that the nylon went all the way to my waist, that you didn't need to wear a girdle to hold them up (she didn't use garter belts), but mostly I loved the way the nylon felt against my cock. I've been addicted to pantyhose ever since.

Hoseboy30 | 2012-04-25 | Comments (0)
Profile Image I started with my Mums tights when i was 6, and haven't stopped since then. As you can imagine, having an orgasm aged 6 in tights has set me up with a very strong association :) I then grew up stealing her tights for a few stolen breathless moments before nervously returning them, hoping to leave them as i found them. More often than not, i'd be found out and be made to feel guilt and shame. So, growing up, i felt compelled and disgusted with myself, and would accrue a collection of tights, and would purge and tell myself i'd move on. Until i'd find myself stroking and choosing from among the large collection my mother had.
When i was 18, i had a seasonal job in a hotel, which was live in, and off season i'd return home to live with my parents until next season. This was brilliant for me as both my parents worked, and i would have all day to spend in my mums tights drawers and dresses. I can't possibly explain (or maybe i don't have to) how utterly intoxicating it was to make myself look womanly in her tights, boots, slips and skirts. Posing in the floor to ceiling mirror, and lying on the bed adjusting my tights and enjoying being enveloped by them, or admiring the packaging of an unopened pack. Perhaps peeling it open just enough to feel some of the material. Imagining the sensations in wearing them.
Imagining all kinds of scenarios, and losing myself again and again that day. Bringing myself to climax, quickly undressing and going downstairs, before steeling myself and running upstairs again to drench myself in paradise once more.
When i lived alone, in my own flat, i had no tv or computer, just a radio and a drawer full of tights :) Fun times indeed.

I've since met an utterly wonderful and beautiful woman, who has given me her heart completely and has taken mine too, and despite not understanding or sharing my love for these sensual garments, has chosen not to hate me for it. I would like to be less slaved to this desire, and to control it more, so we'll see.

Fishguide | 2012-04-19 | Comments (1)
Profile Image hello all.....

I have decided to write a little...

Well lets see, i would say my pantyhose fetish started when i was about 8 years old... At this time.. i was surrounded by women all the time in skirts and dress and i liked touching them.. at this age i liked putting them on and feeling the smooth feeling it felt.. but by the time i was 15 i didnt wear them anymore.. but my mothers friend used to come over all the time.. and wore pantyhose and stockings and she never could sit like a lady so it made me look more.. should would always wanted me to rub her feet and legs so by the age of 15 it was out of control.. its all i could think of..and her in her pantyhose.. she was not alot older than me only by a couple of yr's.. by the time i was 17 she had stopped by and was hanging out.. as usual she wanted he feet rubbed.. but later on that evening turned into more... next thing i knew i was under her skirt.. and let me tell you ever since that day... until present i have a very bad fetish for pantyhose.. i prefer Pantyhose/tights.. im not much of a fan of Stockings or Fishnets at all... So one day i started with a idea to start photographing women so i did.. in 1994 i start taking pictures of young and older women in pantyhose in all kinda of settings..

Im married and have 6 children. my wife doesnt like to wear pantyhose.. but will from time to time... i also have a thing for toes.. a womens toes must be sexy.. my wife does make fun but good fun about it.. when we go out.. shes like theres some OTS's Which is Open toes shoes.. lol.. but when i women has PH on... i have to look.. or snap a picture if possible..

Well its probaly not the best story or i could of done better.. but i winged it..