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Is It Ever Okay to Wear Pantyhose and Open-Toe Shoes? The Runway Says Yes - 2017-01-31 | Contributed by StilettoObsessed
The most daring trend on the Spring 2017 runways was not the rhinestone-encrusted nip slip at Saint Laurent. Nor was it wearing your lingerie out of the house in the light of day. In fact, the most jaw-dropping trend of the season started from the bottom up: pantyhose and open-toe shoes. Go ahead, shriek if you want. Cringe at the thought! The idea of those gangly little piggies shrouded in semi-sheer drugstore-bought nylons is enough to induce mild heart palpitations in anyone. Which means you better start the chest-clutching now: The phalange-flaunting look is alive and well on the runways in fully unabashed, so-bad-its-good glory.
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