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Is It Ever Okay to Wear Pantyhose and Open-Toe Shoes? The Runway Says Yes - 2017-01-31 | Contributed by StilettoObsessed
The most daring trend on the Spring 2017 runways was not the rhinestone-encrusted nip slip at Saint Laurent. Nor was it wearing your lingerie out of the house in the light of day. In fact, the most jaw-dropping trend of the season started from the bottom up: pantyhose and open-toe shoes. Go ahead, shriek if you want. Cringe at the thought! The idea of those gangly little piggies shrouded in semi-sheer drugstore-bought nylons is enough to induce mild heart palpitations in anyone. Which means you better start the chest-clutching now: The phalange-flaunting look is alive and well on the runways in fully unabashed, so-bad-its-good glory.
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A perfect match: Edgewater pantyhose entrepreneur and Hoboken shoe model team up - 2016-11-20 | Contributed by StilettoObsessed
rnWhat happened when an Edgewater pantyhose entrepreneur and a Hoboken shoe model walked into the same computer services store? They walked out with a partnership that has helped a 15-year-old company put its best foot forward.rnrnBonnie Glogover, of Edgewater, founder of Glogover Hosiery, was looking for help in creating a website that she could use to sell her line of convertible pantyhose pantyhose with a toe flap that can be folded back to expose the toes or the entire foot. The owner of the Hoboken store, Jeff Cohen of Hoboken Tech Solutions, introduced her to Alissa Sweeney, a shoe model who had an eye for fashion, a knack for marketing, and connection with a web developer, her boyfriend, Mark Standish, a partner in a web design and marketing company.rn
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British firm comes up with a revolutionary pair of tights! - 2016-11-16 | Contributed by StilettoObsessed
At 22 quid a pop theyre hardly the cheapest tights on the high street but according to the manufacturers they are the Rolls-Royce of legwear. Heist, a new British manufacturing firm, says that it has created the perfect pair: tights which dont snag, wrinkle or sag. rnrnHand-sewn in Italy and with a more elasticated waistband than normal , Heists new pantyhose products, which sell for 19 to 22, are the result of a year spent working with 67 women, come in shades of nude and opaque and are just the latest in the lengthy history of hosiery when it comes to packing a punch for your pins. Heist founder Edzard van der Wyck wants his company to become one of the premier destinations for legwear lovers and its easy to see why. rn
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