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We all need these indestructible rip-proof tights which promise 50 ladder-free wears Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - 2018-02-08 | Contributed by Maximumtwo
Ladders and holes are the bain of everyones life. No matter how hard you try to nonchalantly pull them off, no one gets away with laddered tights after theyve left high school. Which is probably why we should all start investing in Sheerly Genius. It says that its created a rip-proof, snag-proof, life-proof pair of tights, made from the same fibres as bulletproof vests. The ballistic grade fibres are apparently up to 10 times stronger than steel and as a result, the company promises that their tights will remain snag-free for at least 50 wears.rnrnrnRead more: | Facebook:
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'Velcro is no match for the sheer strength of Sheerly Genius' - 2018-02-08 | Contributed by Maximumtwo
rnMost women have experienced the moment when a pair of tights snags and are ruined forever. For many women, a pair of tights rarely last past the first wear.rnrnBut Sheerly Genius says it has created a rip-proof, snag-proof, lifeproof version made from the same fibres used in bulletproof vests.
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